Cozy Afternoon blocks 1 and 2

Hey everyone!  I’m so honored to be one of the featured bloggers for Jacquelynne Steves’ Cozy Afternoon Block of the Month.  And I’m really happy that I get to share this month’s blocks, 1 and 2, with you:

Cozy Blocks 1 and 2 main


Aren’t they sweet?  I love the applique version (of course), but the nice thing about this BOM is that Jacquelynne gives you options for pieced, applique, or embroidery block centers!  You get to decide what you like best or least.

The block instructions are excellent and I like the techniques Jacquelynne uses for piecing.  It’s not too late to sign up, if you’re just finding out about this BOM!  You might learn something new and improve your accuracy just by following along.

Picking out fabrics is the first step, and one thing to watch out for is directional fabric.  It won’t work with the on-point setting if you’re using it in the setting squares.  I learned this the hard way.  I ordered fabric online because I loved a certain large print, only to find out that it wouldn’t work because it was directional.  Hence, plan B!  I’m really happy with my color palette. Here is the fabric I’ll be working with:

cozy fabric


The two main prints are from Dear Stella’s Floral Daze collection.  I love the hand painted floral designs and the orange, navy and olive green colors.  For more ideas and fabric inspiration, check out this post from Jaquelynne Steves blog.

You can see the detail of the applique block centers in the photo below.  I’ve used a small zig zag stitch in coordinating cotton thread.  For this project, I want my stitch to blend in with the applique.

block 1 close up copy


For Block 2, I found a cute bee button to use instead of the appliqued bee in the pattern.  Sometimes it pays to keep old buttons around.  Really, I’m always trying to sneak in ways to justify my “collections”.

block 2 applique copy


Many of you are new to my blog, so you may not know this, but I love teaching machine applique classes.  I also love sharing my techniques and tips here on my blog.  You can find previous applique lessons at my Three-part Applique Series and on my recent Spring Petals Quilt Along.

blocks 1 and 2 action copy


Jacquelynne has kindly offered to host a giveaway right here as part of her BOM blog hop.  All you have to to do is leave a comment on my blog by the end of Saturday, June 20, and I’ll pick one winner.  The prize includes two patterns, Flutterby and Nantucket.  International entries are welcome.

Giveaway for June- Cozy Afternoon Free BOM


Thank you so much for visiting today.  I hope you come back soon!



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  1. Well shoot..i think i got lost somewhere-how did I miss this giveaway. I love the Cozy Afternoon pattern, am participating in the quilt along; but am trying something i have never done before using Jacqueline’s pattern. I hope it’s ok. this quilt along and her pattern had inspired me to branch out in my sewing room…….. thanks 🙂

  2. I’ll be using applique with blanket stitch.

    Matching the thread color to the fabric has turned out very well on your two, and I really like that. I have it down as something to do in the future.

  3. I love your colour choices. Thanks for the heads-up on directional fabrics. I’ll make sure to note that on my stash collection photos. I’m very interested in doing the sea star quilt. I have a series of aquatic sewing projects going and the quilt would be great addition

  4. Thank you for the advice and showing your work. I will be checking your applique tutorial tomorrow before I get started. Loving your work and your fabrics.

  5. Good morning! There are already many comments here. I am going to check out your applique lessons because this is something I have been wanting to improve on. Your blocks are beautiful–nice color choices–a good start on your quilt.

  6. Love your blocks! I’m going to do the appliqué blocks too! So will check out your links and start following you.

  7. hey I love reading your blog and I follow you. Thanks for this opportunity. just loved seeing you on TQS last year and this year too. i like your fabric palette for this BOM and thanks for introducing cozy afternoon BOM and her mag to me.
    have a blessed day

  8. Hi,
    I love how your blocks turned out. I’m also happy, that I found your block, because I will definitely use your tips on machine applique since I will use this BOM to enhance my abilities in that skill. Thank you very much.

