August favorites

I love to share new treasures with you guys and it’s not always about quilting.  This month I’ve picked out some of my current favorite things that I hope you’ll enjoy.  (It’s kind of like sharing new finds with your best friend!)

August Favorites

Peaches are still in season, and I made the most wonderful peach crisp using using this recipe:  Gluten Free Peach Crisp with Salted Coconut Milk Caramel.  Monique at Ambitious Kitchen has a wide variety of recipes on her blog, and this is going to be one of my summer favorites.  It was sweet and nutty and kind of healthy for a dessert!  I didn’t have time to make the salted caramel, and it was still delicious.  Remember, I’m not a food photographer, but here is what my version looked like:

Peach Crisp made by Julie Cefalu. Recipe from Ambitious Kitchen blog


I love to get surprises in the mail, and for the past two months it has come in the form of the Quilter’s Candy Box.  This is a subscription-based service that I treated myself to, and I went for the 3-month option.  I can’t wait to see what I’ll be getting in September.  It’s so much fun to open a box of carefully selected quilting goodies!  Below, you can see the awesomeness that was in July’s box.

July contents of the Quilter's Candy Box
Quilter’s Candy Box for July


This summer, I discovered Karina – The Original Easy Dress.  I don’t normally like to order clothing without trying it on first, but I heard great things about this company.   It was a score; this dress is SO comfortable!  The style that I purchased, Penelope, fits great and has pockets (which I love).  So much so, I decided to buy one for my daughter, Kelly, too!


I’m in the middle of reading The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks.  This is a Civil War novel based on a true story that took place in Franklin, Tennessee in 1864.  I’m not only being entertained, I’m learning about our history, too.  It’s a really good read!


Last year while traveling in Norway, I discovered the delightful world of Tilda, founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger.    She produces, among other things, fabric that is whimsical and romantic in a beautiful array of color.  You’ll love her blog, Tilda’s World; it’s absolutely delightful.  Her newest fabric line, Harvest, can now be found in the United States at The Intrepid Thread (online).

The Harvest Collection from Tilda at The Intrepid Thread


Note:  My monthly favorites are not sponsored by anyone. These are picked by me “just because”.  They are something I would tell my friends about and that definitely includes you!  Do you have any favorites you’d like to share?

Have a wonderful, inspired day!


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  1. I was just in Franklin, TN from Utah last week! I will have to read that book. I also found a quilt shop called The Quilting Square in Franklin that I really loved.

  2. Hi Julie,
    The dress you chose looks great and so pretty. Thanks for the update. Hope they have + sizes.
    Your friend in Tennessee.

    Diane S.

  3. Your posts are always the best, Quilty or not. Your dresses are as lovely as the models! It’s blueberry season here, so my favorites at the moment are any recipes blueberry!

  4. dress looks lovely on you both. Had no idea Tilda fabric was Norwegian I bought some the other week for a project it is normally not in my price bracket but this was on offer and was surprised how much the colour ran when I washed it, I always wash fabric when I purchase new fabric.

  5. Okay, mom! Where’s the dress for the other daughter??? 😎

    Thanks for all the links. I love how you were able to sneak a picture of Amelia in there, too! I still can’t believe that she’s already 2! I remember when she was just a tiny bump in mama’s belly.

    I love your posts! Keep them coming.

    xo Linda

  6. Thanks Julie. I’ll definitely check out the web site for the dresses, they look very nice and the models are cute too!:)

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