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It feels like Spring and it’s National Quilting Day!

Where I live in Northern California, it feels like Spring, and on top of that it’s National Quilting Day!  I love this time of year, and I love the fact that someone was clever enough to dedicate an entire day to the art of quilting.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of National Quilting Day, and since I love a good party, I’m going to celebrate all weekend long with some dedicated quilting time.  You can find out more about the history of National Quilting Day and how you can celebrate at Quilt Alliance.

My quilting for the weekend consists of getting (almost) caught up with my Splendid Sampler blocks.  I’ve made blocks 1 through 10, except for block #7 (I’m working on the embroidery).  I’m really enjoying the stories behind each block and making them, of course.

splendid blocks thru 10


Blocks 1 and 4 included a little applique, which I just gobble up.  Here are the first 5 five blocks, (they’re not in order.)

blocks 1 thru 5


The second set of blocks are all fun and simple piecing.

blocks 6 thru 10 angled


The instructions for the “house block” include embroidery to make a quilt shop sign.  I fussy cut some fabric (Modern Mini’s by Lori Holt for Riley Blake) and made a sweet statement instead.

splendid block 10


I make a mess of my cutting table when sewing up these little 6 1/2″ blocks since it tends to be really scrappy.  I’m using my stash of Fig Tree fabric, mostly, and I’ve got lots to choose from!

cutting table


Today is typical spring-like weather with clouds and sunshine.  It was a perfect day to get my camera out and take some beauty shots of the garden.  My lilac bush is in full bloom.  They’re beautiful to look at and their scent is amazing!



And the roses are just starting to open up.

rose in front


I found some pansies and calendula volunteers that appreciated our recent rain.



The Alyssum is and Tickseed are off to a good start.



The Freesia and Azaleas have been blooming for weeks now and I love their bright colors.

front yard spring


Now that the weather has warmed up, Cooper was out hunting for lizards.

cooper in front


And Toby the Tortoise came out for some sunshine and food.

toby in sprig


My youngest daughter came home for spring break yesterday, and she begged me to go get pedicures.  How can a mom say “no” to that?  Don’t you love having pretty toes?

pretty toes


I hope you’re enjoying your weekend no matter what the weather is.  And since it’s officially National Quilting Day (and International Quilting Weekend), I hope you sneak in some quilting time, too!


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  1. Hi, found this site/blog quite by accident, and love it already. I am in charge of planning our quilt guild’s quilting day. I couldn’t get the date we needed but will do it in April. Last year I cut 18 yds of continual fabrics by two and half inches and we had a sewing contest making several crib size quilts in under half an hour. It was so much fun, I now have twenty four women coming this year. Any suggestions for sewing some charity quilts, or contests we might do? I have 2.5 inch strips of fabric precut, but want something easy. It must be scrappy, as I cut all my florals from my stash. It could also be something to be done assembly line. The charity quilts are going to young women who are either homeless or taken from abusive families. Many thanks, Nancy

  2. Up here in Newfoundland, Canada, we are getting another snow dump. Nearly two feet since yesterday 🙁 But the Splendid sampler sew along is keeping me distracted from nasty weather. Spend National Quilting day sewing with 18 other ladies from my guild. Awesome day!!! Love your blocks and the beautiful photos. Cooper and Toby are so sweet.

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely Splendid Sampler blocks! I started my blocks with 3 Sisters scraps, but for some unknown reason, my husband loved the idea of this quilt and wanted it in soft blues and grays for a bed quilt! So, after making the first 5 blocks, I changed the colors! I was thrilled that he finally had a quilting opinion and I’m now almost caught up!

  4. Beautiful spring blooms!! My daughter split her spring break with her boyfriend/family so I have half the time-which meant no time for sewing. I love when she comes home and devote my time to her in what she wants to do, but am sad when she leaves. I am happy that my house goes back to normal…:).. As I type she hasn’t left yet…but will be home again for Easter. 🙂 🙂 On another note, I still wanted to do Pat Sloan’s quilt along but haven’t got started-haven’t bought a fat quarter bundle!! i’m so behind it seems!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. I love your splendid sampler blocks . I am doing mine with Lynette Andersons fabrics. as I had been collecting quite a few and it was time to use them.

  6. I love reading your posts and seeing your garden and the animals was a bonus. I am selecting fabric for a baby quilt for my little grandson today. I’m new to your list and fairly new to quilting.

  7. How lucky you are, here in UK in the east it is grey and very chilly, so no great show of colour n the garden akltho the lanes are awash with primroses and daffodils, so hopefully we are getting closer to spring!

  8. What a beautiful yard you have. I envy you the blooming flowers. Here in MN our highs are in the mid 30’s. I did notice my primrose and dayllilies are coming up and the pussy willows are in bloom and that’s a sure sign of Spring.
    Your quilt blocks are so pretty. I enjoy each of your posts and look forward to receiving them. Happy quilting!!!!

  9. I love your posts and look forward to receiving them. Here in Cambridge-Narrows NB Canada today we still have snow with more on the way. It will be some time before we get to see our flowers bloom so it’s so nice to seem pictures of yours. Happy quilting.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your blocks with all of us! I love your choice of fabrics, the blocks are awesome! All your quilt blocks are going to be beautiful!
    Enjoy your Spring weekend.

  11. I would agree weather is beautiful today (I’m in San Francisco Peninsula) not able to sew today but took advantage of online shopping!.. Garden is beautiful

  12. Love how your Splendid Sampler blocks are looking. I was really busy when this first started that I didn’t even look at it all that much. Now that things have calmed down, I am interested so I started printing the tutorials on the blocks that have been started so far. I’m always way behind on everything. Love the flowers. They looks so healthy. I like how inquisitive Cooper is. I also think Toby is enjoying the sun too:-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. Your flowers are beautiful. The lilac looks so great and I’ll bet you are enjoying the smell. I am doing Splendid
    Sample blocks too. I like your colors I am using my scraps.

  14. Yes, it’s even wonderful in Southern calif. My roses are blooming but your garden is awesome. Enjoy your weekend and your quilting. Thanks for your posting. The blocks are great. Wished I lived next door to you.

  15. happy national quilt day….!
    your garden is stunning…I’m just heading into Autumn/Winter here and most of mine has finished ….reminders of what’s waiting in Spring….just beautiful!
    love your Splendid Sampler blocks, pretty fabrics

  16. I love your blocks. All so pretty and perfect! I love your garden! How about a posting on your garden? I love beautiful flower beds!

  17. What a gorgeous, gorgeous garden of flowers you have, Julie! So, not only are you a wonderful quilter, you have a masterful green thumb as well! Your flowers are so very pretty and I would imagine they provide great color inspiration for you and your quilting. Thank you for giving us a peek at such beauty.

  18. Flower garden, Cooper and toes are beautiful. Well, maybe stretched the last of a wee bit but much prettier than toby. Just how old is toby and will he get any bigger? Pretty fabric you picked for you sampler too. Be glad when I can but fabric again, although I still have a nice stash to work from. That will just give me more room for the future fabric. Gotta stay positive. I’m am blessed.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

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