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It’s official – I’m a grandma!

I have exciting news to share with you!  I have finally entered into the next stage of life, and I’ve become a grandma!  My oldest daughter, Kelly, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Friday morning. She weighed 8 lb. 15 oz.!  I don’t know how she fit inside my daughter’s small frame.

Baby Amelia
Amelia Marie
Kelly and Amelia
Mom and baby. (Photo credit – Harmon Li)

The delivery went smooth, and mom and baby are healthy and happy.

Kelly and her husband, Steven, live in Austin, Texas, so that will be a frequent destination for me and Mr. Crafty Quilter.  We’re flying there in one week, and I can’t wait to hold this baby!

Cutbirth Family Day 1
Kelly, Steven and Amelia. (Photo credit – Harmon Li)


Of course there’s a baby quilt.  It just needs two more sides of binding stitched down, plus a quilt label and then it will be ready to go.  Since we didn’t know whether to expect a girl or a boy (I love surprises!), this quilt is gender neutral.  You may remember this pattern from the Star Crossed Quilt Along that I participated in a few months ago.

baby quilt front copy


I love the backing fabric which is Woodland Animals from Timeless Treasures.  The little touch of orange polka dot binding that I added gives it a nice pop.

baby quilt back


I think I should make another quilt specifically for Amelia (but not too pink and purple or my daughter might disown me).  And I’m always looking for an excuse to make another quilt. Girls are so much fun to sew for!

Currently, I’m working on a big project for Blank Quilting.  I have this week to finish a quilt top, quilt and bind it, photograph and edit it, then send it off!  I may not come out of my sewing room at all this week.  Oh, the life of a quilter/blogger/grandma!


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  1. Congrats to you and your family. She looks picture perfect.

    My first grandchild just turned a year old and I can’t believe how much I love him… just like when our children were born.

    Cherish every moment.

  2. I’m a little behind this week with vacation and back to work and trying to catch up…. CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting! What a beautiful baby and family and hope all are doing well. Your blanket turned out nice and with the backing -how perfect! Now you will need to think of a new name for yourself–grandma, nanna, gigi ..seems there are so many new names for grandmothers. Enjoy your time in Austin, which is about 2 hours from me and it’s been over 100 degrees now! 🙂 🙂

  3. So very happy for your entire family!!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of Amelia with all of us. My heart is feeling full of love.

  4. It’s so wonderful to be a new grandma! Congratulations to you all. Many, many happy days ahead! Enjoy your time in Austin.

  5. Oh Julie congratulations!!!!! How exciting! Babies are the best! I’m so happy for you and your quilt is gorgeous! Have fun and

  6. Hi Julie Grandma! What a wonderful news! CONGRATULATION to ALL of You! Amazing baby and happy Family! I can feel your happiness !!!! Now you have a goal to rich to make all the quilt what she will need! Bibs and stuffed dolls and animals and the first book with the fabric and so on!!!!!!!
    I will go to Austin Texas in this coming October (first to stop and visit the big Quilt festival in Houston) then I will spend 40 days in Austin with my husband by our friend’s house! I will think about you and your grad daughter!!!!! hugs
    Susy from Italy (my grandson is 20 months “old” Sebastiano)

  7. Congratulations, Julie! I need to finish my “See Sweet Simplicity” baby quilt for our first grandchild, now almost 4 months old.

  8. Grand babies are the Greatest ! Love her name ! Of course, I Love the adorable quilt ! Enjoy,
    And may God Bless all of you .

  9. Congratulations, grandma. The first is always so awesome. Enjoy her while in Austin, 1 of my 8 Grands lives there.

  10. So excited for you, Mr. Crafty Quilter and family!!!!!! Looking forward to more pics of your beautiful granddaughter! Hugs to the new Mama! 🙂

  11. Congratulations, she is beautiful. A blessing from God. Wishing you many wonderful memories with your granddaughter.

  12. Congratulations!! What an exciting time! Your new baby girl takes after her Momma and her Grandmother, absolutely beautiful! And look at those little fingers. They look like Quilter’s fingers to me, haha! Wow, ENJOY!

  13. Congratulations Julie. She is beautiful!!!!!!! Grandkids are our gift from God for parenting our own kids. Enjoy!

  14. Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of grand-parenting. Amelia is a beautiful little girl, so happy for you and your family.

