UFO for February

I actually have a cabinet dedicated to UFO’s (plus my pattern stash).  On the bottom shelf are quilts that have been basted, but not quilted.  On the top shelf are quilt tops waiting for the next step.

UFO Cabinet at The Crafty Quilter

Since it’s February, and Easter will be here before you know it, I chose my “Rabbits Prefer Chocolate” quilt to finish this month.

Rabbits Prefer Chocolate at The Crafty Quilter

This is a pattern by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.  I hand appliqued all of it and the plan was to hand quilt it.  I got as far as thread basting it, marking it and stitching a small square by hand.

Here is a close up of one of the blocks:

Rabbits Prefer Chocolate applique detail at the Crafty Quilter

I am so slow and non proficient at hand quilting.  It’s hard to get motivated when I know I could quilt this on my Bernina and be whizzing along!

So that’s my dilemma.  Do I keep trying the hand work or give up and go for the quick finish by machine?

Rabbits Prefer Chocolate detail at The Crafty Quilter

My bunnies and chicks won’t mind either way!  They just want to be able to show off for Easter!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Julie Siggy-1


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  1. I am currently working on this quilt, have finished appliquing all the blocks and am now adding the details, such as embroidered eyes, etc. Forgot to leave openings for neck ribbons and sashes and am at the point where I may just machine applique the ribbons and sashes. Have been working on this quilt for years as I’m not into hand sewing that much. How did you add the details?

  2. I handquilting, and yes you spend many time with you quilt so what about quilting another of your basted quilt with your machine ans this is the quilt when you are watching tv?I hanquilting watching tv and with this cold days I have fun.Do you use stencil to handquilting or you draw your own pattern?happy quilting!!

  3. Hand quilting takes practice to speed up. and your right machine quilting is probably much faster. I guess it all depends on what kind of feel you want to it. there are very few things that I hand quilt these days, usually it is something that means a lot too me and that I know I will keep forever. that being said I am not really a machine quilter unless it is something I want finished quickly. it sounds like from your discription that taking your time and doing the whole quilt by hand is important to you” so I guess its a decision you are still going to have to give some thought too . lols not much help are we” take care Linda

  4. What a pretty Quilt Julie, and what a lot of work with all the hand applique! I would hand Quilt the project, it would suit the pattern so well and the bunnies would really pop out. Once you got going I’m sure you’d find you were covering the ground well.
    I enjoy having some hand quilting to pick up now and again. It is nearly a couple of months to Easter! It will be lovely however you choose to sew it 🙂

  5. I’ve seen your machine quilting Julie – it’s always beautiful – so either way will be wonderful I’m sure.

    For me, I can’t imagine hand-quilting anything. Oh well.

  6. Oh, this is sooooo cute. Julie, your machine quilting is so amazing I would say machine quilt it so you can move on to another fun and amazing project. :-)) No matter what you do, it will be beautiful…

  7. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing both. Perhaps some machine quilting for a quick finish, and some hand quilting for that little bit of extra special. Gorgeous either way ; )

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