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A baby quilt for Benjamin

I just finished my latest quilt – a baby quilt for Benjamin, my grandson. I’ll be shipping it off tomorrow, so yesterday was a photo shoot day. Today, I’m giving it a gentle wash and dry, and then I’ll add a quilt label to the back.

My latest finish is an adorable baby quilt for Benjamin, my grandson.  The quilt pattern is Glacier Modern Quilt by QLT Studio.
Glacier Modern Quilt Pattern by QLT Studio

I’m super happy with the way it turned out! I used the Glacier Modern Quilt Pattern by Jenny Meakins of QLT Studio, and I followed her color scheme as well using various solid fabrics from my stash. It was really fast and easy to make which is always a bonus. The quilt measures 40″ x 40″.

My latest finish is an adorable baby quilt for Benjamin, my grandson.  The quilt pattern is Glacier Modern Quilt by QLT Studio.

I like to add birth details to baby quilts (which requires post-delivery quilt finishing) and I did this one all by machine. I used a 12 wt. cotton thread, Spagetti by Wonderfil for the lettering. This is a thick thread which could also be used for hand quilting, but it worked really well in my sewing machine with a 90/14 Topstitch needle. I chose speed over hand work this time. My last baby quilt (for my granddaughter) took me 3 weeks to hand embroider!

I almost always use this blue water soluble pen to mark my stitching lines. I practiced the birth details on paper first and then marked the quilt. I drew a cloud-like shape around the words to set it apart. I think I made this whole word section too big; it’s just a little too loud for a baby quilt. But what’s done is done.

This is going to be a very warm and cozy quilt. I used wool batting which gives it a cuddly feel but still very light in weight. I used flannel for the backing and blue and white striped fabric for the binding. It’s just so cute!

My latest finish is an adorable baby quilt for Benjamin, my grandson.  The quilt pattern is Glacier Modern Quilt by QLT Studio.
My latest finish is an adorable baby quilt for Benjamin, my grandson.  Striped binding is my favorite! The quilt pattern is Glacier Modern Quilt by QLT Studio.

The binding was done completely by machine (another quick trick) using my method here. It’s great for a baby quilt that will hopefully get lots of use and washed a lot!

I can’t wait to show you photos of baby Benjamin on his new quilt. My daughter is so good about taking pictures for their first 12 months on their quilt. It’s fun to see how they grow! Speaking of which, here are the three of them a few weeks ago. Getting so big!

The Cutbirth kids, photo edited by Julie Cefalu

If you’re looking for more baby quilt ideas, check out my previous, free tutorials: Soft & Striped Baby Quilt, Enchanted Dresden Baby Quilt and Surrounded by Circles Baby Quilt.

Happy Quilting and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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  1. That is an exquisite quilt. Everything about it is lovely – the colors (I like blues & greens), the adorable binding and the backing is so beautiful that either side can be used. I’ll bet you’re the only one who considers the writing too big. I think it just adds to it’s charm.
    Three beautiful grandchildren – you must be in heaven when around them. My grand kids are all grown and I miss playing with little ones and making breakfast together. One grandson LOVED to help me make pancakes from scratch when he was around age 7. And he once told his mother that I make better scrambled eggs than she does; he’s now 28 but I’m STILL in the doghouse over that one! ; -}

  2. Julie, I know all about time flying! My sweet granddaughter just turned 5 months. She changes daily!!! Love the quilt for Benjamin and the adorable photo of the 3 of them!!!

  3. Oh, Julie, this pattern and that color scheme was the perfect choice for your grandson’s baby quilt. It is a real show stopper!

  4. It’s really lovely and a gift that will be cherished forever! I love the pictures of those little angels. So sweet Julie. I finished a quilt for my son’s 49th birthday but with these arthritic fingers, binding is too much, so I will use your tutorial to machine bind and hope for the best!

  5. Julie, your quilt for Benjamin is perfect and I think the lettering is fine that size, not too big at all. The girls seem to enjoy being with him, too….a plus for your daughter! It’s a beautiful family.

  6. Your new baby quilt is darling and I think the cloud on the front with his birth information is really a nice touch. The photo of your three grandchildren is the best of all!!

  7. Oh my goodness, your grandchildren are just beautiful! Lucky you!
    I would love to see a tutorial on Benjamin’s quilt. I love and appreciate all your posts, Julie!

  8. I love the size of the words! These grandma eyes could see them, and baby will be able to feel them too. Quilt is sew sweet.

  9. I like the size of the bubble with Benjamin’s birth info! It’s all about him, isn’t it! enjoy your new grandson.

  10. That is a beauty, Julie. Anxious to see more of Benjamin and his sisters. That first one is adorable with the 3 of them……

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