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Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial

My Patchwork Peter Rabbit tutorial is here!  I love this little guy so much and I’m so happy to share him with you! This wall hanging will add whimsy and delight to your Spring and Easter décor. It measures 18″ x 20″, so it’s a small project that can be made in no time.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter
Finished size: 18″ x 20″

Patchwork Peter Rabbit (free) pattern

You can get started right away by downloading the pattern below.

This is a simple project that anyone with a little applique experience could do.  The piecing is very easy and quick.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

The original inspiration for this quilt came from my daughter’s preschool art project from almost 20 years ago!  Am I that old?  I’ve always loved this bunny and when I brought him out to decorate the house for April, I decided he needed to be in a quilt.

Original Rabbit Art work by Nicole Cefalu
Patchwork Bunny Art by Nicole Cefalu

I scaled the original bunny down to 75% and added my own tulips. If you’re going to make this project, I want to point out that the pattern for the applique has been divided into two sections.  When you print it out, make sure you choose “no scaling” and print at actual size.  You will get an upper body section and lower body section that needs to be matched along the long side using the slash marks as a guide:

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter


For the fabric, I found more inspiration from this fat quarter bundle (and a mini charm pack) of Color Me Happy by V and Co. for Moda Fabrics.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I wanted to use my mini charm pack and so a Patchwork Peter Rabbit was born.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I love the floating border and the binding, too.  I took advantage of the color block ombre fabric for this, and I love how it turned out!

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

Sometimes this type of yardage is hard to figure out what to do with.  I think I picked a winner!

I also used this fabulous Linen Mochi Dot by Momo for Moda Fabrics, as my background and outer border.  This was a dream to work with, and I love the texture it adds.  And how about that fluffy tail?  I love the Cuddle dimple fabric from Shannon Fabrics.  I used a similar technique when I made my Surrounded by Circles Baby Quilt for Shannon Fabrics.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I needed a little more than a fat quarter for my backing fabric, so I pieced it together with more color block ombre and one of the large prints.  Cooper is always there to help nap:

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I also added a hanging sleeve.  You can see my tutorial for this technique here.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter


When choosing a stitch for the applique, I decided that a zig zag stitch was the best choice considering all of the seam allowances at the raw edge of the rabbit.  I wish I would have used a wider zig zag and maybe a shorter stitch length.  At some spots, there is a little fraying at the seam intersections.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I think it makes my rabbit look a little tattered, but I’m going with a worn look from being overly loved.

But, my tulips came out nice and fresh:

Tulip applique @ The Crafty Quilter

Picking out the thread was half the fun.  I used Magnifico by Superior Threads:

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

If you need more information about raw edge applique in general, you can go to my Applique Series and get the whole scoop!


Figuring out how to quilt this took longer than the actual quilting itself. I love quilting small projects like this, though. It’s a great time to practice your free motion quilting.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit, quilting detail @ The Crafty Quilter

I used a “seed” stencil along the border.  I double stitched it, in other words, echo quilted it to give it some girth.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I chose swirls and rosettes to stitch around the rabbit applique:

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I also stitched in the ditch around the inner border and within the patchwork of the rabbit.

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

Quilt label

The final step is a quilt label. I finally found a good use for my left over scraps of jumbo ric rak.  I added it to my quilt label.  How sweet is that?

Quilt Label @ The Crafty Quilter

This label is easy to make.  I cut a 5″ square of fabric and folded it in half diagonally, wrong sides together, forming a triangle.  Then I stitched a small piece of rick rac to the folded edge of the triangle.  I wrote my information with a Pigma Pen and then basted the triangle to the corner of my quilt, before adding the binding.  Once the binding is stitched, you wrap it around the quilt and it encases the raw edges of the quilt label too.

easy quilt label from The Crafty Quilter

This entire project might take you two days to make (especially if you don’t have to take pictures of every step).  So, what are you waiting for?  I think you could whip up your own Patchwork Peter Rabbit before Easter!

