Save the Bees BOM month 5

The final month of the Save The Bees BOM is here!  What a fun block of the month this has been.  Jacquelynne Steves has once again been a generous hostess as well as a talented designer.  Many thanks, Jacquelynne, for making this all happen.  Make sure to visit her here for the latest BOM information.  Keep reading to the end of this blog post to find out about this month’s giveaway.

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.


The final assembly instructions are given for this month which include pieced borders and applique.  With family in town for Thanksgiving and being sick for two weeks, I have only put together my blocks with sashing.  I rarely miss a deadline, but I just have to let this one go.  It’s still exciting to see all of my blocks together, though!

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.


They are so adorable all together, don’t you think?  Because it’s the holiday season and I’m pressed for time, I’ll forgo the pieced border and use a cute bee print instead.  I found this fabric (on sale) at Cherry Moose Quilt Shop in Lincoln, California.  It’s by Windham Fabrics and it’s called Bee My Sunshine, Pattern #43314.

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.


Worth mentioning is this cute pillow pattern, All A Buzz Pillow, designed by LJ Simon that is a freebie on Windham Fabrics website.  You might need to make this pillow to match your quilt!

Let’s get back to finishing my quilt.  I don’t know how I’ll do the applique, but I’m considering using the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric to write or draw the letters onto my bottom border.  You can read more about how I used this pen in my previous blocks here.

Save the Bees block made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter. Using a Pentel Gel Roller in place of hand embroidery.


This month’s giveaway has two options – one for international winners and one for US winners.  If you live in the US, you will receive a fat quarter bundle of Prettiful Posies by Sarah Maxwell for Studio 37.  If you are international, you will receive a printed pattern bundle also by Sarah J. Maxwell.

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.


For my blog, all you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment by Sunday, December 9, 11:59 pm PST, on THIS blog post (not from my home page).  The comment can be anything you want to say!

To leave a comment, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, and look for the rectangle that says “Enter your comment here”.  On December 10, I’ll randomly pick one winner!

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me anything you’d like.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on Sunday, December 9, 2018.
  • There is ONE prize per person per month (in other words, the same person cannot win two prizes within the same month.)
  • Giveaway is open to everyone.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

Due to the high volume of comments, I won’t be able to reply to you (unless there is a direct question), but I will read each and every one.  Thank you in advance for your participation and for leaving a comment.

You can visit the other participating bloggers and enter their giveaway for another chance to win AND to see what they have done with their block.  Here’s a list of the participating bloggers:

Remember that you can can post photos in the FB group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/SewQuiltyFriends.JacquelynneSteves/

Make sure to use #SaveTheBeesQuilt and #SaveTheBeesBOM for social media.

The Crafty Quilter presents Month 5 of the Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelnne Steves.

In January, Jacquelynne Steves will have a huge grand prize giveaway to wrap up this BOM.  I’ll let you know when that’s available.  Thanks for following along and happy quilting!

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  1. Julie, I think I love your quilt the very best.
    Fantastic fabric selection
    I hope you are enjoying the last month of the year and celebration Christmas with friends and family

  2. Hello! I don’t know how I missed all his fun but love the quilt. As a huge environmentalist I love your quilt and happy for the attention to the plight of bees. I have bookmarked your blog and will be checking in frequently.

  3. I love your ideas, patterns and sewing methods. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work and ideas. Merry Christmas!

  4. I thank you very much for this give away . . . looks like wonderful fabric!

    I also thank you for your blog. I always thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  5. Love your Bee fabric. It will look great for your quilt border. Thank you for participating in this Sew along.

  6. I love this pattern and the name Save The Bees. What a delight to see how unique all the color choices are. Thank you for sharing .

  7. Fingers crossed I win this month. My guild in Napa is putting together donated quilting supplies to distribute to Camp Fire victims; the local quilt shop in Sonoma (Broadway Quilts) is organizing a quilt drive – check out its website for info on that effort.

  8. I’m a total newbie quilter, but I look forward to trying this one! Perhaps as a charity quilt for the local ecology association. They can raffle it as a fundraiser.

  9. I really like your choice of gray, yellow, white and black fabric. It gives the quilt a very different look! Love it!

  10. I am not finished my Christmas sewing yet, but I’m sure I’ll get it done. Love your quilt by the way

  11. This quilt really turned out well. I love your choice of colors.
    Also, Julie, I need for you to change my email address. The new one is [email protected]. Thank you for all you give to the quilting world.

