Maggie’s First Dance block 4 & giveaway

Are you ready for it?  Block #4 of Maggie’s First Dance is here!  And we have another terrific giveaway for you, too.


I am really enjoying this block of the month from Jacquelynne Steves.  This is the last appliqued (or embroidered) block for this project.  As expected, it’s adorable just like the others.

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


Jacquelynne has simplified the flower applique by keeping the petals together at the base.  This makes it so much easier to position!

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I have a few favorite ways of making flying geese units and Jacquelynne’s technique is one of them.  For this block, however, I decided to use my Bloc_loc ruler to make the flying geese over-sized and then trim them down.  It worked out perfectly!

Bloc loc ruler, Flying geese trim tool @ The Crafty Quilter


I have a little pressing tip for this block.  The last two row seams are a little tricky to press because of the bulk.  Often, I will press these seams open, but that didn’t work for me this time.  Those flying geese can be very “pushy”!  Sometimes I will clip into the seam allowance to get one section of the seam to press in one direction and the other section to press in the opposite direction.

You can see in the photos below where I clipped.  Just make sure that you don’t cut through your seam.  Careful, careful!

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


It’s fun to see all of my blocks together.  They look quite happy!  Hopefully that yellow fabric won’t seem so out of place once I get the alternating blocks done.

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


It’s so much fun to see these blocks interpreted in different ways.  Make sure to visit all of the featured bloggers to see what they’ve done:

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Deanne at Snuggles Quilts (new featured blogger!)

Giveaway Information:

This month’s giveaway is generously sponsored by Snuggles Quilts Pattern Design Company.  For this giveaway, one winner will be chosen to receive a pack of beautiful patterns from Snuggles Quilts!  All you need to do is leave a comment telling me where and/or how you keep your stash – bins, baskets, shelves, heaps, etc.  (I’m looking for ideas)! This giveaway is open to everyone, and you can visit the other participating bloggers for more opportunities to win.

September Snuggles-Giveaway

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me where and/or how you keep your stash.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on September 11, 2016.
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to all.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

Maggie's First Dance, Block #4, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Good luck!

Julie 176 x 116


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  1. I have about 10 plastic shoeboxes for my fat quarter stash , sorted by colors and and 2 rows about 18″ tall of my yardage stash. i fold the yardage up over a ruler so the stacks are even and the folds are perfect. More fat quarters and then yardage but everything was on CLEARANCE!

    Your blocks are beautiful and you your applique is perfect. I think i’m getting better but still a work in progress!

  2. I am lucky to have a walk in cupoard whee I store mystash in shlves. I sort the by colour and fold them all up uniformly so I can see what I have at a glance!

  3. Hi! Organizing my fabric stash by type in plastic bins/totes. For example, Batiks in one, Fairy Frost in another, etc., printed or handwritten label on outside – easy to find in alpha order.

  4. I have 12×12″ wire cubes stacked 4 high in the closet. The fabric is loosely organized by theme and color, but when I’m ready to sew I throw open the door and pull things out of the closet.

    This year I cleaned the closet and freed up fabric that I am no longer interested in… Gave most of it to the local quilt guild (where it’s sold at a very reasonable price as a way to finance the speaker’s program)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I currently keep my stash in my quilting studio. Most of my fabric has been wrapped on comic book boards and look like books on a library shelf. This makes it so much easier to choose fabrics when starting a new project.

  6. It took a bit to get organized but my stash (yardage) is all folded using a technique I got from my favorite local shop owner. It really made a difference in being able to see the fabrics and everything is folded in a uniform manner. The stash is stored on cubby shelves I purchased from a local hardware store. The fabrics are also sorted by color groups. The smaller amounts of fabric (quarter yard+/fat quarters) are also folded uniformly and stored in special, tall plastic bins (covered) so that all fabric can be viewed from the top of the bin…also sorted by colors. My precuts are all sorted by fabric types and precut (5″, 10″, etc.) and stored in drawers. Working on cataloging all my patterns and books as well in a great computer app. Eventually I will scan all my fabrics into this program also so that when I am shopping I know exactly what I have. Probably overkill, but I love it. Take care.

  7. After the last child married, I emptied her bedroom and purchased an 8 ft.. long table and 3 ft. x 7 ft. tall book cases from Home Depot.. Because the shelves had an open lattice like look, I used white foam board from the dollar store and lined the shelves. I discovered that fabric could fall behind so with white duck tape added more foam board to the back and sides. I began washing, drying, pressing fabric and folding it around my wonderful 4 inch wide ruler. All is the same width and stacks so nicely. Smaller pieces have their own plastic tub and are stacked and marked on the end.I loved reading the comments from others with such great ideas.

  8. My stash in is one big basket. I’m trying to sort by color putting them in smaller sized containers, but I have only just begun.

