Throwback Thursday, May Day Basket

Note:  This blog post is a day late due to technical issues that had me in tears yesterday.  I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe what’s been going on.  Hopefully, all is back to normal.  I’m afraid to sneeze for fear I might upset my computer 😉 .

I looked at my planner this morning (Thursday) and thought, “I need to do a blog post”.  And then my mind went blank.   I usually have an endless reservoir of ideas for this blog and it’s easy to post my latest “wip’s” or a quick tip.  I still have those things, but they’re not in the right stage to push the publish button.

All of that leads us to “Throwback Thursday”.  Since I have some new followers that probably missed out on my earlier blog posts, I thought I would highlight an “oldie but goodie”.  Today, I’m re-introducing you to my May Day Basket series.

The original series was first published in 2012.   I had a great idea for a wall hanging and I wanted to share how to do a machine embroidery technique that has turned edges and looks as if it were done by hand.  This cute wall hanging measures 29″ square, and here are the links to each part:

May Day Basket Part 1  This includes cutting and piecing instructions.

May Day Basket Part 1 includes cutting and piecing instructions to make this cute wall hanging @ The Crafty Quilter
May Day Basket Tutorial, Part 1


May Day Basket Part 2  This provides detailed information about the applique process.

May Day Basket tutorial part 2 includes detailed information about turned edge applique using the faced technique @ The Crafty Quilter.


May Day Basket Part 3  All of the sashing and border instructions are here along with quilting details.

May Day Basket tutorial, part 3 includes sashing, borders and quilting details @ The Crafty Quilter
May Day Basket tutorial, Part 3


You all know I love applique.  There are so many techniques to pull from and each has a place depending on your time and needs.  This faced technique is one I use now and again.  I recently used it on my Petals Plus Table Runner.


I also used this faced applique technique in my Woven Heart Block tutorial and my Spring Petals Quilt Along (week 3).

Woven Heart Quilt Block Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

Spring Petals QAL featuring faced applique @ The Crafty Quilter


Thanks for allowing me a Throwback Thursday and revisiting the May Day Basket series with me.  The timing seems like it’s just right for a spring wall hanging.  I still have mine hanging in my sewing room, although I have a feeling it’s time to freshen things up.  Maybe a summer sew along?  Hint hint.


Have a perfectly wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thanks Julie. Your post is new to me as I wasn’t following in 2012. I love this applique method and use it lots.
    Good luck with your computer, they do have a mind of their own.

  2. Cute wallhanging and excellent tutorial Where can I find the patterns for the flowers and leaves?

  3. Very cute wall hanging. Must have not been following at that time or just missed it. I have been fighting my quilting machine for a year now. A lot of it was thee people who set it up from the shop where I bought knew nothing about it. Many things were wrong or not done, even a couple of wrong accessories added on. I think I had every thing put together right and them a bracket welding broke, company replaced no problem I have only finished 3 or four quilt since I have had it. Today I put new thread cone on for new quilt and it took me almost 3 hrs. to get the tensions lined up., Got 3 rows done thread started breaking and I noticed back was all messed up again. I will have to take it out in the morning. Yes I know all about those tears. I still owe 4,000 on this machine and don’t know what to do.
    I can’t afford to have someone else do the quilting so I got some thinking to do.
    That being said, hope we both have a better tomorrow.

  4. Loved revisiting this sweet quilt, but sorry you had to wrestle your computer all week. Nonetheless I’m very impressed by your technical skills to be able to juxtapose the black-and-white and color in the last photo above–very creative!

  5. Lovely wall hanging! I’ve been yelling at my computer this morning. I bought a new computer last fall, and have only used it for my embroidery software, since there are so many new things on it I haven’t taken the time to learn. My old one is much easier, so I go to it for most things, but it freezes up if it is left alone for just a few minutes, and that is so aggravating. I can so sympathize when technology get the better of us!

  6. You fought the computer battle and won, Congratulations! I am computer unfriendly according to my family. No laptop, tablet, and even phone is safe, they only act out when I am using them . So, I admire your tenacity and skill with the tech. Thank-you, for the wall hanging, it will be perfect to have up until all this spring snow melts.

  7. The May Day quilt is lovely…..I can relate to the computer problems – it really does make you cry!! I finally got mine working, albeit slow!!!

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