Spring Petals QAL coming soon

Are you guys ready for a Spring Petals Quilt Along?  I know I am, so ready or not, here we go!

Spring Petals Quilt Along @ The Crafty Quilter, April/May 2015

I’ve been loving the spring weather here in Northern California.  Even though we desperately need the rain, spring has erupted with sunny skies and warm temperatures. Last weekend, my daughter, Nicole, went hiking in the foothills near our home and she took a picture of these wildflowers:

Northern California Spring flowers
Photo courtesy of Nicole Cefalu

California poppy and wild lupine are a pretty combo.  It makes me want to create something “springy”, and I had a fabulous idea!  My Winter Seeds Table Topper would be perfect as a spring project.  I’m going to re-vamp it into spring petals and I hope you guys will join me!

Winter Seeds Table Topper Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter
Winter Seeds Table Topper

This project has been one of the most popular tutorials I’ve done on my blog.  It’s small and quick with fusible machine applique.  If you’re not an applique fan, then you might want to try this because I said so anyways, since the shapes are very beginner-friendly.

This coming week I’ll be working on a pdf version of the Winter Seeds tutorial that I did last year.  By the beginning of May, we should have a Spring Petals Table Topper finished (just in time for Mother’s Day)!

Here’s the schedule:

  • April 3 5    Pattern available as a free pdf; pick out your fabrics
  • April 10  Cutting and piecing
  • April 17  Applique
  • April 24  Basting and quilting
  • May 1    Binding

Here’s a peek at the fabrics I’ll be using for my version:

Fabric pull (Pam Kitty Garden) for Spring Petals QAL

Pretty, pretty!  I can’t wait to get started!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend!



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  1. when is all this happening ? don’t see any thing yet..julie where are you ? i would love to get started.

  2. ok im frustrated with this . not sure where im going for this class do i go to the old one for the directions help

  3. Looking forward to the spring version. Love the colors you’ve selected! I’m so ready for spring’s bright colors!!

  4. Ha! It happened again! You’re preparing for a quilt along just when I’m getting ready to migrate. I’ll be away from my machines for about a month, but I’ll catch up when I get home. I’m looking forward to sewing this cutie! Thanks so much for the time you take to share.

  5. This is so exciting. I am so looking forward to working on this table topper along with you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have never done a QAL before, but I look forward to making your pretty pattern with the group. I’m glad it is just 5 weeks, not too long, so I think I will really accomplish it. Thank you!

  7. Yes, I want to quilt along!!! I’m a California girl too!!! The lupines and poppys are my favorite!!! Oh and the yellow mustard too!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I am so excited about this table topper! I need to work on so many skills included in it. It will be wonderful to have guidance through the appliqué and it will be nice to have something smaller to practice my binding and quilting on. Plus, it’s going to be cute! Really cute, haha! I love your fabric and I will start digging through my stash for ideas for mine. Again, thank you very much!

  9. I couldn’t make out the entire display of fabrics (sorry) 🙁 Are there 9 in total: 3 reds, 2 blue, 3 green, and 1 white ? Thank You

  10. I would love to join in on the fun. Will we receive an email on April 3rd or do we need to sign up/register somehow? Your fabrics are wonderful

    1. You don’t need to sign up. I will post instructions on those dates and if you follow my blog by email, you will automatically be notified. Other RSS feeds will be updated as well.

  11. I love the fabrics! The table topper might just be my Spring thing! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  12. i’ve been wanting to try the winter seeds table topper – I think this spring version will be just the ticket! I have lots of Christmas/winter things so this will be perfect! Thank you so much for sharing so generously!!

  13. I found your blog a few days ago and pinned the winter seeds table tops. I’m new to quilting so this is a good manageable project. I hope to join you.
    Spring is yet to arrive in London, England. Please send over any spare warm weather 😉

  14. I found your blog a few days ago and had pinned the winter seeds table top for a later project. Your invitation comes just in time,I will try to join you. I’m new to quilting so just the right size for me. We’re still waiting for spring to arrive in London, England, please send us any spare warm weather you may have 😉

  15. Hi, Julie! That looks lovely! I have the same collection of fabrics you have, so I may just copy you! It’ll be perfect for my dear daughter-in-law. I don’t love applique, but this is just the right size for me! Thank you! Lori 🙂

  16. This is an AWESOME idea! Thank you for including us! I’ll check my stash and pick up what I might need- The weather in Texas is beautuful right now so I can relate to spring fever! Sitting on pins and needles till April…..

  17. Awesome – I am just beginning in quilting, and trying to learn new patterns. This looks perfect for me to try my hand at.

    Yes, the weather here in Sacramento is beautiful. Just love seeing the roses in full bloom in the yard, and all the glorious scent of the fruit tree and jasmine blossoms. Also excited to have three raised beds getting finished this weekend – it gives me a palate to plant more flowers and put in some veggie crops.

    Thanks for great spring inspiration!

  18. What fun this will be !! I am in. This is a beautiful design, so I know a spring themed topper will be so pretty. Plus, I need to get over my fear of the binding with the different angles!

  19. Your fabrics are just beautiful. Looking forward to some spring seems like we are stuck in winter/ mud season.

  20. I like what you crossed out it made me laugh. Your choice of fabrics is very pretty and will probably make a most colorful table topper. Can’t wait to get started.

  21. Oh I am so ready to sew, I am in weather my sewing room is done or not, and it sounds like it is going to be beautiful and applique is so far one of my favorite forms of quilting, as I have been teaching myself, as a matter of fact I love the new applique tools that Nancy is sealing,but I wont pay that much money for two pieces of metal, my ss does not give me that amount of money, so I need to be careful. Thank you so very much for doing this. GOD bless.

  22. I am in. What a fun project and I have been wanting to try petals. I might use my Riley Blake challenge fat 1/8th with something for pop.

  23. What a great idea; I love the winter version so spring will be wonderful. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent.

  24. Sounds fun! Love the fabrics you chose for yours… can’t wait to see your new version.. do you have a size on the new version yet? Thanks! Kathi

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