  9. I store my stash any which way I can, depending on the moment! Pizza boxes, project bags, shelves, bins, crammed under the bed, in shopping bags, sacks, bins. It’s a mess; you get the idea!

  10. Well… right now my fabric is scattered about the house in various plastic tubs. Not ideal, but will have to do for now. Once my she-shed/quilt studio is finished, I plan on fixing that. At least my fabric will all be in one place. I do have some project packs put together, with the pattern & fabric together in one bag so I can work on those.

  11. Well, the answer is short and easy… EVERYWHERE I can hide them a bit… hehehe… I bought a nice wooden bench in Ikea with a wooden cover and I keep most of my fabrics inside it, in big plastic containers; all fabrics sorted by color… I also use quite space of a draw in one of the rooms and in the saloon… ups!! hehehe…

    Thank you so much for this amazing prize and for being international!! :o)

    [email protected]

  12. I have things in drawers, boxes, ornament bins and occasionally the floor. Oh and those shop hop bags, they end up being great for storing incomplete projects, not that I have any….

  13. I am lucky enough to have floor to ceiling, wall to wall shelving that’s out of sunlight reach inside a bedroom devoted to my quilting and crafting and whatever else I get distracted into trying out! Ha. That wall is positioned just behind my sewing machine cabinet such that I can reach out and fondle it at will while I work at my sewing machine. Such bliss! 🙂
    I also keep fat quarters and smaller pieces in music CD towers (remember those things?) behind the door going into the room. Additionally, I keep fabric (plus pattern/notions as desired) targeted for specific projects in a dresser which is tucked inside the closet.

  14. Hi! I keep my stash in my Grandmothers trunk I inherited and also in chest of drawers. Last summer I organized my fabric by projects and put them in large, labeled ziploc bags.

  15. I am just starting to quilt…so I also am looking here…taking ideas and learning…I do have some fabric and supplies…in a tote…in what we call the “Doll Closet”…my sister collects dolls…and we keep the empty boxes from ones she has displayed…extra outfits…things for her doll making class…etc…I would really be blessed if I could start winning some of these fat quarters…I promote these contests and giveaways…on Facebook…Twitter and Pinterest…I am saying a little prayer…that I win…one of these times! Thanks so much…and Good Luck to Everyone!!!

  16. Hi Julie! I cut into the corners much like you to cut bulk, thanks for letting me know this is not tabu! I have a secret hiding closet…. inside of a regular closet…so it is truly secret! I put a lot of bulk yardage in there and I store lots of fat quarters in short boxes so I can browse through those quickly! ( I like the boxes from canning jars, they are just the right height! But I use other boxes canned food was packed in also at grocery stores).

  17. I can my stash in an old cabinet redone by my husband. It was his grandfathers cabinet and my husband remembers him taking it where ever his grandparents moved. It has glass doors so I can see through but yet keeps the dust off of the fabric. LOVE it!

  18. I keep my stash in a tall cupboard with five shelves. Aranged in colour, that is all except landscape style fabrics which are grouped together. I also keep large plastic tubs stacked one upon another where I have bali and batik fabrics, Christmas design fabrics, Japanese style fabrics, and children’s fabrics in separate tubs. Then of course there are all the bits and bobs like laces, ribbons, buttons etc in their own tubs. Don’t ask me about threads, they are stored according to their composition in clear boxes under the buffet in the dining room. Good luck with organising your stash, it is a time consuming but really nice activity, like sorting through all those little beads we used to collect as children.

  19. Where and how I keep my stash:
    Right now, because I am working on several 6-1/2″ BOM at the same time…I keep all the stash in a big tote….so I have to dig thru it every time I go searching for just the right ???. Otherwise it would be a big pile on the floor for my cat to roll around it….he loves fabric just as much as I do!

  20. I love to keep my fabrics in large clear containers but they seem to have spilled out of there and onto the shelves of my cupboard as well.

  21. I learned along time ago that you need to see what you have! So I have 5 book shelves and one long (8 ft.) upper wall shelve with fabric according to color. I do not have any more room, isn’t that sad !!

  22. I like clear shoebox size boxes best but I put fabrics anywhere and everywhere. I wish I could say none are in heaps but some are.