  12. Love the Bee My Sunshine fabric! It is just perfect for this project. Thanks for sharing the freebie matching pillow.

  13. You did a great job Julie. The theme as well as the final product is beautiful. I hope you feel better and am wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  14. I just love reading your blog. I live in South Australia , and love quilting. I will be visiting USA next year, staying with my brother and his family in Austin Texas. Looking forward to chexking out the lovely srores while I’m there

  15. What lovely colors you’ve picked for your quilt! This is my first machine pieced project, it was really fun to see how each person made it their own

  16. I love the fabric colors you chose for your “Save The Bees” quilt. Very attractive. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy your posts.

  17. I like the idea of using the Pentel Roller for fabric for the appliqué. Your choice of colors were spot on. Martha

  18. Thank you, Julie, for telling and making us aware of the tragedies that so many have suffered . Reading Melinda Bula’s account made it so real and heart rending. My heart just goes out to those in California who have lost everything in the fires and disasters. Of course, losing a loved one- or not knowing the fate of those who are missing- is the ultimate loss.
    I just want to hug each and everyone and tell them that they didn’t do anything wrong or deserve this loss and that God loves them. Psalm 139 tells us how much He loves each person. I’m praying that He will comfort those who need it.
    I don’t have Facebook, but I want to help with needs of quilters. I’m sure it will be easy to find, as well as the We Care blankets at the address that you gave.
    Bless You-

  19. Hope you get to feeling better and you will. I am on my third round of shingles so things have been slow for me but have to make some burp cloths, baby blankets etc. for baby shower I am going to on Saturday. Thank you so much for all you do and enjoy your blog and cute items. I’m also going to make some pillow cases for the people in Ca. where they have lost everything. That’s my plan.

  20. My Granny always called me Honey Bee. She passed in 1984 at 95. I sure do miss her. I was 30 then. She was a Quilter & I am now.Pud

  21. Love your colorways. I’ve always loved grey and yellow together. The fabric for the last border is so cute. You did an excellent job. ;^)

  22. I just love your color palette. Those colors are in my sewing room. You continue to be an inspiration for my many quilt projects.

  23. Hi Julie! Your colour choices for this quilt are lovely. I’m impressed that you have gone outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes these become our favourites.

  24. Oh, it all looks so lovely put together! Thanks for the link to the free cushion – that looks like a great pattern

  25. I’ve really enjoyed following your progress with the Bees. Hope you are feeling all better and enjoy the holidays!

  26. I look forward to your blog. I do not do social media so it is nice to offer the give away to people like me.
    I just have to say my mother was diagnosed of liver cancer 4 YEARS ago. Doctors gave her 6 months to live. She did not do chemotherapy rather spot radiation. Thru love and prayers, my mom has a very active social life. My dad died 4 years ago and her beloved died 3 years ago. She’s been thru a lot with a positive attitude

  27. It’s so interesting to see everyone’s interpretation. The fabric in each one changes the overall look so much. Love it!

  28. Your quilt is cute, the print for the boarder will be great, life does give us unexpected opportunities to be creative

  29. Saving the bees is very close to my heart as we have hives on our farm. The bees are now huddled down for the winter which has certainly arrived here in Upstate New York. So anything to do with bees is the bees knees to me. You’re colour choice is so attractive and the border fabric just great. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this lovely giveaway.

  30. This was a fun challenge,accepting if there is just no time and make the best out of it,can be really positive. look at the beautiful bee fabric! I’m still working on mine and I also painted the words to safe time! Soon there will be one more present under the tree! Thank you so much for all your posts filled with inspirations!

  31. I have never quilted before, only sewed so for 2019 my goal is to try. Thinking I might take a class if I can find a local one. All of you are such an inspiration

  32. Hello Julie, Sorry to hear about how sick you have been. I hope that you are beginning to mend and feel wonderful for the Holiday. Your quilt is lovely, the fabric choices and colors are fabulous. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Thanks for sharing your tip and tricks and various projects throughout the year. I don’t comment often, but I appreciate you!

  34. You found the perfect fabric for your borders! I love it.

    I have the most difficult time determining fabric colors for a quilt. Because of that, I almost always start with the quilt pattern’s pictured colors and then make a tweak or two. I just love how you chose the greys, blacks and yellows for this quilt. I wish I had the confidence to do this. I keep reminding myself it’s only fabric and it’s OK to try new things. I love the grey in this quilt, but I would never have thought to use it.