  15. many many congratulations to the whole family, lovely to have a baby granddaughter, it seems not long ago that Sal was born and now she is 17 they grow up so fast. Lovely quilt you have made for her. Trust it is not too far away for you for regular visits, I was lucky Sal used to stay with me quite a lot when a baby as Mum had a few hospital stays, not nice for Mum but lovely for me.

  16. Congrats Julie! You’re going to LOVE this stage of life! (What is your “grandma” name?). So happy for you and especially love that she’s a true Texan! (From another Texas gal)

  17. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. I have two girls (granddaughters) and I can’t imagine life without them. You’re going to love your next stage.

  18. Congratulations on the new GrandBaby, Amelia is adorable. I just became a Great Great Grammma and I love it.

  19. Congratulations Julie! Amelia is gorgeous, just like her Mama and Grandma. You’re going to be one of the BEST Grandmas EVER!!! Blessed little Amelia.

  20. Congratulations Julie, What fun to have a first Grand baby! She is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see pictures of you holding her. I have 5 Great grandsons. And just one year ago my Granddaughter gave me the first girl. I am so excited to have a girl and to be able to sew for her. I know you will too! I went for pink for the first quilt, but I did know ahead of time. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  21. Congratulations! What a pretty name and a perfect little baby. How exciting!

    no need to reply, you’ve got your hands full

  22. Congratulations on becoming a grandma! The baby is beautiful and the new little family looks so sweet. Have fun with Amelia when you meet her.
    Green with envy
    I so wish it was me becoming a grandma.

  23. Congratulations, Julie! I’m glad all went well and everyone is healthy and ready for a new chapter to begin. Your granddaughter is adorable!

  24. Congratulations Julie!! what a “BEAUTIFUL BUNDLE OF JOY SHE IS”!! I just LOVE being a Grandma! So will you! It just doesn’t get any better than that! Your quilt for her is really nice! I think Amelia is really going to love it!! I’m soooo excited for you & your family! Enjoy your visit! The best is yet to come!!

  25. Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter. Visit her often as they grow up so fast. My granddaughter is 25 and just recently married in May. My grandson is 20 and attending college. Wish they were little again.

  26. Congratulations Julie. Amelia is so precious. You are going to love being a grandma. You made a great quilt for her. My grandsons are 16 & 17 and my granddaughter is 8.

    God Bless all of your family.

  27. Congratulations, Julie, all the way from Australia! Your new granddaughter is just beautiful, love her name, and you are going to have such a lovely time making new quilts and other wonderful things for her! Enjoy!

  28. Congratulations Julie on becoming a grandma! What a beautiful name to go with a beautiful baby! The parents look very happy as well they should. You’ll have lots of fun in the future with that bundle of joy! Enjoy!

  29. Congratulations Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing like being a grandparent, unless it’s being a great gramma, but I still remember the birth of our first grandchild, born 36 years ago this coming October. God, how time flies. Make sure you kiss, hug, cuddle, squeeze and pinch everything you possibly can on that little bundle of never ending joy. The most wonderful thing about grandchildren is that at the end of the day, they go home. lol

  30. enjoy that baby as much as you can because the next thing you know she will be graduating from high school. time flies by so fast.
    Happy to see she is healthy and so cute. Congrats to all of you especially your daughter and son-in-law.

  31. Congratulations!! Becoming a grandma is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Enjoy your new granddaughter and have fun making her lots of quilty things!

  32. Congratulations Gramma…..I love being called by that name, and I have a feeling you will too 🙂 Think you will find your fingers itching to be stitching even more now….so many-many adoreable girl things….and even as I watch mine get older, they are still fun to sew goodies for. May your little family be God-blessed every day, and you too!

  33. CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME TO THE BEST CLUB EVER!!!!! Mama & baby look so happy and you must be over the moon! Take care & be well!

  34. Congratulations from Germany! Such a beauty, little Amelia! Besides sewing for the little girl I am sure you will enjoy all the things one only does with little ones around! My granddaughter just turned 1 last week, so I know all about that! Julie, you entered my life with the TQS BOM 2014 instructional videos, the first one I ever participated in (still a work in progress…), and I loved every bit of it! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity, I am always looking forward to the next post! Elfie

  35. How exciting for you and grandpa and parents. Enjoy this little one and know it will draw you and your daughter. Who else cares as much as grandma as they cut teeth etc.

  36. Congratulation on your new granddaughter…..you will have so much fun sewing for her. Have fun….love your posts.

  37. Congratulations grandma! Amelia is beautiful. God has really blessed you with a wonderful family. Enjoy her, as you know she will grow up sooo fast.