  23. I store my fabric on shelves in my sewing studio. When my husband moved into my house after we got married he looked at all the exploding boxes of fabric I had on the floor and asked me if I’d like a system where I could see all my fabrics at one time. I ecstatically said Yes! He got up the next day and went to Lowe’s to purchase supplies, he came back with a truck full of shelves and hardware. He spent the next two days building shelves across the whole wall from floor to ceiling. I was so happy to take all my fabric out of boxes and get it on the shelves. This has changed my sewing habits and quilting for good. It has also made my husband happy that I had a system that was organized–he’s a neat freak. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  24. I store my fabric on shelves in my sewing studio. When my husband moved into my house after we got married he looked at all the exploding boxes of fabric I had on the floor and asked me if I’d like a system where I could see all my fabrics at one time. I ecstatically said Yes! He got up the next day and went to Lowe’s to purchase supplies, he came back with a truck full of shelves and hardware. He spent the next two days building shelves across the whole wall from floor to ceiling. I was so happy to take all my fabric out of boxes and get it on the shelves. This has changed my sewing habits and quilting for good. It has also made my husband happy that I had a system that was organized–he’s a neat freak. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! [email protected]

  25. Some in stacking boxes, the rest in heaps (vaguely sorted) all over the house, just as well i live on my own

  26. well ,I have to stash it all under my sewing table ! Soon one room should become available and I’m dreaming of being able to fold them nice into open shelfs !Where i can just look and pick !

  27. Oops… I was so interested in the block, I forgot to say where I store my stash. Usually in clear plastic bins by colors. They are a mess now but plan on straightening them out.

  28. My stash is a mess, mainly cause it is stored in 3 different places, one being 25 miles from where I live. All in plastic tubs and the fabric in my laundry/sewing room is slowly being put on acid free “boards.” We live in a rural area and sure would like to have 1 large building to call my own and have all my machines, fabric and supplies in one area – my “lady cave!”

  29. I use some clear storage totes, some cardboard boxes & have several large cupboards containing metal shelving units. My husband graciously built in some large storage units with sliding wooden barn type doors in our basement spare bedroom. Much of my stash is folded, stacked by color together with type of fabric or grouped per planned project & easily seen, plus the doors can be pulled closed to hide inside contents. We covered the two largest with white quilt batting to make a design wall. Works great for me … this is now my bedroom as my husband recently underwent some cancer treatment & is radioactive thus I can’t be near him for long periods of time. It is so quiet there, I’m really close to my stash & I sleep rather well.

  30. I keep my stash in clear plastic boxes on shelving put together by my husband. I can almost always find a fabric to match whatever I am working on without going shopping.

  31. I keep my fabric in clear plastic totes so that I can see at a glance which one I’m looking for. In a perfect world they would be stacked from lightest to darkest colours. For really small pieces I keep like colours together in zip lock bags within the totes.

  32. China cabinet, armoire, bookcases, trunks, garage cabinets, dressers, and boxes. Most of it is sorted by color and fabric type (flannel, denim, etc). Way too much, but shopping in it is fun.

  33. My stash is kept in the closet on wooden book shelves. It also explodes over into the room! I need a personal organizer!

  34. My stash is mostly sorted by color and in see thru bins, The bins are in a closet and on storage shelving in my sewing room. My fat quarters are also sorted by color and kept in plastic shoe boxes stored in a pantry cabinet also in my sewing room. I do keep together bundles of collections in a wide 2 drawer office cabinet. Love those Maggies First Dance blocks!

  35. I keep my stash in plastic containers with the clip handles. This keeps them from falling out when they all tip over!!

  36. I store my fabric in bins. I put all of my large pieces together and all of the smaller pieces together. I also sew clothes and fabric that cannot be used for quilting is place on a shelf in a cabinet

  37. My stash are in plastic bin separated by color and by holidays. They are in my sewing room, in my closets, in my family room, in my garage, and anywhere else I can find a place to put them.

  38. When I read your question, my immediate thought was all of the above! I have fabric in bins, baskets, boxes, bags, piles and tins. I worked for two months over a year ago to go through and pare down my stash. Then, a friend was moving and gave me most of her stash! I have been working through and using some of these fabrics and trying to incorporate them into my existing storage. Thank goodness my dear hubby is tolerant of my haphazard organization!

  39. my stash is in shelves, in a bin with glass doors, so we can see it, but no dust. and the piles are separated by colors…
    scraps are in plastic boxes on an open shelf

  40. Oh dear, my stash is everywhere !! I’d love to have a sewing room, but my house isn’t big enough, so I have fabric under beds, in cupboards, in plastic crates, in piles around the house, in shoe boxes and storage caddies. In chaos really ! Can I find anything? No chance!! But sometimes I have a moment of serendipidy when I find a gorgeous fabric I’d forgotten all about and it sets me off on a whole new project. I shall have to wait until my two sons go off to university, when I can have a good sort out, and maybe store my stash (neatly) in their rooms.

  41. Thank you for showing the back of your block! I love seeing how people press their blocks! My stash is stored in Ikea Billy bookcases! I started by folding but now I wrap my fabric around acid free comic book cardboard. The fabric is now upright like books in a book case. The advantage is that I can see things better! Smaller pieces are in bins?

  42. I have a very small sewing room with only a few shelves. The fabric I can’t store on the shelves is put in baskets or bags and stored on the floor everywhere in the room. 🙂
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  43. Your tutorial is great! I store my fabrics in clear plastic bins with lids on metal shelving with wheels purchased at a well-known warehouse store. The stash is mostly sorted by color. Smaller bins are sorted by the sizes they have been cut into from scraps left over from projects, i.e., 2-in., 2 1/2 in., 3-in., etc. Thank you for this give away!

