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August UFO and a new kitten

Now that August is here, it feels like summer is winding down, and we’re beginning to think about the new school year and to make plans for fall.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the week ahead of me, let alone what’s coming next month, next season and next year.

22960803 - four seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn. vector.

Which brings me to the UFO pile.  I tend to be someone who lives in the moment and it’s very easy for me to start something new before I finish something old.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my UFO goal for July, but it’s almost complete so I think know I’ll be able to finish it AND get another one done this month.  No pics just yet of my July UFO.

Which brings me to my UFO project for the month of August.  I’m going to finish my Autumn Reflections quilt which I started 9 years ago.  I finished piecing the quilt top last November which is when I snapped this picture of my son, Jon, being a good sport as a quilt holder/model.  It’s a wall hanging and it’ll be ready for fall decorating soon.  Can you believe it?  Fall is near (in the northern hemisphere), though technically it won’t be here for another 6 weeks.

Autumn Reflections Wall Hanging made by Julie Cefalu with Jon Cefalu modeling.
Autumn Reflections Wall Hanging made by Julie Cefalu with Jon Cefalu modeling.


You still have one more day to link up your UFO finish for last month, here.  There will be two prizes to give away and the odds are better than most giveaways since there aren’t too many entries (24 so far).  It’s always fun to see what you guys have been making and finishing!

I just finished co-teaching this month’s Farm Girl Vintage BOM at The Granary, and I took a picture of our blocks so far.  I love the color palette and seeing all of the blocks together makes my happy.  We’re getting nearer to the end, so there are lots of blocks to play with!

Farm Girl Vintage blocks made by Julie Cefalu & Paula Ivers


There is a new kitten in the Cefalu household and she has decided that it’s great fun to help out in the sewing room.  She was just helping me pick fabrics for some quilt blocks the other day….

Kitty in the quilt room at The Crafty Quilter


She is adorable and gives us another reason to laugh and smile.  I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  I will be driving to my parent’s house tomorrow (3 hours away) for a short visit.  I am behind on “fill in the blank” (there are so many things), so my Sew Thankful Sunday post will be a few days late.  The fun and games of summer are catching up to me!  Maybe you feel the same way I do.  There’s never enough hours in the day!

Happy Quilting,

Julie 176 x 116

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  1. Oh my goodness, your kitten is the absolute cutest thing ever! My kitty is almost 16 years old, I can’t remember her being that small 🙂

  2. Oh, I just LOVE your new kitten. She looks like my 14 yr old cat who is right now on my lap as I try to write this. Yes, cats always have to be right in the middle of everything but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am late in commenting about your Sweden trip but I enjoyed your pictures. Brings back so many memories. Also, we have another thing in common, my son and family lived in Austin and my 1st grandchild was born there. He was going to grad school at the University but has since moved back to the Boston area and now they have another boy. I am so glad to have them back here, Texas is a long plane ride from here. Enjoy your time with your parents.

  3. Omigosh such a CUTE kitten! You will have so much fun! We rescued Leo from the church ditch across the street in May. He has been a real ham while watching him grow, play, and sleep–and he has poses similar to your posted photo! 🙂 Beautiful quilt blocks and fall quilt.! 🙂

  4. Oh I must ditto what Dorothy said about “who is the cutest??? The son or the kitten…” They both made me smile today too! Thank you, thank you for such a feel good moment..

  5. I added a picture, but it turned it around for the UFO link. Can you delete it and I’ll redo later today.

  6. Cute kitten! If I stayed in one place all year, I’d have two! Good luck finishing your August UFO! Maybe today, I’ll dig one out of the closet, too! XO

  7. Love all of the pictures on your newsletter but especially the one of the kitten. That picture is priceless. She looks so content just laying there in the middle of the projects you’re trying to work on. Isn’t that true of all cats? They just love to be in the thick of things. I hope she brings you years of happiness.

  8. You wall hanging is great. Wow, all of those BOM looks great. Two cuties in one post. Enjoy your new furbaby.

  9. What a cute fur baby. You might want to check out the Quilting Cats Facebook page. We not only share our quilts but pictures of our quilt inspectors and helpers too.

  10. Awww, what an adorable bundle, looks like my Charlotte who died last year at 18 years young, so vivacious and loving and kind she was and miss her badly! Now I can’t have anymore as I am too old and would hate to leave her behind to get put down! But adore yours!!! Give her a hug from me!

  11. I don’t know who’s cuter, your son or the kitten!
    You’re a good daughter, visiting when you feel so far behind. I feel like I’m drowning in projects too, but I’d much rather be starting new things. Why is that? It’s like I must enjoy being behind! Never ending catch 22, and I live in 500 square feet! I did finish Maggie’s block 3 and remember the small red and white wall hanging from last Christmas that you designed? I gave up the idea of hand quilting it and finished it on the machine and bound it. Hooray. One small wallhanging doesn’t clear a whole lot of space, though. I need to finish quilting something big.

  12. She is adorable. I have a cat, Lily is my assistant quilter too! Also lets me know when she wants lap time. LOL

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