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I have picked a winner for July’s Cozy Afternoon BOM giveaway.  It’s comment #104, Marlene, who prefers the look of hand applique, but finds that some projects don’t warrant the effort and time of hand work.  I agree that you have to pick the right project for all of that special attention.  Marlene, you’ll be receiving a pdf package of the patterns shown below.  Congratulations!

Giveaway for July- Cozy Afternoon Free BOM

I appreciated all of the comments I received on this month’s Cozy Afternoon BOM.  I asked you to tell me if you have ever tried applique and if so, which technique you prefer.  I enjoyed reading all of your answers.  I even tallied them up and thought I’d share the results with you.

The most popular method in this group was machine applique, with 30 of you preferring that method.  The biggest reason:  it’s quicker!  One person said that poor eyesight prevents her from doing hand applique.  I’m beginning to “see” what she means!

The next popular category I showed was BOTH.  Many of you (24) like to switch it up, depending on the size of the project and the time frame you’re working on.

Hand applique was a close third with 19 of you preferring that method.  I enjoyed reading some of the reasons for this technique:  “I don’t drive straight by machine” and “It’s soothing to my soul”.  I can relate to both of those!

I was happy to see that 9 commenters wanted to learn applique soon and five people enjoyed doing wool applique (something I’d like to learn).

There are SO many ways to do applique.  Some of the methods mentioned were freezer paper, needle turn, blanket stitch by machine, envelope style, back basting and edge color applique (a new one to me).

I’ll be doing a round up of applique methods and tutorials soon.  I hope you all have a great day!




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  1. I’ve bought an open toe foot since the Spring Petals QAL, which will make machine applique easier now. I have a few projects lined up, too. I haven’t done any hand applique beside in a class at our local quilt shop. Wool applique is beautiful and that would be something I’d consider by hand and would like to do someday. As the day goes on and the sun moves/goes down it makes any kind of sewing difficult no matter how many lights you have on (esp trying to get a few stitches in after work) 🙁 On my Cozy Afternoon Block I”m utilizing some of my western scraps a trying out a new western embroidery sofware. (what I can I say-I’m from Texas 🙂 ) I hope to catch up on this, too after vacation. Thanks….

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  3. I have come to appliqué late in my quilting life. I only do machine appliqué however. I recently saw an amazing machine appliqué technique that produces work that looks hand done. I think the quilt was a Kim Diehl pattern, from her book, Simple Appliqué perhaps? Really stunning. She uses this technique in the book.

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