  44. Nice block. I clip as well for those bulky areas and I like a damp towel and steam. I use baskets and shelves but I need to do a better job of organizing.

  45. I started out with clear plastic bens, put shelves in the closet in the extra bedroom and removed the doors. I covered the closet with clear plastic to keep out the dust and I can still see the fabric.

  46. I don’t have a large stash as I am fairly new to quilting but my fabric just sits on little shelves sorted into colours. I also have William Morris fabrics, stripes and Christmas fabrics separate. It works for now but hopefully I will build a much larger stash over time and I may need to rethink things then.

  47. My stash is all over the place-scraps cut down to usable pieces are in deli containers that stack, less than a yard pieces are in shoe box sized plastic bins and in a cupboard, larger pieces are folded and stacked by color in another cabinet (what will fit-the rest are in tubs, sacks and piles on shelves!)

  48. So very pretty are your blocks and the coordinating fabric. I’m now 2 blocks behind as of today, although I did do some applique on block 3 this afternoon. My stash is mostly of fat quarters in Sterlite plastic shoe box containers. I have a total of 10 and they are sorted by color-not all are full. I have some yardage that is stacked about 1 1/2 feet and folded nicely. most of my fabric i get 50% off at the local quilt shop. I don’t have but a few charm packs, and mini’s and they are are in a basket. Scraps can still be a stash when needing small pieces, but are another story and will need to be sorted by size and color down the road. I do go to this now and then but it’s hard to part with the smallest pieces.

  49. I have all my scraps and small yardage in baskets by color. All my other stash is wrapped on comic book boards and put on shelves. Just finished organizing the shelves by color. I love it!

  50. For the most part, my stash is kept on shelves in a double wide closet. I keep it organized by solids, tone on tone, girly, boyish, polka dots, etc. so it’s easier for me to find what I want.

  51. Your blocks are very pretty! I keep my stash in a dinning room cabinet. The glass doors and nice shelves are great. I can see the fabric and it is easy to select fabric as needed. Thank you for the opportunity of new patterns.

  52. My stash is deep shelves in two large storage cabinets. I put FQ in plastic boxes on those shelves and one yard cuts folded nice and neat in plastic boxes also on those shelves. Did I say those cabinets are big? I like that they have doors so I don’t have to worry about the light fading the fabric. Some of it I have had for awhile.

  53. My stash is on shelves, in bins, boxes, bags and sometimes strewn about, especially when I am working on a project, which is just about always.

  54. i have fabric stashed in everything from rubbermaid containers to vintage suitcases. I’m not very organized, but I have big plans!

  55. I keep my stash on shelves that my husband built for me. I keep scraps in a closet on shelves in shoe box size totes arranged by color.

  56. My stash is stored according to size and color – FQ in drawers, others in crates or closet, folded neatly in 1 yd, 2 yd, 3 yd, more than 3 yd stacks. That way I can go right to the correct pile for the yardage I need when making a quilt.

  57. I keep most of my fabric in rubbermaid totes (the 38 l blue ones). I also have some in clear totes. It is much nicer to see the fabric through, but the rubbermaid totes sit better on my shelving and hold more.

  58. Goodness, my fabrics are stashed in every conceivable place in my sewing room! In the drawers of a dresser, in the shelves and compartments of an antique wardrobe, in baskets, boxes and tubs under my cutting table, in an antique trunk, and in the closet in various containers and shelves. Thank you!

  59. I keep my stash in about 12-15 large storage totes. I’m currently sorting and cutting down on my stash since we’ve moved to a smaller home. After I’m done I hope to have it down to about 8 and have it all sorted by category.

  60. My fabric is folded and stacked by colour in a large cabinet. Fat quarters are stored in colour co-ordinated baskets. Thank you for the generous giveaway and the chance to win.

  61. I fold my fabrics and store by color on Ikea Billy bookcases. I love having it all in view. I used to keep fabric in bins and could never find anything. Now when I am looking for a certain color, I can pull each stack down and easily look through what I have.

  62. My fabric is in Boston no, drawers, under bed storage, and now in the garage due to my guilds boutique storing all the stuff in my garage. Only 2 mor weeks and hopefully most will sell and be gone.

  63. Hi Julie! I store my scraps in clear plastic shoeboxes and in a huge heap that I’m about ready to shift to the laundry basket (who wants to do laundry anyway?). And I just added a regular shoe box to the mix, I mean organization.
    [email protected]

  64. My stash is not very large, I keep precuts in a file cabinet drawer and yardage on a bookshelf. Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Funny you should ask that question! I’m in the middle of organizing my sewing room. I’ve been wrapping my fabrics (1 yard or more) on the cardboard for comic books. So far I’ve done 3 shelves, and just finished refinishing a bookcase for the next batch. It looks amazing!

