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Super-sized Stars, April’s UFO project

I hope you’re still motivated to finish up those UFO’s!  I sure am!  As usual, I chose my project for the month by following the APQ UFO Challenge, and the number they picked for April is #1.

APQ UFO Challenge April


So, my project for April is called Super-sized Stars.  It’s the result of a quilt-along that I participated in over two years ago.  I made all four of the super-sized star blocks and they each measure 18 1/2″ square.  You can read about them in my original post here.  The tutorials were made by Corey Yoder, but they are no longer available on her blog.  You can still find plenty of good stuff at her new website, Coriander Quilts, though!

My first challenge was to find the darn thing.  It was tucked away in a little shoebox on one of my shelves.  Fortunately, I kept all of the fabric together and I can navigate the final assembly on my own.

UFO project for April


I think this will make a nice picnic quilt, although there’s going to be a lot of white showing on the top.  You know how easily things get spilled on a picnic; those red wine stains, oh no!  Or is that just me?

April UFO Project: Supersized Stars


What are you working on this month?  Do you have a list of UFO’s that you’re working through?

Don’t forget that you still have TWO days to add your completed UFO photo to the link up for March, here.  There have been over 40 participants so far, and I am just amazed at how much you guys are getting accomplished!  I’ll be choosing two winners from the link up on April 8, so make sure you get over there soon and join me for a chance to win a layer cake or a bundle of goodies.

There will be prizes every month to keep you motivated.  I am still deciding what to offer for this month.  So much for staying ahead of the curve!  Maybe it should be a mystery prize…. hmmm.

Thanks for joining me and have a fabulous day!

Julie 176 x 116

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  1. Help! I can’t find the link! Finished my April project but don’t know what to do with it now And not sure what I did last month. Computer illiterate!

  2. I lost my UFO list. 🙁 It is driving me nuts as i have looked high and low.. I had not only my UFO list on the front but on the back everyone’s birth dates, things i had planned on trying this year, in addition to new ideas on blogs i noted to read/review. I will need to continue looking and in the meantime, reprint the UFO list, and see if I can remember everything from the original. i will make 2 copies…..

  3. That’s the biggest sized quilt block I think I’ve seen. The colors are neat. My UFO for this month is my reversible QAYG quilt which I started as part of a class at my LQS in June of 2010. I actually began to work on it as soon as I (FINALLY) finished my Elephant Parade which was a January goal but wasn’t finished until March!! I have finished the blocks and hope to soon begin sewing them together. 🙂

  4. Challenge One – find quilt! Glad you found your pretty blocks! Thanks for hosting this UFO project. I’m enjoying working through me list!

  5. I have sewn all my life but quilting didn’t grab me. I would stop halfway through a quilt and never come back to it. Then in October of last year, I had a fight for my life and spent November in bed. I was too weak to quilt but I decided that I would look through my magazines. The scales fell from my eyes!! It was not quilting that I didn’t enjoy but the style of quilt I was making. I am happy to say that I am doing well and have two quilts that I am very happy to be making! I am starting small but I love these two patterns.I will post them eventually. Happy quilting!

  6. Very pretty blocks, anxious to see your finish. with all that white I would be leary too. I’m going to join up with the challenge, My question is Do I post my UFO project on my blog at the first of the month and that’s all, and then join the link up befor the last day of the month?

  7. Humm…when you say completed ufo does that mean it needs to be quilted and bound? I’ve been working on several but none are completely finished.

  8. such big blocks I am sure it will go together without a problem even though no instructions.

  9. Those are really pretty big star blocks! I’m working on the cat quilt that is for a coworkers retirement. I started in January and it became a UFO after sveral months with no progress. I think I will complete it for Aprils challenge. Thanks for the fun motivation.

  10. I participated in the supersized stars stitch along and have not completed the project. It is pieced together and I have the backing but have to decide if I will quilt it or have someone else do it. Have fun putting your project together.

  11. Hi Julie,
    Your blocks are beautiful! I’m excited to see it all put together! The house pillow on your bed. Do you have a pattern for that? I love it!!
    H@ppy sewing!

  12. Is it me, or does it seem that the random number generator at the UFO Challenge HQ can’t use a number greater than 5 so far? On my list for the item #1 is a quilt top I made from a BOM sponsored by Sew Luxe fabrics a few years ago. The quilt top has already been pieced. It needs to be quilted and bound.
    I’m buying some time by ordering a wide backing which won’t arrive for a few days from now. This month I need to get serious about getting proficient with FMQing so that I can quilt the darn thing and make it look semi-decent.

  13. I’m behind on both UFO’s and using up stash. We have fostered a puppy for 16 days and she has taken up most of my time. The reason we agreed to a puppy rather than our standard “tall senior dog” is because we needed a dog in the house quickly. I was just diagnosed with cancer and the family is depressed. Miss Tee has kept us in smiles and giggles, holding up her end of the bargain wonderfully. As soon as we turn puppy back over to animal foundation, I will be quilting up a storm again.

    1. Isn’t it wonderful to know that an animal can lift someone’s spirits. Wishing you well with your treatment.

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