Destash Sale!

Hey everybody!  I’m having a destash sale on my blog today!  I’ve been sorting through my fabric stash so I can make room for new and future fabric.  This is what happens after quilting for 16 years and working in a quilt shop for 7 of them!  It would make me sew happy if they were to find a new home with some of my blog readers.

UPDATE:  All of the bundles have SOLD!  Thank you so much, everyone, for participating in my destash.  I wish I had enough bundles for everyone, but I am working on round 2!  I’ll let you know when.


I have made bundles of coordinating fabric that average about 4 yards each.  The minimum each bundle will contain is 3 1/2 yards and the max is 4 1/2 yards (with 2 exceptions).  I’m also adding in a free pattern, just because!  These are all high quality 100% cotton fabrics and they come from a smoke-free home.

The cost of each bundle is $20 (US) (excluding bundle #14 and #18 – see their description for price) and that includes priority shipping.  I will ship to Canada, but the price will reflect a higher shipping cost.

In order to claim a bundle, leave a comment with the bundle # and your name/email. I will reply with an email requesting your Paypal address.  It will be first come, first serve.  I would like to give everyone a chance to purchase a bundle, so please limit yourself to one for now.

Bundle #1:  SOLD. Christmas collection – assorted Christmas fabrics including 1 yard red/tan holly stripe, (4) 1/2 yards, 8 fat quarters.  5 yards total. BUNDLE 1 copy

Bundle #2:  SOLD. Luna Notte from Moda collection – 2 charm packs + 3 yards of various cuts. BUNDLE 2 copy

Bundle #3:SOLD. Stars & Coxscombs from Moda collection – 2/3 yd. of quilt patch print, 3/4 yd. solid red +  2 1/2 yards assorted cuts.  3 1/2+ total yardage. BUNDLE 3 copy

Bundle #4: SOLD. Country Collage from Wilmington Prints collection – 1 panel plus 3 1/2 yards assorted cuts (a few have been cut into strips for pattern that is included). BUNDLE 4 copy

Bundle #5:  SOLD. Marzipan from In the Beginning collection – 2/3 yd. red/pink hearts, 2/3 yd. black heart print, (5) 1/2 yards.  3 3/4+ total yards.BUNDLE 5 copy

Bundle #6:  SOLD. Pink & Gold collection – includes Rosa de la Baguette by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse – 21″ large floral, 2/3 yd gold plaid, plus half yards and fat quarters.  Total 3 1/2 yards. BUNDLE 6 copy

Bundle #7:  SOLD. Chocolate collection – includes 1/2 yard of brown print “Chocolate” by 3 Sisters and 1/2 yard of tan print “Chocolate” (not pictured) plus half yards and fat quarters.  Total 4 1/4 yards. BUNDLE 7 copy

Bundle #8:  SOLD.  Harvest Vineyard collection from Robert Kaufman, includes 1 yd harvest grape fabric and 1 yd. red grape fabric.  Total 3 1/2+ yards. BUNDLE 8 copy

Bundle #9:  SOLD. Fall scrappy collection – 4 yards total of various fall prints. BUNDLE 9 copy

Bundle #10:  SOLD. Vineyard Collection from Robert Kaufman – includes (2) 7″ x 56″ strips of grape fabric plus 3 1/2 yards of various cuts. BUNDLE 10 copy

Bundle #11:  SOLD. Brown & Blue collection – 4 1/2 yards total, including 2/3 yd. “Porch Swing” brown print from Moda.  The tan multi-print shown has been replaced by a red/gold swirl print and I’ve added some tan scraps. BUNDLE 11 copy

Bundle #12: SOLD.  Cottage Garden collection – 4 yards total, includes 1 yd. of Cottage Garden from Red Rooster Fabrics.  Mostly half-yards and fat quarters. BUNDLE 12 copy

Bundle #13: SOLD  Pink & green collection – 4 yards total of half-yard and fat quarter cuts. BUNDLE 13 copy

Bundle #14: SOLD. Fig Tree collection – 5 1/2 yards total including many fabrics from the Cinnamon Stars collection by Fig Tree for Moda.  $25 for this bundle only. BUNDLE 14 copy

Bundle #15: SOLD.  Apples & Coffee collection – 4 1/2 yards total, including 1 1/2 yd. of apple fabric and 1 yard of “Daily Grind” by Clothworks. BUNDLE 15 copy

