Glass Half Full Mug Rug, a free pattern!

Today, I have a free mug rug pattern to share with you!  I’ve created the Glass Half Full Mug Rug and it’s full of positive inspiration with a slice of cuteness.

Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter


Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter


You can download the pattern here:  Glass Half Full  (make sure to print it out at actual size, no scaling.)

Glass Half Full Mug Rug tutorial@ The Crafty Quilter


This mug rug has simple piecing, some applique and a little bit of embroidery.  I’m still new to embroidery, but it’s growing on me!

Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter


Don’t you love the blue tinted mason jars?  My mom gave me one and I use it for everything (except for canning).  It works really well as a vase, and I thought it would look quite happy holding some daisies.  And you know I love applique, so I sketched out my design and turned it into a cute little mug rug.

Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter


I used fusible raw edge machine applique for everything except the stems.  I love bias stems, so I used my 1/4″ bias tape maker to make these.  I stitched around the applique shapes with a narrow zig zag stitch and I used a straight stitch along the stems.  I continued the straight stitch into the vase because I wanted it to look like you could see the stems through the mason jar.

Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter



It’s the little details that count and this mug rug is full of them!  The embroidery and the applique take some time, but it’s a small project.  The quilting is simple, just some straight line grids and a little echo quilting.

The binding is done completely by machine.  I stitched it onto the back and wrapped it to the front.  Then I top stitched close to the folded edge with matching thread.  It looks good on both sides.

Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter


Mug rugs are perfect for holding something hot in the winter, but they’re also great for holding that glass of ice cold lemonade or water.

Glass Half-Full Mug Rug, a free pattern by Julie Cefalu, @ The Crafty Quilter


The Glass Half Full Mug Rug was inspired by a book-bag that I saw at a store over the weekend.  I started it on Sunday and had it finished on Tuesday.  Then I whipped up the pattern and took some pictures.  I’m a true believer in the glass half full!  Now it’s on to my UFO project!

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Julie 176 x 116




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  1. Love all your projects, thanks for all the tutorials. Inside the home, since I’m older can’t be around crowded places. But it is great to be able to visit dear quilting places, like yours . Soon I will be running out of ink, printing patterns. It is true that quilters are generous people. Stay safe . Best for you and your family. From OH

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely mug rug patterns. If you ever get a chance, I would love for you to do a video tutorial for thin binding for small quilts like mug rugs and small quilts with 1 1/2 inch binding on the machine. It’s a bit trickier than regular binding. yours is flawless. Would love to see you do it. Thanks for sharing your craft.

  3. Hi Julie, this is really cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I don’t have much experience with appliqué. Do you have any tips?

  4. Hey, Julie, “Uncle Arthur” keeps me from doing ANY hand sewing now, but I could surely do some amazing machine embroidery on that cute mug rug!!! Mason jars are so IN right now, and I have plenty left over from years ago when we had big gardens………..love the daisies!!!!!!

  5. My daughter just bought a science-nerd t-shirt that says something about the glass is always full since it’s full of air as well as the liquid! I may have to make this mug rug, modifying it a little to say “Glass Always Full.” Thanks so much for sharing; it’s so cute!

  6. Thanks for your generosity – sharing this darling mug rug design with us! I love it; it is the kind of item that can lift spirits and bring an unexpected smile. I will have to make these and mail them to far-away loved ones.

  7. Julie, your “Glass Half Full” pattern is absolutely darling! We all need to make one! I fell in love with the mason jar. You are so sweet to share the pattern too. Thank you!

  8. a lovely project but I feel so swamped with projects at the moment so avoiding all new ones before I drown in them!

  9. I really like your pattern. I use mug rugs every day with my tea. I also like to appliqué,so this should be fun to do

  10. Very cute, Julie! I like that it requires several techniques with piecing, appliqué, embroidery and quilting. Thanks for always sharing your inspiring projects!

  11. Thank you Julie, the Mug Rug is darling and I’m going to make one. My daughter gave me a flower arrangement in the blue/green mason jar and I just loved it.
    Thanks again for the pattern.
    Joann Head
    Grove City, Ohio

  12. I’m a mug rug/applique fan (atic) and I love this one especially. I’m probably older than your Mom and have a few colored mason jars around. So handy for so many things … as well as home-made jellies!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Thanks, Julie, for the sweet mug rug pattern. I’ve already printed it and plan on making several before I finish any more UFOs.
    Thank you again!

  14. Oh, this is just the sweetest design – I’m such a fan of Mason jars and daisies, and I need to become an optimist – pronto! Thank you for sharing and inspiring in such a gentle way.

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