  66. I organize based on sizes. 6″ and less are kept in shoe boxes by color. 1/4 to 1/2 yards are folded and kept on a bookcase. Larger than 1/2 yard are in banker boxes by color with small square glued to the side with removeable adhesive.

  67. Hello from Downunder and the beautiful Garden City of Toowoomba where Spring has sprung. When all our little “chicks” had flown the coup my DH converted the wardrobe in one of our bedrooms for me to store my stash of beautiful fabrics so I could easily see what I had – previously they were stored in plastic boxes but that wasn’t ideal! Since then I have added a smaller unit under my work table to store my WIPs. My reference books are stored on the built in shelves of the robe. Happy stitching all, Nanna Ray

  68. my stash starts out neatly, fat quarters in tubs, yardage on hangers in closet, all my Kaffe in a bin, and then random sizes and types folded on shelving and flannel in a bookcase sorted by prints and solids and then when I start a new project it’s just chaos everywhere!

  69. In my sewing room I have lots of shelves. Have the fabrics sorted by colors, batiks, holidays, designs, flannels, etc. All these are put into their own labeled, plastic sweater boxes and arranged on the shelves. I don’t put the lids on the boxes; instead I stack one box on top of the other…in that way I can get more boxes on the shelves. It’s still a work in progress, for I don’t always put the fabric away as soon as I buy it!

  70. My stash is in several places such as my sewing room in bins purchased from the Container Store (wonderful pull out drawers), in clear plastic bins on another rack from Container Store. All visible and ready for any projects.

  71. hmmmmm, Stash storage. Some is on shelves, some in bins, some in boxes, some in boxes on shelves. Some just piled in bags and more. I am trying to organize it all and sort so I can use, donate, sell some of it. But keep getting sidetracked by projects.

  72. I keep my stash in a big, old dresser in my sewing room. I try to keep it organized by cut (fat quarters, precuts, yardage, scraps) and by color.

  73. OUCH! My sewing room seems to be a continual WORK IN PROGRESS. I have a 20+ year stash of sewing/quilting/crafting all in the one room, but it IS sorted to some extent. Smaller pieces and strips of quilting fabrics are sorted by color and in plastic boxes on shelves installed into the wall. Yardage is neatly folded and stacked in office-paper boxes up on end on the window seat along one wall. Projects are held in gift-giving bags, with needed materials and patterns. And finally, scraps are sorted by color in smaller gift bags on the trunk by the daybed.

  74. Fabrics that I have 2 or more yards on hand I try to keep them on the cardboard bolts that the fabric stores have. My local fabric store just threw them out so I started asking for them and received one or two each time I bought more fabric. My stash of smaller than 2 yards of fabric I cut pieces of cardboard about 9 x 10 inches and just roll the fabric onto it and stack it in my bookshelf. They can be cut any size to fit your space. I do have a small wooden bin for extra charm squares that holds them all perfectly.

  75. Majority of my stash is clearly displayed on shelves by color. Scraps are in bins.
    Love all four blocks you show here. They are adorable.

  76. When I bring home orphaned fabric, I wash and iron it, fold it in half and half again lengthwise then wrap it around my 6.5 X 24 inch ruler then slide it off the end. I have a mini bolt. It’s stored in a large book case that my late father-in-law built. All my bolts, when stood on end, are my personal fabric store. I have a cotton department sorted by colour, a batique department, and a flannel department. I keep lots of scraps because I like to foundation piece and I have saved the clamshell containers my spring greens come in for this purpose, also sorted by colour. I can stack three on top of one another on a shelf and since they’re clear, I can see in a glance the container I need. I have an area in the bookshelf set aside for precuts too. The fat quarters are in baskets and look very neat. When I begin a new project I go shopping first in my stash.

  77. I keep the stash I am working on right now on a bookself/dresser & the rest go in clear plastic totes with the locking handles, just in case! Thanks for the contest 🙂

  78. I have three Elfa wire drawer units. Fabric is separated by color by yardage and two drawers contain fat quarter or smaller scraps also sorted by color.

  79. I try to keep my smaller pieces sorted by color and I started putting them in baskets. Then I try to keep the baskets in cube storage. Sadly I’m not so good at putting them back in the right basket–usually just toss them on top until they need to be organized again!

  80. I am fortunate to have a dedicated sewing room, so I keep all my stash there on shelves. I wish I could could say they were organized in any particular order, but sadly, they are not. It makes for colorful shelves though! : )

  81. My stash is kept in multiple totes in multiple sizes – sorted by type (batik, civil war, 1930s, patriotic, Kona, general cottons) and then by color. These are situated on shelves in several closets as I do not have a dedicated sewing room. dhardenburg (at) prodigy (dot) net.

