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A new quilt ladder and family fun

It seems like forever since I’ve written a blog post and it’s really only been a little over a week.  Life is busy and full and fun.  For starters, I have a beautiful, new quilt ladder that was made for me by a lovely friend, Annie, and her husband.  I’ve always wanted a quilt ladder and it’s perfect for me; just the right size to display a large number of quilts of any size.

Quilt ladder @ TheCrafty Quilter


The color is a distressed gray and it’s two feet wide and 7 feet tall.  I should probably put some tissue paper or a piece of muslin between the wood and the quilts to prevent any discoloration.  I’m still not sure where it will end up in my house, but for now it’s occupying a corner of my living room (which still has hardly any furniture and nothing on the walls thanks to the recent remodel.)

Quilt ladder @ TheCrafty Quilter


We had a wonderful trip to Austin and spent as much time as we could with our granddaughter, Amelia.  She is at the age where she’s learning new words and stringing sentences together.  Basically, she’s the world’s cutest sponge!

Instagram photo of Amelia and her grandparents

Amelia and grandma sharing ice cream
Grandma and Amelia sharing ice cream


Our daughter, Kelly, ran in the Statesman Capitol 10K, and we got to enjoy the event too.  Lots of good music, good weather and nice people.

Kelly, Steven & Amelia, post CAP10K run


Before our trip to Austin, we had dinner with our younger two daughters and son.  It’s so much fun when we get together, more so because it doesn’t happen very often.  We were celebrating the end of tax season and getting Mr. Crafty Quilter back into our lives.  All of that hard work pays off, and we get to enjoy the summer months ahead and our family and friends.

The Cefalu Five

Three Cefalu siblings


I like to take handwork with me when I travel, so I found this butterfly applique that I started years ago.  I brought my favorite tools for hand applique:  the Clover needle threader, Aurifil 80 wt. cotton thread and Tulip applique needles.

Butterfly applique @ The Crafty Quilter


This butterfly will join some umbrella appliques (some day) in this adorable pattern, Primavera by Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool.  I love Verna’s patterns and if you ever get a chance to attend one of her weekend retreats, you will absolutely be glad you did.

Umbrella applique @ The Crafty Quilter

Primavera pattern from The Vintage Spool


I’m still in Spring cleaning mode as we dig ourselves out of the boxes and left over furniture from our home renovations.  Setting up new filing systems and cleaning out old drawers of junk is not my favorite thing to do.  I take my time and look at every single thing, whereas Mr. Crafty Quilter gets a large garbage can and starts pitching things in there.  Probably the better method, but scary for this “collector”!

I hope you’re having a great Sunday and thanks for spending a little bit of it with me!



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  1. good to get so much quality time with the family. Quilt ladder such a good idea as it takes up little space but lets the quilts be seen. Loving the umbrella project

  2. Julie, I really enjoy reading about your family and what you do together. Any crafts and sewing ideas and projects you share are icing on the cake.
    Thanks for a relaxing Sunday blog.

    Diane Sanford

  3. Hi Julie, Beautiful quilt rack and such an adorable picture of you with your granddaughter! I am a collector too and it takes so much energy to go through all my treasures and decide which ones to keep and which ones to part with! I think your husband has the right idea! Is your kitchen remodel completed? Hope to chat soon.

  4. I have a feeling that I started this comment before and lost it, oh well. just wanted to say how much I enjoy all your blogs, love the quilt pattern so very you. I do so enjoy hearing about you and your family the photos of your children are lovely, and as for your little grand daughter well she is addorable. Life doesnt get much better than family and friends.
    have a great day. The ladder of quilts looks wonderful and such a ‘talking point’

  5. Your quilt rack is wonderful asessory for your room.I think the butterfly is lovely. Always enjoy your newsletter.

  6. Love the butterfly square you were working on. We work with some universities with testing butterflies and do programs for free to schools and County Parks. I would like to use it for a banner at these times. If I could obtain the pattern for this block, I could have it enlarged for our purpose. My art talents are lacking or I would attempt drawing one. This is so beautiful. Do you think it would be possible? Thanks for your consideration . Aline Bodven

  7. Love your family photos. Amelia is lucky to Mr & Mrs Crafty Quilter as grandparents! Love your butterfly as well!

  8. I love the quilt ladder. It really shows off your quilts!!! Oh my gosh…Amelia has grown so much. What a sweet little girl. It’s so fun to watch them grow up and then we wish they could have stayed little a while longer. I do understand how special it is when the family can get together. You have to cherish every moment you can.

    My husband is like yours. He will toss anything he thinks we don’t need and I have to think about it. We will be married 50 years this coming October and we are starting to downsize.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Always look forward to your posts.

  9. Hi Julie,
    Oh you are so blessed dear lady…but I’m sure you already know that. My favorite picture is of you and Amelia reading a book in the little tent. Priceless! I love your Umbrella and Butterfly applique blocks, they’re sooo cute.
    And now because I saw how cute your quilt ladder is, I have to have one too. 🙂
    Peace, joy and happy quilting!

  10. Julie

    Thank you for sharing your family, quilting ideas etc. with us. I love hearing from you and look forward to receiving your information.

  11. Julie,
    I look forward for your newsletter, always filled with wonderful articles!!! I love your quilt rack!! What did you use for supplies?
    Thank you!!!
    Gay Ferland

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