  9. Hi, I’m excited to find your blog. I like applique. When I’ve done it before and the pattern was too difficult I left parts off. I’m hoping that I improve after the 3 part lessons you offer. I can always improve. By the way, I love the bee button. Nice touch!

  10. I am visiting DS and family 900 miles from home. I will be anxious to start this BOM next week. Your blocks are sweet.

  11. I would love to make this but I’m afraid that with an upcoming minor foot surgery, I will be too woozy from the meds to be able to follow along. It’s a very cute pattern though. I am sorry to be missing it.

  12. I love your fabric choices and your blocks. I’m looking forward to making these blocks, Jacquelynne always designs great patterns. Thanks for the giveaway and will be checking out your appliqué tips.

  13. I cant find the pdf to download the BOM 🙁 Love the tea pot and the cup looking forward to doing this with you my first time:) thank you

  14. You have beautiful fabrics together in the simple little block. I love the idea of the bee button. I had thought about using buttons as the flowers. What do you think?

    1. Somehow I thought my post didn’t go through, so I’m posted twice. Tried to delete the first one because my last name was spelled wrong. Guess I can’t do that myself and thought that maybe you could do it.

  15. Such beautiful blocks. They are so light and summery. I can’t wait to start them myself. I will keep your fabric choices in mind, if that’s ok!

  16. I can hardly wait to get started. My loving husband is going to be inclosing the garage and turning it into my sewing room. It is set to be done on this coming Sunday. Whoopee!

  17. I debated about participating in the hopping part of the BOM but boy am I glad I did. I am an insecure applicayer and I see you have a three part lesson which I am going to be looking into. I agree that these blocks are very sweet and the overachiever in me wants to do all three versions. Never mind that I am participating in Tour de fleece, I need to crochet boxing gloves as a baby gift (mommy is a boxer… not the doggie kind either; -)), I need to knit a sample for a designer and I am getting company for three weeks. .. not a problem!

  18. Your blocks are just Loverly 🙂 I think this quilt will be perfect for one of my sisters, she loves teas.

  19. Love your color choices for the quilt. I had thought about just piecing the center block, but now I’m wondering if I should applique it. Yours are so cute. And I love the bee button. I use buttons like that in cross stitching, so I know I should have one around here someplace.

  20. Love the fabrics you have put together in your blocks. The appliqué looks great, too.
    I am determined to work from stash, so pulling a good range of fabrics is a tad challenging.
    First couple of sets of blocks will be with center squares of printed fabrics, maybe some appliqué later.

  21. I’m new to following pinterest, blogs and such. Your colors are stunning. The blocks are just too cute. Thanks for sharing your site.

  22. I am new to all of this. I use to quilt many years ago with my mom. She is no longer with us now and after several years of bad health and MANY surgeries, I have started up my quilting again. I had forgotten how fun it was. I just love the pattern blocks and look forward to working on them.

  23. I’m trying to decide if I want to stick with flower fabrics or if I want to add “teacups” on fabric as well.

  24. Love your blocks, I was going to follow the colours exactly, but now seeing yours I think I might take a chance, slowly letting go of the apron strings, oooooh hope it turns out.

  25. I am really excited about getting started with these blocks. Yours are beautiful. I am glad I stopped by and saw that you teach applique. I am new to this. Thanks for your time.

  26. This is so fun ! I’m new at following blogs so still learning, I’m also haven’t quilted in years but, now I’m going to start again. Have several that I started before but this cozy afternoon is going to be my first project. Thanks for sharing your blocks, they are great. And also thanks for the chance to win those wonderful prizes.

  27. Love the colour palette you have chosen.Would like to win the Nantucket Quilt pattern as I have a west coast beach home here in British Columbia, Canada and this quilt would fit in perfectly with my décor.Thank you.

    H.L. Emerton

  28. Hi Julie,
    Love your blocks. I’m going to be doing the embroidered version for my blocks and can’t wait to get started. I’m a little behind, still haven’t picked my fabrics but the photos of yours and Jacquelynne’s fabrics have given me lots of great ideas.