  35. Can’t imagine being sick, holidays, and starting a huge remodeling project ! Sometimes life gets in the way of deadlines. Hope you are better now.

  36. I love that you have an international gift. I live in Nicaragua for the past year and quilting supplies are not available. I need to plan very carefully for all of my projects. Friends on vacation in the states always bring back supplies, or I take an extra suitcase when I go.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!!

  37. In reading all my emails it’s always a pleasure to come upon yours! Love reading your posts and your projects are happy and inspiring. Hope you’re on the road to recovery, happy Holidays.

  38. Love the fabric you used for your Save the Bees BOM. Thanks for the tip about the Pentel Fabric pens – gotta go to Staples now! LOL

  39. Hope you’re feeling better. And I seem to remember from a blog post in the recent past that there’s a major reno project underway at your house. Hope that goes smoothly. Thanks for all the info you share!

  40. Enjoy seeing all your projects. I’m a beginner quilter, and love seeing what I can aspire to. Thanks for your inspiration!

  41. Love your fabric choices…beautiful as usual! I had to skip this quilt along as i have focused on 2 others- BTW..did you every finish quilting your SUMMER mini? maybe i missed something-?? I wasas wondering about you as I hadn’t seen posts in awhile..hope you are feeling better. This is a busy month!

  42. I look forward to your weekly posts. Your are always working on fun projects. They always inspire me to go to my sewing room and start a project. Thank you so much.

  43. I love your choice of fabrics for your blocks. They’re perfect! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project when you’re done.

    Best wishes for a joyous Christmas to you and your family.

  44. Hope you’re feeling better!! I love your version of “Save the Bees”. All of these quilts have been so different and so beautiful.

  45. Thank you so much for sharing your time, talent and creativity with all of us ! Your attention to detail while making directions that are easy to understand makes piecing and quilting a joy ! Have a Wonderful Holiday. Look forward to new projects in the Happy New Year !!

  46. Julie, I love your topper and I don’t blame you for letting go this time of year, sick or not! It will be a fun spring time quilt to finish.

  47. This project brings back so many happy memories. My husband and I kept bees for a year or two. Then he became deathly allergic to bee stings and we had to get rid of our bees! I miss the honey! Thank you for your blogs! I love your quilting ideas, suggestions, patterns, and fabric selection.

  48. Many thanks for all your inspiration & quilting tips! Love reading your messages. Hope you recuperate quickly & get back to full out quilting soon. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  49. I really like the colors and quilting methods you used for your quilt. It has been fun to watch the different styles come out rather than everyone’s looking the same.

  50. That border fabric is just right for this quilt! I use that same black pen for labeling my quilts and for the signature quilts for my boys’ high school graduations.

  51. Your border fabric is a beautiful choice. It’s been so interesting to see how each quilter’s project has turned out so different, based on fabric choices. Yours reflects a real restraint and what my mother would have called “good taste”, which was one of highest compliments.

  52. I like the gray and yellow a lot. Border fabric is adorable, too. Sorry you were sick and hope you are feeling lots better. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  53. What pretty blocks. Really like the colors .I used to work in a beeswax candle factory and bees were our friends. How can an insect that produces such a sweet wonderful substance not be good eh?

  54. I LOVE your color choices!! Picking out fabric is the hardest part for me because there are SO many to choose from.

  55. This has been a fun BOM, Thank you so much for curating so many fun things! I’m just not good at finding things on my own!

  56. I love the “Save the Bees” BOM and for me it was perfect timing! I work with a large nonprofit organization that literally did “save the bees” by raising funds to get 7 shipments of sugar syrup to Florida for the starving bees from Hurricane Michael to keep them sustained while natural bee forage material could regrow. Am working on a smaller version of this for the office!

  57. I love your gray fabrics. I found the fabric you used for your border also and am planning to use it in my quilt!

  58. Some of the Amazon reviews for the Pentel gel roller for fabric say it has bee discontinued. Do you know if this is true? Also do they tend to dry out rapidly? I think your Save the Bees project turned out delightful. Will be interested to see how you quilt it and I love the border fabric you chose.

  59. Julie – thank you for all the information and tips you include in your emails. I have learned so much from you and been exposed to other quilters and artists I would not have found without you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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