  82. My stash yardage is kept in a converted entertainment center cabinet (shelves added) and sorted by color. I cut scraps into squares and strips from 1″ to 5″ and store in plastic bins labeled by size in 1/2″ increments on the shelf of a closet in my sewing space — except for the 2.5″ strips which I hang over the closet rod sorted by color. I seem to collect a lot of those strips, not only left over jelly roll strips but also left over binding strips. This system is new for me as of Jan 2016 but so far it is working. Scraps are in usable sizes so I am motivated to use them! Good luck in yur organizing!

  83. I need to find a better way….I have dozens of plastic bins and I have all my fabric seperated by collection and/ or style (Japanese, civil way, 30’s, bonnie and Camille, tula pink, etc.) But when I’m looking for something by color, I always miss something I could’ve used that could’ve been better. I need a better way!!! (And my bins aren’t very neat either)…I remember when I started quilting, how I used to keep my stash so perfect and neat…and would just look at it for hours….lol….now I’m a scrappy quilter so each new project just wrecks my stash….oh well!!

  84. I keep my fabric stored in bins by color or if I have a collection…then that will be together. Love your blog

    Thank you

  85. I have an IKEA wall cube and have paper cubes that hold my scraps sorted by color. Works pretty well; when they get too small, they go into a general scrap basket by my sewing machine! Wool scraps are hard to store here in Texas…they go in plastic bags and bins! Keeping my fingers crossed for the beautiful giveaway!

  86. Your blocks are delightful!

    I try to keep my stash on shelves in a walkin closet. However bits and chunks, ok maybe yards of it, seem to overflow out into my quilting room, and the closet floor. Oh my…

  87. I have my fabric yardage in cabinets (notice that I used a plural on cabinet). I keep my scraps in plastic totes sorted by color. thanks for the great giveaway.

  88. Your blocks are very pretty! I especially like the fabrics you chose for the leaves and stems. My fabric stash is stored on shelving. The scraps are in clear plastic shoebox bins, sorted by colour. I have fat quarters and jellyrolls in a tall CD tower from Ikea. My yardage is stored two ways. I have some of it folded in clear plastic lidded bins, sorted by colour and season/holiday. The rest is in my shelf with square cubbies, wrapped on pieces of foam core board and standing in the cubbies. I think this makes a better use of space but it doesn’t protect from dust like the bins do. I love being able to see what I have when I’m planning a new project.

  89. I have a closet where I keep most of it on shelves, also drawers with strips in different colors per drawer and drawers with various sized squares. Some of it is a jumble of color!

  90. All of my materials are stored in the BIG green totes. I have about 10 of them full of nothing but material and a few smaller ones for the supplies.

  91. I have a cube system from Better Home and Garden and I have bins separating my fat quarters from my jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc. I also use comic book card board to wrap my fabric around (when it is 1/2 yr or larger) and then place them on the shelf. With my fat quarters, I have additional bins for each color. I also use the Thirty one large zipper bags to hold any current projects that I am working on so that it is easy just to grab the bag and go when needed.

  92. I recently moved my sewing room from my spare bedroom all the way across the house to my ginormous sun roomay (why I didn’t put it in there in the first place, I don’t know.) Currently my fabric is located in 2 vintage bookcases and a vintage metal shelving unit. I can see all my fabric and it is all very pretty.

  93. My stash is anywhere you look in my sewing room. In small containers, in large totes, on the shelves….just everywhere!

  94. All of your blocks are gorgeous, Julie, and look so good together. I keep my fabric on shelves in a closet except for anything less than a quarter yard. Then it is kept in a clear plastic container Thank you for the giveaway.

  95. I would love to say I keep my stash on shelves so that I can see it and be inspired….however, that isn’t the whole truth…I also have plastic lidded bins and a couple of cabinets. I have some fabrics that I’ve had for ages and am in the process of going through and gifting about half of what I have to some local charities….THEN I can say it’s just on shelving….lol. Your blocks are gorgeous. I love Jacquelynne Steve’s bom’s…they are always great. She’s a sweetheart!

  96. Absolutely love your block! My stash is organized in several ways. Some is on shelves by color. Some is in large bins by type, like 30’s, patriotic, etc. I also have some in smaller cases by cut, & designer. Pretty much, anything goes in my sewing room, & it’s rarely neat & tidy. :o/

  97. I keep my stash in plastic bins. Not the best idea for being able to see everything, but it keeps my fabric dust free.

  98. My stash/piles/heaps of fabric are ‘stored’ in whatever works for the moment as I wait to find that PERFECT armoire with deep shelves. Right now some is in cardboard boxes, some in plastic totes and some in a pile at the bottom of a closet. I try to organize but every time I look for something it all gets disorganized!!

  99. I keep 90% of my fabric downstairs in a windowless room, folded on comic book boards on shelves in color order. The precuts are in a closet in my studio, easy to see and grab.
    Your blocks look wonderful, makes me wish mine were done.