Bundle #16: SOLD.  Grapes collection – 3/4 yd red “Etchings” fabric, 3/4 yd tan, 2/3 yd cream, 1/2 yd grape fabric, plus some fat quarters.  Total 3 2/3 yard. BUNDLE 16 copy

Bundle #17: SOLD. Flower Show collection by Benartex – Includes 1 yard and 3/4 yard cuts of large florals, and 1/2 yard of each stripe.  I’ve added a red, green and peach (not pictured) to make the total yardage 4. BUNDLE 17 copy

Bundle #18: SOLD. Butterfly collection – mostly 1/2 yards and fat quarters for 2 3/4 yards total.  All from Riley Blake’s “Enchanted Butterfly” fabric.  $15 for this bundle only. BUNDLE 18 copy

Bundle #19: SOLD. Blue & Yellow collection – 3 3/4 yards total of various blue, yellow, and green fabrics. BUNDLE 19 copy

Bundle #20: SOLD. Bold Citrus collection – very scrappy bundle of various prints, including (1) 1/2 yard cut of white with dots, 4 fat quarters and lots of scraps.  Many of them are from the Daisy Dots collection by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse. BUNDLE 20 copy

Please let me know if you have any questions.  If this is successful, I’ll be having another round of destashing soon.  And thank you for helping my fabric stash find new homes!


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  1. Is your bundle #2 sold . I’ve been looking for more of this fabic on line for over a year for a quilt im making.

  2. Oh Gosh, I can’t believe I missed this. I had to work for the last two days, and have had school on top of that. Please let me know when you plan on doing this again as I’m needing to restock as I lost everything in a flood 10 months ago and haven’t been able to rebuild yet. Just been rebuilding house, want to start on stash as I can. Thanks, your fabric is beautiful. Many Blessings

  3. Hi Julie, what a success,you must be thrilled! I was too late of course…didn’t have time to look before we set off to the airport, then when I was looking there the internet was too slow to download the photos!
    PS. Maui is beautiful:-)

  4. Julie, what a great idea!! I hope you do this again. I saw your email early, but didn’t open it in time to see the content… lesson learned!! Very happy for you!

  5. Julie,
    I’d like Bundle 11. Rather than ship and paypal could you just leave at Granery and I will pick up and give you a check or cash, whichever you prefer.


  6. Aww Shucks! I worked today and just got around to checking your “destash”. 🙁 Please let me know when you’re ready to have another sale.

  7. What a beautiful selection of bundles you have put together they all have gorgeous fabrics. I don’t know what is still available so I will let you know which bundles I’m interested in and I do use Paypal. I love bundles 1, 9, 11, 13 and 14. I don’t think it will take you too long to destash!

  8. I would love to have 3 or 4 of them, but alas, I can only really take one, my first choice is bundle 14 and if I can’t have that one then I would like bundle 7. My Pal Pal account is [email protected]

  9. If for some reason #18 is still available please sign me up. I am so into making bags. Otherwise I think 3 might still be available. I would be most happy with whatever is left. Thank you!

  10. You have lovely fabrics! I would like to buy Bundle #20. If that is
    already sold, I would like one of the following bundles:
    Bundle #19, #18, #17 or #14 (in that order).

  11. Well, I guess I’m not the early bird. Looks like this was SO successful for you, Julie. Great strategy! Unfortunately for me, the ones I wanted are gone, but I’m so happy for you!

  12. Hi Julie,
    I absolutely love no. 12 but 8, 10, 14. or 18 would be great. If any one of those is still available I would be thrilled to have it.
    And thanks for destashing – what a win for us!

  13. Julie, thanks for this opportunity! I would love Bundle #20 as I love, love, LOVE bright colors! They make me smile!!


  14. Julie…What a fantastic idea. I would love bundle #5 if it is available. I do so love 12 and 13 and but believe ithey are already gone.
    Have a great Labor Day.

  15. HI Julie,
    I’d love to have bundle #19 if it is still available. Such a pretty collection of all the fabrics you are de-stashing!

  16. DRAT! My hear was swooning for #9 but i also love #19. I’d happily buy your whole stash as they are all so beautiful.

  17. I am interested in Bundle 1. However, if it is already taken, my second choice is Bundle 7.

    Thank you for the option to choose our own bundles and for sharing your de-stash with all of us. I can pay using my master credit card.

    Sandi Timmons
    [email protected]
    Sonora, CA 95370
    14671 Stone Lane

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