  38. Welcome to the world of “Gramahood”! You will get and give tremendous joy. Amelia is beautiful. Safe travels and have lots of precious time with your lovely family.

  39. Oh, Julie, how very exciting! I have goose bumps all the way down to my toes! Austin, huh? Maybe we can meet up during the winter! Congratulations! She’s a beauty!

  40. Congratulations to Mom, Dad,Julie, Mr Crafty Quilter.
    I know you are all delighted with this beautiful new baby girl.
    Joann Head

  41. Congratulations! Oh the fun you will have making special quilts and small “lovies”. Lovies are small quilts to use for doctor visits,short trips ,and just becauses.

  42. Congratulations Grandma and Grandad and of course to the new little family too! What a lovely name they have chosen. This will be a long week of waiting for you but I’m sure there will be plenty of progress reports but I just know how you feel about dying to get her into your arms. There is something special about getting your first grandchild….a new generation in the family, but of course as others follow you love them all as much. Have a good week in your sewing room, it may be difficult to concentrate! Amelia’s first quilt is lovely!

  43. So happy for you! Everything they say about being a grandma is true and more! I don’t understand how it can be more wonderful than when my daughters were born, but it is!! Have fun with your new little one. Pictures of her are adorable!

  44. Congratulations! We are expecting our third grandchild on Wednesday in Lubbock, Texas, a boy! Our first boy grandchild. I had to make a Tardis quilt for Colin’s room which is still at the quilter, so it will have to be delivered after his birth.

    Welcome to the Grandparent club!

  45. Congratulations to you and your family, and welcome to becoming a grandmother! I never knew what the big deal was until 6 yrs. ago when I became a grandma. The love that you have for that child is just as strong if not stronger than the love for your own children. Enjoy the little miss!

  46. CONGRATULATIONS, so pleased she arrive safely.
    I expect you have not stopped smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
    I am so pleased for you all, I am sure we would all like to see photos now and then!
    Much love, Teresa Unthank U.K.

  47. Congratulations, Julie!! Being a grandma is great fun! I have 3 grandsons – 2, 2 1/2 and 4 1/2… all out of town, too! I love the quilt, backing and the binding!!

  48. Congratulations! You will be an amazing Grandmother. Spoil her rotten. I pretty sure it says that grandmothers have that right on the birth certificate.

  49. Congratulations, Gramma & Grampa , I have been a Great Gramma several times over They are so much fun. Their Momma’s were so much fun , these young ones are great. I May God be with you . Mary lou

  50. Congratulations Grandma! It’s such a wonder when you see your daughter with her own child. You will be amazed…..and you will certainly have a good time with this beautiful baby girl with a such a pretty name~ I wish much happiness and good health with all of you.

  51. Congratulations!!!!! She beautiful! I am so excited for you. I Look forward to seeing more pictures after your trip.

  52. Congratulations! Being a grandma is awesome! I love your quilt but Amelia definitely will appreciate a quilt with some pink in it. That is my 5 year old granddaughters favorite color- and most other 5 year old girls too.

  53. What a lovely baby….and perfectly lovely name! Grands are the greatest thing on earth. We have #5 on the way-so far, 2 boys and 2 girls-baby # 5’s gender will be a surprise….can’t wait!
    Many trips ahead for you! 😉

  54. Congratulations, Julie! Your first grandbaby!!! Congrats, too, to the new mom and dad. Lots of fun in store for all of you. Wishing you all the best.

  55. Congratulations Julie, so pleased for you that you have a Granddaughter. My Granddaughter is 19 now, we spend a lot of time together and feel so lucky that at 19 she still wants to be with us. Enjoy being a Grandma and as you said so much fun making things for a little girl.:)

  56. Sorry for the sloppy post, Julie. I should be more careful checking for both typos and the iPad’s autocorrect! Lots of air miles on the horizon is what I meant to say!

  57. congratulations and I can share your joy when my daughter delivers her first child in October. They want to be surprised too. Dianne

  58. Congratulations! Happy to hear of Amelia’s safe and healthy arrival.myounwill be eating ff miles from now on. Anna Maria Horner has a great pattern for a baby dress, which I made a umber of times in increasing sizes for Amy, who is now nearly 18 months and too big for that pattern. Will look out the link and send it to you, it is a great way to do some fun grandma sewing with beautiful quilting fabric.

