April UFO & WIP Challenge Link-up

Here we are at the end of April and it’s time to link-up a photo of your finished UFO or WIP challenge for the month. I can’t wait to see what you guys have been working on! This month’s winner will receive a $30 gift certificate from our generous sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop. I’m going to throw in a few extra goodies that you’re going to love, too!

April UFO & WIP Challenge Link-up

Hopefully I’ve gotten the squeaks out of my new blogging platform. The last one didn’t allow anyone to comment. I was hoping to do another test run, but the due date for this blog post is now. Let’s cross our fingers.

My challenge for April has been to move into my new sewing room and make it organized and pretty. I have a few photos to show you, but I want to do a separate blog post devoted entirely to my sewing room. This will make it easier to find and navigate to in the future.

I have one wall of built in cabinets and shelves which contain all of my fabric and most of my ongoing projects (WIP’s) and finished quilts.

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

The majority of my fabric stash is sorted by color and stored in plastic bins that I found at The Container Store. These are mostly half yards and fat quarters. The bins fit perfectly inside the cabinets.

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

Another wall has built in upper and lower cabinets with space for a sewing machine in between. I love being able to have two sewing machines set up at the same time. This station has my Juki TL-2010 Q which is a straight stitch only work horse. If you want to read more about sewing machines, (mine included) check out my Sewing Machine Advice Part 1 and Part 2.

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

My main sewing machine, a Bernina 770QE, sits on a table underneath the window. Adjacent to it, along the other wall is my new ironing board/station made from an IKEA Kallax cabinet. I’ll give a detailed DIY blog post later for that as well. I need to fix a few things on this one – it’s not quite perfect yet.

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter
All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

In the center of my sewing room is my cutting table. I love this table so much! I’ve had it for over 5 years – it’s a Martha Stewart craft table that I bought from Home Depot. The drawers hold all of my rulers and cutting tools. Underneath I have containers for my scraps (sorted by color). I have a tutorial on how I made the fabric scrap storage bins here.

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter
All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

Yesterday morning, I finished hanging the last mini quilt on the wall, and Friday night I made a Jelly Roll Rug for Cooper to lay on!

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter
All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

The sewing machine cabinet in the picture above belonged to my grandmother. She had an old treadle sewing machine inside. When my mom inherited it, my Dad decided that she needed a new, fancy machine so he bought her a Singer 401A. That’s the machine I learned to sew on in 7th grade, and it fits inside the original cabinet. Now I have inherited it from my Mom, and I’m so glad to have a proper place for it; maybe I’ll start to use it again!

All of the details of my new sewing room at The Crafty Quilter

Well, that was more than I had planned on sharing, but I didn’t want to leave anything out! I’ll still do another blog post with more fun details.

April UFO & WIP Link-up

Now it’s your turn! You don’t need to have a blog to participate, so please join the fun!

Link-up rules:

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  • Project must be quilting, sewing or needlework related.
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  • This month’s giveaway is open to all.
  • Winner will be drawn at random on May 5, 2019

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  1. I love your new sewing room; and dream about the day when I can have one too.

    Your ironing board was such an inspiration! There was so much wasted space under my large board, I convinced my husband to help me build one too. It turned out fantastic, he covered the rear and the sides with bead board. Needless to say I love, love, love this ironing board! Plenty of storage, a perfect fit.

    Side note, Ikea does not sell the wheels anymore, so he had to create his own. He installed 5″ locking wheels, so it added a bit of height to the table. Perfect for me, I’m 5’7 and I don’t have to bend over to use it.

    I’d love to send you a picture or two of this fabulous board!

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and wonderful projects with us, you are an inspiration.

  2. Your sewing room is awesome! I love all the cabinets and storage, but I have to say that my favorite feature is that your sewing machine sits in front of that beautiful window. My sewing machine also sits in front of a window with a beautiful view and that is definitely my favorite feature of my sewing room.

    I learned on that exact same Singer machine when I was in 6th grade (it was my mother’s machine)! My mother gave me that machine when I had children and many Halloween costumes and other fun children’s projects were made on that machine. When my husband gave me a new Babylock machine 20 years ago, I GAVE AWAY that wonderful Singer machine and boy, do I regret that action today. I was just talking about that machine with some friends the other day and expressing my regret. I couldn’t remember what model number it was and then I read your blog and there is the machine! Thanks so much for some wonderful memories!!!!

  3. Love your new sewing space. I can only dream of having such a space. Also enjoy the UFO and Work in Progress quilts. I retire next week and may finally have time to work thru my stash I have been collecting for years 🙂

  4. Hi Julie, your sewing room has really turned out great! So light and more spacious than before. Love all the fitted cupboards and your colour coded boxes of fabric, so tidy. Have fun there, and I hope you remember where you have put everything, I forget when I tidy and reorganize!
    Well I’ve been effective finishing a ufo and posting it every month so far but now we have been away for 3 weeks vacation and the garden is crying out for attention..we came home to green trees and Spring in Norway so I doubt my sewing machine will be redundant for a spell.

  5. Ok I give up. Spent too many hours trying to figure out how to put a photo of my quilt on the link thing and now I’ve had . Next time can you do something that’s not so difficult for this old lady!!!

  6. Glad you are able to receive comments again! Enjoy seeing your new space and all the decorating, your new rug and UFO on the wall and to be able to look out the window while sitting and sewing is so nice with the bright light and scenery. My space has alot of light and some nice built in’s by my father -and late-mother in law I will always appreciate. Now I”m thinking about changing my paint color….:)

  7. Hi Julie, your new room is delightful!
    We have the same Juki- I bought it so I could finally learn to FMQ as my Bernina has a smallish throat space. Love them both.
    Now you will be even more creative if that’s possible! 🙂

  8. Love your beautiful new sewing space! I am trying to send pics for the WIP and UFO challenge…no link is evident. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Your sewing room is just lovely, especially that you have lots of light and windows to bring the outside in. Your storage, everything, is just great. I wish that I would have waited a while and got some of your ideas before I did my sewing room. It is in one garage of a three-car garage. I’m so lucky to have a dedicated space with windows (that don’t open) and an air conditioner because it gets HOT in the summer in Stockton. Enjoy your lovely space and keep creating inspiration!

  10. The new sewing room is beautiful, am sure you will spend some wonderful time there. So many good ideas. Absolutely love the old sewing machines, it’s nice you are honoring your mother’s legacy.

  11. I love your sewing room. Very bright! And I have the same idea for an ironing table using that shelving unit. I just don’t know if I have enough room for it.

  12. Hello Julie, Your new sewing room is fabulous! You will have many years of fun creating in this special organized room. I look forward to reading more when you post again about your sewing room! Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

  13. I love everything about your sewing room! Walking in there must be such a pleasure! You did good! I don’t link…but I fmq’ed 3 quilts that were sandwiched and ready to go. NOW it’s time for the gardens!
    -Jean ❤

  14. My mother bought me a Singer 401A when I was in 7th grade. I still have it and use it occasionally. It’s a workhorse and stitches beautifully. Wonderful memories of my mother when I use that machine. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your sewing room is so cute! You did an awesome job! It looks so cozy and those mini quilts are adorable!

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