Some projects made by you!

Yes, projects made by you.  One of my favorite things about blogging is when someone emails me with a picture of a project they made using one of my tutorials.  It’s so gratifying to know that my tutorial has come to life in someone else’s hands!

I received a photo from Claire in Alberta, Canada with a picture of her Halloween version of my Spring Petals Table Topper.  This is a great way to showcase a few Halloween prints, and that spiderweb quilting is spectacular!

spring petals for Halloween
Halloween Table Topper made by Claire


If you remember, I offered a non-applique option for the center of this table topper.  Claire combined the two options and made it her own.  I think hers turned out much better than mine!

spring petals halloween close


Another follower, Nicola Knott from the UK made a table runner using my Pinwheel Stars Table Runner tutorial.  Her version is called “Paws and Pinwheels” and it was made for the Leonberger Rescue auction.  The paws fit right in that space between the stars – very clever idea!

Pinwheels and Paws tablerunner
Paws and Pinwheels Table Runner made by Nicola Knott


Nicola (Nik) also made this “Paws for Christmas Advent Calendar” using my Christmas Tree Wall Hanging Tutorial.  I love that paw at the top and the one down below!

Christmas tree paws
Paws for Christmas Advent Calendar by Nicola Knott


Another clever idea was to make the star centers into pockets.  They’re big enough to hold a dog treat or a piece of chocolate (for the human breed).   Very sweet addition!

christmas tree paws pouch


I know many of you are busy making gifts for the holidays.  I’m right there with you!  You can find plenty of inspiration at my Christmas Quilting Pinterest Board or you can check out my tutorials page for more holiday gift making ideas.


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  1. some lovely makes here must be great to see what you have shared with others and see how they have made it keep the tutorial coming please

  2. Loved the Halloween topper and the Christmas version thank you for sharing. I will take a picture of mine and send in. Thank you again for sharing it inspired me to make another one. Loved making it

  3. Fun post. LOVE the Halloween topper. My fall topper is on my dining table now, graced with a small collection of mini-gourds.
    I have a quilt for my youngest grand in the queue based on your Minky and flannel baby quit design, will share it when it is finished (by mid-December, as it will be a gift).

  4. Could you ask Claire to share the fabric name for the Halloween table topper?
    LOVE it….Thank you Barb

  5. Could you ask Claire to share the fabric name for the Halloween table topper?
    LOVE it….Thank you Barb

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