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Hey everyone!  You may have heard me mention (many times) my classroom at The Quilt Show (TQS), and some of you may not know what it’s all about.  Today, I’d like to give you a little more information about TQS and hopefully you’ll find it to be a great resource to keep at your fingertips.

The great news is the folks at TQS have generously offered all of my readers a FREE one month membership with the coupon code:  CRAFTYT082015  All you need to do is go to their website and under the SHOP tab, click on “Redeem 1 Month Coupon“.  Enter the coupon code above and you will have access to EVERYTHING The Quilt Show has to offer.  I’m sure you’re going to love it!

Just so you know, I am NOT being compensated for promoting TQS in any way.  I’m just a big fan, and I want to make it easy for you to get to know them, too.  Plus, I have some great video tips on binding coming up in the next few weeks that I think you’re going to love.


A little bit about The Quilt Show (TQS).  Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are the hosts of the TQS shows.  So far, they’ve produced over 200 TV quality shows which include many quilting celebrities as their guests.  It’s a lot like watching an HGTV program on your computer.  Plus, they have something for every style of quilter:  modern, art, and traditional, newbie and seasoned.

Ricky Tims & Alex Anderson

There are three levels of membership.

  • You can roam around the website and get a feel for things without signing up for anything.  Check out the quilts in the member’s quilt gallery, see what Alex and Ricky are up to and visit the daily blog.  Plus you can watch Bernina teaching videos for free.
  • You can become a free member which allows you access to certain classrooms and videos (such as mine), free patterns, view 4 free shows, and you can connect with other members in forums and groups.  Plus you’ll get Ricky’s flying geese video and Alex’s $40,000 pattern when you sign up.
  • You can purchase a premium star membership for one year at $42.95.  This gives you access to ALL past and current shows, all classrooms, 2015 block of the month pattern and videos, and guest online DVD’s.

Some of my favorite guests that I’ve seen on The Quilt Show are Sally Collins, Tula Pink, Bonnie Hunter, Camille Roskelly, and David Taylor.  The list is longer than that, but that’s a good representation of the variety and talent that you’ll see on the shows.

The TQS videos that I’m doing are free for everyone.  A few weeks ago, they released my video on pressing tips .  Much of that same information can be found on my “Let’s Talk” blog post, Pressing Seams Open vs. to the Side. I still enjoy reading all of the comments from my readers about their own pressing preferences and experiences.

Pressing Seams to the Side vs. Open from The Crafty Quilter


This past Monday, TQS released the first video in a series of binding tips and techniques that I did.  You will definitely want to watch those.  I have gotten a few requests for binding videos, so I’m really excited about this series!  The first video shows you how to prepare your quilt for binding, how to join your binding strips, an easy way to join your binding tails and it has a great trick for getting a perfect mitered corner!

Binding Video 1
Binding Tips by Julie Cefalu for The Quilt Show


If you have a suggestion (or request) for future video tips, please leave a comment for me here.  I’m going to run out of ideas sooner or later!

Remember to take advantage of the special coupon code, CRAFTYT082015 and get your free one-month membership.  This coupon code will be available for the next six months, so if you’re going on vacation this month, wait until you get back to activate it.  You’ll want to be able to watch as many shows as you can.  Make sure to visit me in my classroom, too!


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  1. Just got a chance to watch your binding tuts on the Quilt Show. Great job! Going to watch them at least two more times to make sure I get all the wonderful information.Thanks, these are really great.

  2. Julie,Your tutorial was a great refresher course for me as I developed some bad habits. I have a terrible time putting together colors/fabrics for individual blocks that are all different on same quilt top. I would find it helpful if you did something that involved hue, value, scale, & color complexity. I’ve read this in a quilt article, yet can’t put it all together.

  3. Julie I am new to everything quilting but since “discovering” your website, you have become my “go to” for quilting advice. I have also been following your classroom series for TQS.

    You asked for questions/suggestions re that series (and thank you for the follow up on rotary cutting on your blog) so….

    1. We’re told that the lengthwise grain is the one with the least stretch but almost all quilters tell you to cut on the cross grain. How would you cut on the lengthwise grain?

    2. If you have a piece of fabric that is 2 yards or more, how do you cut it for piecework? Do you cut it into 1 yard segments or is there a special way of folding it and then cutting?

    3. If you have a 1 yard piece and you only want a 12×12 block, how do you cut?

    I do apologize if these questions seem too elementary but I have scoured the net and find that most quilters never mention the above, take an awful lot of knowledge for granted and always demonstrate on a small piece of fabric.

    I would truly appreciate your advice but I also understand that you must receive hundreds of emails.

    PS Have given up trying to register for the free 1 month on TQS.

  4. I just watched your binding tutorial and trimming the start of the binding 1/4″ and that pressed seam to determine the 1/4″ at the corner i have never thought about! Thanks for sharing=I have a small table topper I’m about to bind and i’m going to try this out right now-heading to my sewing room. 🙂

  5. My first quilt class after 20 years was at a quilt shop with an Alex Anderson quilt book as a guide! I will need to check out the quilt show! I read on your pressing seam tips and you don’t want to hear this-but i’ve used a hammer and board to smash down my seams as pinwheels and some other block patterns don’t lay flat for me. I could not figure out on cutting-or afraid to-cut the fabric so it will lay flat. so with a hammer and board i flattened the seam! i will need to reread on nesting and practice a block.

    For a suggestion on future video tips-can you tell us about your design wall and creating one…thx!

  6. What a really good deal, Julie! Sounds like you’re having a fun time working with TQS and doing your videos! I should have asked for your autograph when we met! XO

  7. I’m already am a member of The Quilt Show and highly recommend it! This is a great opportunity for someone to check it out. And I love Julie’s latest series on the show–I learn something new every time even for techniques I’ve been doing for years. I have no affiliation with the show just a happy reader of Julie’s blog and a happy viewer of all The Quilt Show has to offer.

  8. Lovely blog!
    Sad I can’t use the code for The Quilt Show…message says usage code has reached the limit.

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