Family Time

I have been spending time with my family for the past 10 days and now I’m back at the computer.  My son came up from San Diego with his friend and they spent 9 days with us and my daughter came from Austin  with her fiance and they were here for 5 days.  So, I had a total of 8 adults living in my house for a while!  I was happy and busy at the same time – busily happy?

This picture of my husband, me and our four “children” was taken last summer in San Diego:

They are getting so grown up!  The two girls in the middle still live at home (yeah!). My oldest daughter (on the right) is getting married this summer to a wonderful guy and we did lots of wedding planning while she was here. My son is living in San Diego and deciding on his next step – grad school or law school perhaps?

Also, my parents and brother and his family came down for Easter weekend.  I cooked a turkey dinner Saturday night and then brunch on Sunday.  The kitchen was in full swing.  And can you believe I didn’t take any pictures?

Even though I love my family, it’s so nice to get back to a normal quiet household.

I’m getting caught up on some sewing today (among other things) and should be back tomorrow with pictures of my latest project.  Have a great day!



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  1. What a healthy, happy and good-looking bunch! I’m sure it was great to have a gathering with them all, especially when you live far apart. We are lucky to have our two sons and their families close by but it was fantastic having our daughter, son-in-law and gorgeous little grandson over from Sunnyvale before easter. It was a hectic time but great fun with everyone’home’.

  2. You have a beautiful family. It is easy to see where your children got their good looks. I am sure that you gracefully handled the big crowd of family and chaos that can be so fun and exhausting.

  3. Your entire family is so good looking. What a blessing to have children and a family to share all your happiness with. What could be better than to spend time with family? I also love redheads! Did you know that redheads are more rare than twins? True fact 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

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