A Mug rug poem and thank you

You guys are the best!  So many of you have purchased my Christmas Pocket Mug Rug pattern and I want to say “THANK YOU”!  I’m very flattered and really just surprised.  And inspired.  Which is all a good thing.

mug rug poem with all copy


In return, I have a great mug rug poem to share with you that was written by the daughter of one of my blog readers.  Terri Costa and her daughter, Angie Costa, have been busy making mug rugs for friends and family.  Many people don’t know what a mug rug is, so Angie made up this little poem to go along with the gift:

This is a mug rug.
What’s that, you say?
It’s a tiny placemat to use every day.
Use it for coffee, juice or tea.
And when you use it, you can think of me!
I (with my Mom) made this for you
to use for the holidays and the whole year through.

I was given permission to share this poem with you, and I made a little printout for you to download.  I tweaked a few of the words just a bit so that it would work for anyone (not just mother/daughter).  I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I did!

You can download the poem here:  Mug Rug Poem pdf

mug rug poem printout2 copy

I made the poem in two colorways; one is traditional and the other one is modern and bright.  You’ll notice the shape of the words looks like a Christmas tree so we rolled with that (Terri and Angie’s idea).  You could always use the poem in your own way, since it’s appropriate for any time of year.

I tied mine around the handle of a mug with some ribbon (don’t forgot to sign your name as I did).  The mug rug plus some treats are tucked inside the mug.

mug rug poem in mug copy

Thanks again for all of your support.  I hope you enjoy this little mug rug poem.  And thank you to Angie and her mom, Terri, for sharing it with all of us!


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32 thoughts on “A Mug rug poem and thank you

  1. I have just found your web page, its so lovely, I have subscribed to your email & look forward to hearing from you
    Brenda (in England)

  2. merci pour ce beau poème, Ce matin un beau soleil nous réchauffe au travers de la fenêtre. Quel beau projet à faire comme cadeau de Noêl, pour la fête d’amis. Je suis ravie et heureuse


  4. To be honest, I never understood the fascination with mug rugs. I’m slowly coming around and now, because of this poem have the urge to make everyone I give gifts to a cute mug rug and tea bag wallet for the holidays next year. I had better get sewing!! Thanks so much for the inspiration… from both you AND Angie!

    1. Just found your site…I can hardly wait to better explore it. I was reading through the comments…what is a tea bag wallet?
      thanks for the cute mug rug poem. Now, on to trying to create my first mug rug…

  5. Hope you had a wonderful CHristmas and Happy New Year! I’m working on ideas for next year and adding this to my list-actually to do list. Thank you for sharing another fabulous idea, and to Angie who shared her poem. This will be cute for office birthday gifts, minus the mug. Everyone uses an insulated mug or Starbucks! I think I will embroider a name/initials on one side and a quilt pattern on the other, hmm..the light bulb is on….. THANK YOU 🙂

  6. WOW! Thanks, Julie for the Mug Rug poem. Have always felt like I had to explain what a Mug Rug is when I give one. You’re the greatest.

  7. Thank you for sharing this lovely little poem. Made some mug rugs for my embroiderer’s guild and this would have been great to attach as many didn’t know what they were! So next year more mug rugs with poem attached. Many thanks and Merry Christmas. Love your blog site.

  8. Hi Julie,
    I love the pattern AND the poem. So generous (as always) of you and the author to share it with us. Hope you are enjoying the season and wishing you and your family a very Merry Chirstmas with your new granddaughter!

  9. I’m with Jan, I’m going to start in Jan. for next year family gifts. This little mug rug will among the gifting process. Thanks for the gift of the poem. It is perfect.
    Merry Christmas

  10. I’m in the middle of making some Christmas mug rugs and was going to write a note to enclose with them – this pdf saves me a little brain power – thank you 🙂

  11. Julie, thank you to you, Angie and her mom for this lovely poem printable – it’s the perfect accompaniment to one of our handmade mug rugs.
    Merry Christmas.

  12. Thank you Julie (and Angie and her Mom) for the poem and for the delightful mug rug pattern. Can’t wait to combine these for gifties in the coming year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog always full of inspiration. Happy holiday season to you and your family–may it be a cup brimming with love!

  13. Thank you Julie for the poem, I have your mug rug pattern but no time to make one but next year I have one or two people in mind to make some for and add the poem lovely finishing touch.

  14. Hi Julie…I love the mug rug and bought the pattern, have one made up in Christmas fabrics so far. I made two other patterns of yours, the table topper and the cookie crumb plate holder (think that was the name), and enjoyed making both. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thank you for all the creative ideas you come up with. Bobbi

  15. You share your wonderful talent year around so I made the purchase as a way to show my support! I am excited to have the poem to go along with it.

  16. This is just so darn cute that I will have to make a mug rug. Next year. After I am through with this year’s Christmas nervous meltdown. Before I start to build up to next year’s meltdown – maybe July?!

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