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May quilt projects & grandkids

We’re heading into a long Memorial Day weekend and I thought I’d give you an update of the May projects I’m working on. Plus, I was able to visit my grandkids this month, so I have an update on them as well!

May quilt projects

Most recently, I finished up four sample panels for Scanfil Organic Threads. The company will use them for trade shows and other events. They asked me to make four panels; two using their 30/2 wt. and 50/2 wt. thread side by side in a feather motif and the other two with an all-over meander design.

My May quilt projects include this sample of Scanfil Threads in two different weights.
My May quilt projects include this sample of Scanfil Threads in two different weights.

It’s always fun to see the different thread weights side by side and compare how each looks. The 30/2 wt. thread is thicker so it shows off more. This can really show off your quilting or other decorative stitching. The 50/2 wt. thread blends better, and I tend to prefer it for most quilting and piecing.

Scanfil Thread sample panels show two different weights of thread.  Made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.

I really enjoy working with Scanfil thread. You can read my full product review here; I hope to see them available in more quilt shops in the US as we embrace more sustainable options for quilting and sewing.

My latest pattern design, Sterling, is still keeping me busy as I stitch up more projects with it. As a bonus, there are four alternate quilt block arrangements included in the pattern. I just made a little table topper using one of those alternate block arrangements. It turned out so cute! The fabric is from the Flour Garden collection (Moda Fabrics) from several years ago. I used a charm pack (mostly for the backing and block centers) and yardage.

This table topper is one of my May quilt projects using my Sterling Quilt Pattern.

With the addition of the side triangles, this table topper looks really nice on a round table (or an octagon table). It’s very easy to create this shape. I have a tutorial from years ago on the process that you can find here. I used a Swoon block in that tutorial but it works for just about any size or configuration of blocks as long as it’s a square top.

Also, Sterling is still on sale through May 31, 2023. Use the coupon code STERLING20 to save 20% when you purchase in my Etsy Shop. You can see read more about Sterling and see some beautiful samples made by my pattern testers here.

My focus for June will be on a Sunflower Block tutorial for you guys. I’ve come up with a fun technique to make the triangles on this block. It’s so easy and I think you’re going to love it!

Coming soon - a Sunflower Quilt block tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter!

I’m making good progress on the Kaleidoscope embroidery stitch along hosted by Lolli & Grace. I’ve learned so many new stitches and really enjoyed making this project. Plus, it keeps my hands busy at night when we watch TV.

My progress on the Kaleidoscope Stitch Along hosted by Lolli & Grace.

Visiting the grandkids

I traveled to Texas last week to visit the grandkids. If you’re a grandparent, you know how special it is to spend time with these little people; especially when you don’t live close enough to see them very often. I was only there for three days, but it was enough to fill this grandma’s heart with love and joy.

Amelia is 7, Clara is 5, Ben is 3, and Delaney is 9 months old. To say this is a busy household is an understatement. Things are in constant motion with juggling schedules and activities; I don’t know how my daughter and son-in-law do it (even though I did the exact same thing 30 plus years ago). The energy they expend, the messes they make, the laughter they share, the tears they cry and the hugs they give are so, so precious. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Visit to see the grandkids in Texas, May 2023.

That’s all of my May quilt projects and happenings in a nutshell. I hope you have a wonderful, long weekend to kick off your summer. We’ll be staying home, but we have two daughters coming to visit so I’m really excited and thankful for that. We’re going to visit a local winery and there will be lots of hanging out around the house. And good food, always good food!

Thank you for visiting and happy quilting!

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  1. Ahhhhi know how you feel with those wonderful grandkids. They do fill your heart with love. I have 4 grown sons two grandsons and finally a sweet almost 9 month old grandaughter. I made the crinkle bee for her and she lights up every time she has it. I made 2 so that she could take one home and I have one to keep when she’s here. Thankfully they live locally, so every Saturday they all s-end the day with us.. thankfully their dad comes too, as they are a busy bunch. 10, 6, and 8 1/2 mos. No other little ones yet with the other sons but hope in the future to see some. Thanks for all your quilting patterns and your excitement for free motion quilting has me on the roll. I actually prefer it to straight line quilting now. Made the bunny pattern table runner and copied all your neat free motion designs. It was a job for sure but the results were worth the work. Have a great holiday weekend with your daughters

  2. May has been a busy month for you. I love your scanfil samples….it is great to do something like that committing to it for someone makes it happen. The sunflower block looks like fun and what a great time you must have had with the grandkids. I thought of you when I clipped the extras in my 4-FG units the other day, such a great hing.

  3. Une superbe broderie que j’aime beaucoup. Je ne sais pas si je serais capable de réaliser un tel ouvrage.
    Vos petits-enfants sont mignons et vous avez sûrement de quoi vous occuper quand ils sont chez vous.

  4. Enjoyed hearing about your grandchildren. I have several and several great grandchildren .They are such a blessing. They grow up too soon.Enjoy them.

  5. Always a fun time when G’ma gets to visit with the Gkids. I remember those times fondly. Now my “littles” are all “Bigs.” Even though I don’t get to see them often it’s fun to “watch” from afar as they venture off to college one local, one three hours away, and several out of state. Our Marine is off to Maryland very soon. Exciting times for each of them. Loving your sunflower. I’m excited to make one. I tested Scanfil threads on my two HS grad quilts. One required 50 wt. the other 30 wt. Both threads were a dream to stitch with on my long-arm. I’m off to order a “Sterling” pattern. Have a great weekend. PS. LOVE your embroidery.

  6. Your embroidery project is gorgeous. I have had my embroidery project set out by my chair for evening tv watching but haven’t touched it yet. Maybe yours will inspire me to get to it.

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