A few projects I’m working on and updates

Hello friends! I have some projects to share that I’ve been working on, but first, I want to say “welcome” to any new visitors. There has been a lot of activity from the Passport to Quilting Event that just ended which means some fresh eyes are reading this blog. Thank you for being here! I have some exciting things planned for this year, so make sure to stay updated by following or subscribing below.

My WIP’s

I have many WIP’s (works in process), not to mention all the UFO’s. Speaking of which, what is the difference between a WIP and a UFO? I consider WIP’s to be active projects. They’re something that I keep working on a little here and there. Many of mine include block of the month projects.

UFO’s, on the other hand, are projects that have been set aside for longer periods of time. They’re usually a project that I started and then another project or deadline jumped in front of it. Sometimes, I lose interest in a pattern and I set it aside to be finished later. Often, UFO’s become lost or forgotten, which is why a comprehensive UFO list is a good thing to keep up to date. I’ll have to do a UFO confessions blog post some time!

So, my most recent WIP is the May blocks for the Halloween Figs Sampler BOM that I’m co-teaching at The Granary Quilt Shop. We’re still meeting via Zoom classes, but our next class will be in person! For my quilt, I’m using Fig Tree’s Pumpkins & Blossoms fabric collection which has a Fall look to it without screaming Halloween.

Halloween Figs Sampler BOM blocks made by Julie Cefalu, designed by Fig Tree & Co.

Another Fig Tree BOM that I just started (by subscription only and it’s full) is the Manchester by the Sea Mystery BOM. This project has a summer vibe to it with some nautical notes as well. Doesn’t it sound like I’m describing a fine wine? These blocks were finished for April and now it’s time to get started on May.

Manchester by the Sea Mystery BOM blocks - made by Julie Cefalu, designed by Fig Tree & Co.

And finally, I am in the quilting phase of my Spring is for the Birds Wall Hanging. The pattern is just about finished and it will be a free gift to you this month! I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Spring is for the Birds Wall Hanging by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.  Free pattern coming soon!
Spring is for the Birds Wall Hanging by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter
Spring is for the Birds Wall Hanging by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.  Free pattern coming soon!
Quilting detail by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

This year has been a challenging one, technologically speaking. Running a blog and online shop is a work in process itself. I’ve had my share of glitches in 2022, but I’ve finally switched hosting providers and hired a WordPress specialist to help on the back end. I’ll be unveiling an updated website in a few weeks along with a new email platform. You’ll be able to hear my sigh of relief when this is all done!

On a personal note, we were supposed to travel to Austin last week to visit our grandkids. We weren’t feeling well and thought we had picked up a cold. Mr. Crafty Quilter tested positive for Covid the night before our flight and I tested positive the next day. Fortunately, we found out before we got on the plane so we didn’t spread it to others. And we were able to cancel the flight with full credit.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see our grandkids. We both got hit pretty hard even though we were vaccinated and boosted. I lost a solid week of work, my sense of smell (and taste), and I’m still getting my energy back. But, I’m feeling SO much better than I did last week. It makes you appreciate your health!

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you’re enjoying some sunshine and beautiful spring weather!

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  1. So sorry to hear you were unwell. Thanks again for such a cute pattern. I hung up my heart flag on my door this morning to honor Memorial Day.

  2. I am sorry that you were unwell. It has hit my family too. My daughter had it twuce. First time she was really sick and no energy. She missed work and I was concerned for her. Thanks to grocery deliveries..she made it through. The second time was a cold..more or less. All is well now. I am waiting for email to get my 2nd booster (4th shot). Hopefully in summer or early fall. I hope you 5 senses are all working well very soon.
    Keep your chin up!

  3. Good Sunday Morning Julie,

    I do think that the positives outweigh the negatives. So sorry to hear that you and Mr. Crafty were attacked by Covid, especially since you took all the precautions. A bummer that you were sick but another bummer that you missed your visit to see the Grand-kidlets. A positive, that it all took place before take-off. Recovery is “A day at a time.” Your WIP’s are all wonderful. Your “Spring is for the Birds” is way too cute. Anything with birds is always delightful. Your quilting is beautiful. I have way too many of each, WIP’s and UFO’s. I’m afraid to take an inventory . Better get stitching’. Have a great day, continue to get better!!

  4. Julie, so glad you are feeling better after your bout with Covid. And Kudoos to you and hubby for cancelling your trip so not to spread it to others.❤️

  5. Hi Julie, so sorry about your not being able to see the grandkids. Trust you & your husband are both feeling better. Look forward to the pattern for “Spring is for the Birds”!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Carol Anne

  6. Julie, I am so sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well. I understand the lingering energy loss as I had a very mild dose of Covid in January which was followed by a number of health issues. You are a very busy and creative woman but if you need to rest, please do so. Keeping good thoughts for you.