Patchwork Peter Rabbit Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter (if that’s something you celebrate) and happy Spring to everybody!


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  1. Just made patchwork peter rabbit for my 93 yr old mom. She is in asst living and hangs small hangings on her door to decorate. Peter is for Easter. Ive made her pumpkins, turkey, Christmas balls, heart, shamrock. She loves changing things up for each holiday.
    Thanks for the great directions. Turned out terrific. Would love to send a photo?

  2. Thank you so much for this pattern…it is absolutely adorable! I do have a general question: do you wash your fabric before making a quilt or after?

  3. Tihs is just adorable, Julie. Thanks sew much for bringing him back out. I love that the bunny is your daughter’s art work! Sew special!!!

  4. That is the cutest Easter thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Took me long enough to find it – and then thanks to Joy at Days Filled With Joy.

  5. Peter Rabbit is the best..at the top of my list to make as soon as I get settled in the new house! Thabks for posting!

  6. Can’t wait to make this – I’ll be ready for next year! Your story brought tears to my eyes as we’re now in the process of looking for preschools. Great idea to keep in mind for their upcoming artwork, thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  7. You are so kind and generous for sharing this absolutely delightful bunny pattern and your excellent tutorial. Thank you

  8. Hi Julie,the Peter rabbit tutorial is FAB!
    I am about to start on my fourth rabbit for the family as Easter is getting close, better than chocolate any day,plus it will last longer.
    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern.
    Kindest regards and Happy Quilting,
    Teresa x.

  9. Isn’t it great where inspiration takes us! About 20 years ago; who knows maybe more…. we received a Christmas card with an appliqued dove on it. I have saved it all this time to make it into a wall hanging. I think I even have fabric picked out to make it with.
    I will have to make this, it’s wonderful. I’ll bet your daughter is proud that she was your inspiration!

  10. I just love this little bunny wall hanging. I bought the fabric Friday and started it that night, today I have done everything but the borders and quilting. Everyone at the quilt shop that saw it today also loved it. Thank you so much for the idea and pattern. It will be on my wall sometime tomorrow.

  11. Your Patchwork Peter Rabbit turned out wonderful. By the way, the pink stitch that you used for your applique; I think it makes it look as if you have used piping all around it. Very cute! Have a lovely Easter.

  12. Just love this bunny! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tutorials and your So Thankful Sunday blog!

  13. Your patchwork rabbit is adorable. Thank you for the great tutorial and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  14. Patchwork Peter Rabbit is so darn cute!
    Thank you for the tutorial….I’ll try and squeeze this one in before Easter!


  15. I love everything about this…from the original inspiration, to the fabrics and ombre border/binding, to the fabulous-as-always quilting. Oh, and the backing is sweet, too…particularly the RIC RAC on the label! Sigh…

  16. Oh my goodness I love the pile of fat quarters…..Can’t wait to find them in the store….And thank you so much for the Patchwork Peter Rabbit wall-hanging pattern…I’m going the hand appliqué it so it don’t fray…..

  17. This is just so cute and pretty and fresh!
    Thanks so much for the pattern and awesome tutorial.
    These fabrics are just beautiful and so springy!! I love them.
    I will be making this wallhanging for next year, for sure!!

  18. Thank you Julie!
    I thought this little rabbit was adorable too. I want to make it for this Easter. I guess that means I better be getting to that right now!!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. The little bunny is so cute. I can’t hardly wait to get it made, hopefully will get started tomorrow, Thanks again. Lou

  20. totally lovely job you did.. on the wall hanging and the tutorial for how to make it! So fun! Thanks for sharing how to do it 🙂 Kathi

  21. This is SO darn cute! I love that you did it based on your daughter’s artwork. My daughter made a reindeer with the antlers being her hand prints and I saved it for YEARS!!! I dragged it out every Christmas and it was looking mighty worn. I finally copied it onto fabric and made her a pillow. She still has it on her bed!

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