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September UFO link up

I’m a little late in posting this, but it’s time for you to show us what project(s) you finished for the month of September.  For those of you who are new, the September UFO link up is part of my Hello 2016, Goodbye UFO series.  Each month I encourage you to finish a UFO and enter it into the link up at the end of the month for a chance at a few prizes.

Hello 2016, Goodbye UFO's

This  month, my challenge was to clean up my sewing room.  I know it’s not technically a UFO, but the chaos in there has been worse than a pile of UFO’s (and there’s still that, too).

I’ll show you some before and after photos and you’ll see what I mean.  I literally took these pictures a few hours ago.  (I’m barely able to keep up with my own schedule)!  If you want to learn more about my sewing room, you can visit my sewing room tour from 2013.


Sewing room chaos 1






sewing room chaos 3






sewing room chaos 4





I store most of my fabric stash in plastic bins.  Fortunately, we don’t have much humidity here in Northern California, so this option works well for me.  I’m still sharing this space with some scrapbooking supplies which will be another project for later.  I’d love to get rid of this closet all together and put in some nice shelves or cabinets.



My ironing station is small, but it’s perfect for piecing.  A friend made the pressing board for me; it’s firmer than a traditional ironing board which I like.



I now have both sewing machines cleared and ready for action.  I use my Bernina most of the time, but I’ll probably start using my Juki now that it’s been un-buried.



My design wall is full at the moment.  You’ll be seeing more of those blocks on Monday when I reveal my alternate blocks for Maggie’s First Dance BOM.



I love my little Fig Tree pumpkin pin cushion.  It’s sitting on top of my latest Fig Tree subscription box.  I’ll have to show you the contents of that soon.



I’ve added some fat quarter bundles to the top of my quilt rack/shelf.  I love this shelf which I found for $20 at a consignment store.  I change the quilts seasonally.  The drawers contain much of my specialty thread collection.



I love seeing other people’s sewing rooms.  It’s fun to see how they decorate and accommodate all of their supplies.  My space is quite small, but it’s all mine.  I waited 15 years to get my own sewing room and I love it.  Cooper loves it, too.  He has a spot on the floor and he spends more time in there than I do!



September UFO link up

Let’s see what you’ve been up to this past month.  I’ll pick two winners who will each receive a nice little prize package that includes a layer cake (Rouenneries Deux by French General or Antique Fair by Blackbird Designs) and a book (Creative Uses for Decorative Stitches by Karen Linduska or Modern Basics by Amy Ellis)

September UFO linke up at The Crafty Quilter
September Prize Packages

Link-up Rules:

  • You may add up to 2 finished projects.
  • One image per finished project.
  • Project must be sewing or quilting related.
  • The link-up will be open until October 8, at midnight, PST.
  • The giveaway is open to USA or Canada only, however, anyone can join the link-up. If a winner is chosen that is international, then another number will be picked until it meets the criteria.
  • Winner will be drawn at random on October 9, 2016.

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  1. I do not understand where to go to post my finished project for September. You have noted the linkup will be open until 10/8 at midnight PST. Where is the link up to post?? I have tried searching your site but seem to have missed it. Do I need to email you the information?

  2. Your room looks bright and cheery! I love the ironing station, but I wouldn’t be able to have books on the end – I’d use that whole space, although you could certainly move the items for more room. Your storage bins look like mine, but I am leaning towards ones that are ½ that tall and maybe stacking 2 at a time, those big ones get so heavy. I like how you have it decorated, admittedly, I don’t have much in the way of decoration and I do like the look of yours. Thanks for showing us. I have been very unproductive for at least a year or more and am trying to get back to my quilt room. I love your pin cushion!

  3. Always so inspiring when you can work in a lovely space. My sewing room is a work in progress. I love your design wall. Could you tell us a bit more about it? Fabric used etc. That would be great as I really need to make one. Thank you Julie.

  4. I love the reality of the before and after pics! And you got that cleaned up in a few hours? You sure work faster than I do!! your room is so pretty with the beautiful white dresser and the quilts on the walls. I know what you mean about waiting years for your sewing room: I’m still waiting!! 🙂

  5. what a great room you have here envious of the cutting table how I wish I had one that was higher than an ordinary table. Good to see the juki uncovered I fins it so much easier to sew with my bernina flat to the surface if you know what I mean. Nothing completed for september but hope to join in in october as busy quilting 6 mini quilts, . Trying to peek at yoour Maggie`s first dance have the first 4 blocks made

  6. Your sewing room is lovely. I really like your little valance over the window. To me it looks like ties. Can you share how those are made? I sadly don’t have a sewing room and no where really to sew at home. I do come to a friends a few days a week and we sew and sew.

  7. You have a lovely sewing/quilting room. Mine is a mess. You have encouraged me to straighten mine up a bit.

  8. It looks like you whipped it all into shape. I was a little luckier with my pantry today. My sewing room will take a little longer. I love your white shelving. I need some solutions for the roof slant in my upstairs sewing room that don’t involve piling things on the floor!

  9. Your room is great. Makes me feel a little guilty, right now mine is a mess. To many projects going at one time. But I do know how you feel about having a room that is yours all yours as mine is also. I love it!

  10. I’m sure Cooper is most appreciative that he has a spot now. Attacking sewing room clutter isn’t just physical work, it takes mental work to figure out where and how best to store fabrics.

    I did do work this month on a project I started perhaps three years ago. I purchased a Craftsy class on free motion quilting hosted by Ann Peterson. I had the quilt sandwich made and the stitch in the ditch done and then it got consigned to the closet. When I pulled it out at the beginning of the month I didn’t like how the quilt top looked so I ripped out the stitching and used a better grade of batting. I did get flowers and feathers done but lost steam when faced with sewing in the sashing area. I’m not sure when I’ll get to it again. Instead, I got working on making a cloth busy book for my grandson for Christmas. I’m thinking it takes as much mental work to choose fabrics for a project as thinking how to store them. I have some embroidery left to add on some of the pages and then I can attach the backing fabrics which don’t take much time.

    I might give myself a break in October as I will be on a two week vacation. I do like the progress I’ve made this year and I’ll probably work up a new list for 2017.

  11. Woohoo!! There’s nothing like a tidy sewing room to spark the creative mind! Yours looks awesome and you may have just inspired me to get mine looking a bit better too. I love the quilt rack you snagged for a song and how you changed the quilt to match the season. Thanks for the linkup too!

  12. Everything looks great! I can see you are working on Rabbits Prefer Chocolate, I am just finishing the bottom appliqué scallop and then I can attach the borders. This has been a UFO for years.

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