  59. congratulations and I can share your joy in Oct when my daughter delivers her first child. We will also be surprised to find out what it is. Congratulations again. Dianne

  60. Hi Grandma, Congratulations to all, oh how your going to have fun now. All the things that you can make for her and spoil her rotten.
    she is a beautiful baby. Hugs to all.

  61. Yipee! A grandbaby! She is beautiful and so is her Mommy! What happiness they bring. I can’t wait for great grandbabies (although it looks like that could be a long wait). We are getting the Bloom & Bliss line in the shop next week and it would be perfect for a girl! I’m thinking of making a baby quilt out of it just to keep for the next baby! Enjoy that baby! Thanks for sharing your happy news! XO Bev

  62. Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa! Of course the baby is beautiful! Our kids are sending us to our new grandson. We have attended his christening and now he will be 7 months old and its time to play, play, play.

    God bless you and your entire family!

  63. Congrats Gramma and Grammpa Crafty Quilter…Now you get to think of how many ways those 2 special words are spoken by the new little one….Happy Healthy thoughts going to Mom and Baby……

  64. Oh, Julie, she is so beautiful, and the pic of the three of them together is wonderful! I’m glad she was able to squeeze the big girl out of her little body with no problems. Your life is just beginning.

  65. Congratulations, Julie. You’ll love being a grandma! If you are ever in Austin on the first Monday of the month, please let me know and I can bring you as a friend to the Austin Area Quilt guild meeting! We have a lot of fun at our meetings and usually a great speaker with workshops. I know you’ll be spending most of your time with new Amelia (what a beautiful name!) but if you need the stitching break, e-mail me.

  66. Congratulations on the new Granddaughter. She is adorable and mom and dad look so proud. Enjoy every moment you can with her. They grow up so fast. I have three granddaughters ages 21, 16, and 11. I don’t know where the time went.

    Love reading your blog.

  67. Congratulations on your new family addition. Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Enjoy your visit.

  68. Congratulations on your granddaughter! They are so much fun and I suddenly have six grandchildren. My first grandchild, a girl, was born in Henderson, Nevada so understand the urgency to get to Austin! Enjoy

  69. Congratulations! Nothing compares to having grandchildren. They are God’s blessings. She is beautiful !

  70. Congratulations, being a grandmother is such a joy. I have one four year old granddaughter and twin 14 month old grandsons. Pure unadulterated love. Amelia is just beautiful, you will have so much fun with her. Treasure every minute with her. Am sure there will be lots of quilts to mark the milestones in her life.

  71. Congratulations and welcome to the Grammy club. My daughter just had our fifth grandchild and we are over joyed! The quilt is beautiful. Best wishes to all!!

  72. Congratulations, Julie! Welcome to the Grandma Club! I have a 7-year-old grandson who is learning to sew on the Janome I bought him! He has twin sisters – 4 years old – so my life is complete! My grandson has lots of quilts more “boy themed” and I’ve been busy making mermaid and fairy quilts for my granddaughters. My daughter loves birds, so we have a lot of bird themed quilts, too. Don’t forget you can sew clothes for your granddaughter as well as doll clothes for her dolls! I’ve been getting back to my roots – that’s what I sewed before catching the quilt bug! So many fabrics, so little time….enjoy! p.s. You may want to check out Grandparents.com – it’s a great site with lots of good information.

  73. CONGRATS!! I have 3 granddaughters, 2 grandsons and a precious great-granddaughter. Being a grandmother is the BEST!

  74. Congratulations, Julie! What wonderful news! She is beautiful and the new parents look so happy, they are glowing, and I’m sure you are too! Love the quilt you made her-something she will have to cherish forever. Lucky little girl to have you for her grandma. Hope to see you before your trip. Congrats again!

  75. Congratulations!! The best feeling in the world. Some of them are all grown up now but still so much fun and love from them. As a long-distance grandma for a couple, I kept sending them “care packages” so they knew I was out there and thinking and loving them. Grats, again! Enjoy!!!

  76. Congratulations! Grandbabies are such a joy and the pure love coming from their faces is priceless. Enjoy! Blessings to all of you.

  77. Congratulations, Julie! You are going to love being a grandma. My 2-year-old grandson spent the night with us this weekend and he has a brother/sister coming in February. They, too, like surprises. So another gender-neutral quilt for me to make. I love her name! Enjoy your upcoming visit.

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