  7. So sorry to hear you two were sick and I know how disappointing that was to miss out on the trip to see the grandkids! I’m glad you’re on the mend. And your quilting on that wallhanging is AMAZING. Such talent!! Thanks for having a fun, uplifting blog.

  8. So grateful that you both are feeling at least somewhat better. You are among the fortunate. We will Pray for your continued healing. Rest and recover. Lisa

  9. I am hearing more & more of this happening around the Boston area-to quite many who have had shots,and been boosted like you both. After every guild meeting we’ve been receiving covid emails the following day. So sorry & hope your recovery is ‘solid’! Susan Riley

  10. So sorry you got Covid and hope that you are back on your game soon! I love your bird house quilt! Beautiful colors. Thanks for participating in the Passport for Quilting presentation. I downloaded several projects that I hope to get to soon. Also, I like your explanation of UFO VS WIP, it clarified my thoughts. Enjoy the spring and I’ll keep thinking RAIN for CA! Good luck with the new website, I appreciate everything you do.

  11. Julie,
    So sorry to hear you and your got Covid but glad you are on the mend. What a bummer not being able to see the grandchildren. Plan another trip soon! Your wall hanging is adorable. Since I am doing the fall frolic one by Fig Tree I see pictures of Manchester by the Sea and it looks like a cute project.

  12. So sorry you and hubby got the dreaded Covid, hope you will both be right as rain soon. I love those cute coneflowers in your new wall hanging.

  13. So glad you and Mr Crafty Quilter are feeling better! Your quilting is perfect on the birdhouse wall,hanging….even after lessons I can’t do 1/100th as good. My teacher said practice, practice, practice . ‍♀️

  14. I love your new line of fabric…my favorite colors green n coral. Would love to get some early. Feel better. New to your sight n love it

  15. A number of people I know have been blindsided with COVID-19 recently. Makes one wonder how much is really circulating out there. I pray for you and yours complete recovery.

  16. Oh Julie … sorry to hear, after all your safety measures, you both contracted Covid … however, delighted to learn you are on the mend. Be kind to yourselves … don’t be heroes and think you can get straight back to work, please take time, health is SO important … listen to your body when tiredness hits you.
    Sending healing love and vibes across the waves.

  17. Hi Julie, So sorry you and Mr Crafty have been sick. Apparently this virus is going to continue on much like the flu. Take time for healing completely.
    Looking forward to your new sweet wall hanging, ready for spring here in Eastern WA!
    Gotta get after those UFO’s

  18. Julie
    Much thanks for all your wonderful posts and great ideas. You certainly are an inspiration.
    So sorry to hear that you folks contracted that awful Covid. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

  19. Hope you are felling 100% soon!
    On the topic of UFOs, I have been putting a few on my annual Quilt Goals list. It’s helped to reduce the backlog, and if in the end the quilt goes to charity it’s a win-win! Frees up space for new projects, too.

  20. Julie, glad you are feeling better. So glad you were able to keep the virus at home so it didn’t spread and you could recuperate at home. The virus snuck up on us the same way even though we are vaccinated and double boosted. Doctor did say our cases were milder as a result of boosters! Thankful!
    Looking forward to your new bird quilt. Take care.

  21. So glad you are both feeling better, when will this end, here in Argentina cases are creeping up, so this is not over, by any means. Always enjoy the material you publish and learn so much from it, so sorry I don’t live nearer. Thanks for your generosity. Take lots of care.

  22. Julie, I’m so sorry to hear you and your husband were ill and still recovering – please take care!

  23. So very sorry you were ill. It’s frustrating to do everything right and still get sick.
    Please take a little extra time to get back on your feet. Love your “Spring is for the Birds”
    wall hanging.

  24. glad you are feeling better. It is not fun when both of you are sick at the same time. I like your blocks for May on the BOM.

  25. So sorry to hear about your illness. I’m glad you’re recovering but it’s scary that even when you do the right things, covid can find you. Be careful and take it slow- you’re very important to so many people!

  26. I love getting your posts… So sorry y’all both had Covid but better to find out beforehand than to fly get there then be ill!
    I love the projects you are up to 🙂

  27. So sorry you and Mr. Crafty fell victim to COVID! Especially since you were vaxed and boosted! Same here, in the same time frame. Glad to know you are both starting to feel better. I really love your newsletter and look forward to every edition!

  28. Thanks for sharing all the updates. The quilts you are working on are beautiful. Hope you are feeling well very soon. Please try to take it easy and rest when you can.

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