  100. Hi! Love your blogs!! I have little plastic baskets that I keep my scraps in. A lot of them, I keep in ziploc bags in the baskets, keeping small pieces of the same fabric together, and then in the baskets.
    I admit, i have a huge stash, so I keep my fabric in bins, labeled according to seasons and types (ie- repro and 30’s) (soft florals).

  101. Love your block 4 Julie! As for my stash I try to store everything in clear plastic totes and I try to keep solids and prints separated and baby quilt fabrics separate.I also keep precuts separate.

  102. I use the comic book boards to store my fabric on and it is stacked in my closet organizer and I have recently purchased crates from JoAnns and have them attached to the wall and have started to put the fabric from the stacks on my floor into them. I also have my pre-cuts on shelves above my cutting table. I need more storage in my sewing room (I took over a bedroom after everyone has left). [email protected]

  103. First, I love the yellow in your blocks! Don’t change it! I’m lucky to have shelves in my closet for most of my stash but keep some fat quarters displayed in wire baskets in my sewing room. I keep a rolling plastic 3drawer unit under my cutting table to sort strips and squares into as I trim my scraps.

  104. I have various different ways I store my fabric: Mythirtyone totes, baskets, hanging baskets, cubbies of various size and shape, shelves, hanging closet organizer pockets, and shelves. My craft room is a pretty organized place, really! I am definitely my mother’s daughter when it comes to organization. Love seeing all my fabric in their places! : )

  105. Hi –I LOVE The Patterns !!!! I keep my stash in a remodeled 10 foot high glass front gun cabinet. Also keep some things in baskets and a blanket chest. I keep it by colors mostly. Precuts by Sizes.
    I LOVE STASHES !! 🙂 🙂

  106. Your blocks are fabulous! I am in love with your fabric choices and am really looking forward to seeing your finished projects. I am also happy to see that I am not the only one who clips seams to make them lay flatter. 🙂

    As for my stash, I have a combination of bins and shelves. I’ve been trying very hard to get organized and have a rotation type system where I pull fabric that I am using and put it in a bin, tub, or project bag and keep that near my machine. With it, I keep “extra” fabrics that could be included in the quilt if I decide to add a scrappy aspect. What I struggle with those, is putting those “extras” back into the main stash when I am done. They tend to accumulate into my scrap bin and that shouldn’t happen with large pieces. I’m reading comments here in hopes of finding a solution for me. 🙂

  107. Oh, how I wish I had a system! I keep looking at all the fabulous sites and thinking (?) about how I might re-purpose something. So, as of now, my stash is everywhere! I don’t how loads and loads of it because I generally buy kits–I’m definitely color challenged–but, all the leftovers from kits are beginning to pile up, as well as some fabrics that I just couldn’t resist. I’ve been keeping those together, maybe I should separate by color, or maybe I should . . . . Oh well, guess I’ll keep thinking instead of doing!

    Your block is beautiful–love applique!

  108. I store most of my fabric on shelves in my sewing room, wrapped around the cardboard from fabric bolts that I get free from the quilt shop. I also have a smaller plastic bin full of shirting fabric and 100% cotton shirts, a large bin of jeans, and some smaller bins with WIP. Jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  109. Ive just started quilting, so right now I have a small bin that is already overflowing-need to consider a larger one pretty soon. Amazing how it collects so fast, but I so much enjoy going through all my beautiful fabric scraps as I get ready to start another quilt top.

  110. For my yardage stash I have them neatly folded on wire shelving and for smaller pieces I have them in shoe box size plastic bins marked by what size they are and for fat quarters I have a few bins with them stacked so I can easily see them, and for the n between sizes from fat quarters to scraps I have more plastic totes and all of this is kept in my closet with bi-fold doors that I can easily access.

    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  111. I finally decided that the plastic bins were out and got the inexpensive wire baskets and organized according to color (mostly). I lined them up along one wall of my sewing room. Works for me!

  112. I have my fabric sorted on open shelves. I like to see all of it. Your blocks are lovely. Thank you for the giveaway.

  113. My stash is in plan sight and has taken over our formal dinning room. I rain out of plastic storage bins so a lot is in bags on the floor.

  114. I won’t be much help to you as I would have to answer your question with “all of the above”. I use bins, drawers, boxes, bags. Some is by colour – some is by shape.

  115. Well, they started on shelves and then move to two large credenzas which sit on top of each other. Space is of course used on top of the credenzas as well as under the long arm. I also have a small stand with shelves which sits beside my sewing desk and several boxes which sit in the living room. Most is sorted by color. My sewing room was once the garage, but my loving husband converted it. It is still in transition (no air or heat- yet). He understood that if I don’t get to sew it is not a happy home. He’s so smart. Now, before you ask, not all of it is cotton for quilting, some is for making clothing.