  29. My daughter would sure love that Flutterby quilt. She spends her summers raising monarch butterflies.

  30. Hi Julie, I really love the tea kettle design, I will try to quilt one just like that, hope it comes out right

  31. I really like the fabric you have chosen for the Cozy Afternoon BOM. It is my favorite so far! I love the applique option to this pattern and will be doing the same. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. Jacquelynne is so generous offering these patterns for a give away! Love them both.

  32. I really love the fabrics you chose! Thanks for sharing your applique blocks with us! Very nice.

  33. I love both the blocks and the colours you are using. Thanks for sharing. I so enjoy your blog and learn something everytime I log on. I also love Jaquelynne Steves blog.
    Have a great day, happy sewing. looking forward to your next blog

  34. I’m excited to get started on my blocks; sure love your choices of fabric colors; thanks for the info on the fabric – that helps one to look for such. Thanks for instruction on how to applique through this; a big help for me as a beginner. Thanks again.

  35. Thank you so much for doing these beautiful blocks, they are so cute and I love how you are doing them in applique, this is the area of quilting I seem to be most drawn to as I teach my self how to quilt. thank you and GOD bless for your kindness

  36. I’m going to be doing the embroidery version of the quilt, but thank you for the link to your information on machine applique. I definitely want to do more of that in the future and more instruction is very welcome!

  37. Anxious to start this new quilt, but boy, how I would LOVE to win the Nantucket quilt! I live by the seashore in Fla & this would be a perfect quilt for me!!!!!

  38. Oh Thank you for the directional fabric tip….Sorry you had to be our example, that might be exasperating but maybe fun too, who doesn’t love extra fabric and this Cozy Afternoon quilt is worthy of doing it twice. I can’t wait to get started. Too cute! I love your color Choices too Julie.

  39. It’s a tea party in the garden ! The little bee already came , just waiting for Alice in wonderland to join the fun !
    That’s how your beautiful pictures look to me Julie !

  40. Such beautiful blocks, with your choice of fabrics and applique! Your applique is always perfect. And your little bee button is perfect!!

  41. Your Blocks are sew pretty thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to start mine..still picking out fabric from my stash!! Oh what a chore! lol!!

  42. I am excited about the Cozy Afternoon BOM and the contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win such fabulous prizes.

  43. I love the colors and fabric designs you picked for your blocks. That is always hard for me. I can’t wait to get started on mine!

  44. I’ve signed up for the BOM and can’t wait to get started. I love your choice of fabrics and the 2 finished blocks are adorable.

  45. I have been waiting to see the blocks for this project. Thanks for talking about your fabrics, I have not settled on what I will use but must make a decision now that the first blocks are in my email. I love your colors and fabrics. I am excited to get started.

  46. Thanks for those delightful blocks.The little bee with the keetle: I love it!
    Have a nice day ;

  47. I love love this project. So cute, it makes you want to start piecing as soon as you get up in the morning. I am excited to start this.

  48. How beautiful that you’ve used part of your garden to feature your blocks. I really liked your previous post as well seeing all the flowers. What a beautiful garden you have.

  49. Your blocks look great. Love the print on your teapot. I have been looking forward to this pattern since I first heard about it.

  50. I meant to say in my post the one block is going to have a fussy cut center as I don’t have time to applique even though I love to do it I have a wedding quilt and a baby quilt both due by the first part of November. Wedding quilt is in process of hand quilting and just found out about the baby quilt last night.

  51. I love both the blocks and will do them both but for different reasons. The pieced block is going to be the base for a baby quilt and the applique is going to be for a mug rug and eventually one of these days a quilt. Both are very adorable. Thank You so much for them.

  52. These are cute and I am excited to start mine. Love the idea of the bee button, will have to look through my “collections” to see if I have anything appropriate.

  53. Thanks so much for the cute blocks and I’m really loving that Nantucket pattern! Thanks for the give away.

    1. Love the idea of using buttons to enhance the blocks. Also great to see your applique lessons I will be looking those up when I finish here.

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