  116. Your blocks are beautiful. I don’t think the yellow is out of place as you have the red blocks to balance it.

    The bulk of my stash is in clear storage bins in the closet of my sewing room which is also considered a bedroom. Any fabric that is not in there is kept in another clear bin under the work table until I have a chance to put it in its appropriate bin in the closet. I have my batting and WIPs in clear bins stacked like stairs in front of the two windows for my cat. I have notions, like thread, buttons, trims, etc. in small clear bins on the shelves in the closet.

    It is not the greatest system, but it works for the size room I have.

  117. I collect a variety of fabric, fold the yardage according to color and season/or Holiday, plastic in oversize Hefty Bags. My smaller pieces, such as scrapes; I place in assorted basket in specific categories, i.e. early 30’s, Civil War, and etc. During my disorganized status, I just place everything in one large basket and promise myself, “I will be back to visit all you scrapes and pieces one day.”

  118. I wish I could say my stash was super organized! Mostly, it is stored by color in plastic bins, but there is a pile on the cutting table and on the bed in the spare bedroom. Oh, and the small pile on the dining chair! Ugh! I need to be more organized! Can I blame it on too many WIP?

  119. My stash sits on a very sturdy garage shelve that I commandeered from our last move. It is lightweight and easy to move and has 5 shelves. I have my stash in plastic stubs that fit three across on each and I can double that if I need to because they stack nicely. The down side is I have to look inside frequently to see what I have! Love your blocks Julie!

  120. That’s beautiful! I keep my stash in plastic bins and on shelves and drawers. Goodness. Now that I’ve typed that I guess I keep my stash everywhere in my sewing/school room!

  121. My stash is kind of all over my craft room. I have mine in drawers, baskets and boxes. Some day I hope to get it a little more organized. Your block is so pretty.

  122. I use plastic bins for my stash which I separate by color. They are on shelves in a closet. I also have a bin for stripes and specialty fabrics. The biggest problem is keeping the bin organized. I purchased cardboard from Amazon and put each fabric on them. They now stay much more organized.

  123. Your block is beautiful. I like the embroidered blocks as well as the appliqued blocks that I have seen. I store my fabric in clear plastic bins. Big ones for yardage and small ones by color for pieces.

  124. My stash is currently in two rooms! My Craft/Sewing room is so full of stuff on shelves; bins; boxes that I have no room to sew; so took over our little rec room for my sewing table with a few more bins of cloth and two quilt frames; plus other crafting to do things! I am a craft hoarder; sad to say!

  125. My stash is in bins on shelves, folded and stacked on shelves. Fat quarters are in dresser drawers. Scraps, by colors, are in bins on shelves. I also have bins with names on them, which contain projects or fabrics I think said person will like. I have bins for each of my children, and each of my grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize 🙂

  126. I use clear drawer storage for all of my stash; the drawers are in 3 or 4 storage towers. I have my yardage wrapped around cardboard magazine boards and organized by color (and are placed in large drawers). My fat quarters are in a narrow 3 drawer storage tower, also sorted by color. I have some of my prettier collections of fat quarters in baskets around my sewing room. Scraps are in another 5 drawer storage tower. Looking at my sewing room mess, you might not agree I have a system, but when I finally do put away all the fabric that is currently sitting out, I know where it goes!

  127. I just started quilting a few months ago, so I don’t have much stash. What I have is easily stored in baskets. Thanks for the tip about cutting into the seam allowance!

  128. My stash is stacked on bookshelves by color or fabric line in my craft room. I feel inspired when I walk into the room.

  129. My stash is stored in cloth baskets in a shoe size shelving and in the 12 in plastic containers from Costco. I try to organize by project and/or color.

  130. Sorry, Julie, but I can’t give you any new storage ideas. My stash is stored in bins, on shelves, in boxes, in piles, and some never taken out of the bag I brought them home in. Have a restful Labor Day!

  131. I wrap my stash on cardboard snd stsck on shelves. Really tudy snd easy to spot colors. Small scraps are folded and in totes.

  132. I am currently in the process of organizing my stash and scraps into bins I purchased at IKEA. Organizing fat quarters by color. Trimming scraps into 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, or 5 inch squares. Have a bin for strips, too. So much better than just having them stuffed into bags or boxes!

  133. My stash is really huge, because I also have an online business that uses fabric….so I have fabric in large totes in 2 different rooms on shelves in the closets, and also one large shelving unit. I use clear totes so I can see the colors inside and not read labels. Cindy Proehl – [email protected]

    1. I better add to my comment. I have some of my stash in “Target” totes. Others, my husband has installed white cupboards, some floor to ceiling, and drawers in my sewing room that house wire baskets. Fabrics are sorted by color. Large pieces are wound bolt style and in the cupboard. All is organized until I work on a project, then look out. But I “need” to organize again when a project is completed!

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