Photo vs. video tutorial, which is best? And a giveaway winner

The results are in!  Which is best – photo vs. video tutorial.  For November’s I Love Home BOM giveaway, I asked you to leave a comment telling me which type of tutorial was your favorite.  I had 544 responses!  Thank you all for participating and helping me gain more insight for future blog posts.  I wish I could respond to all of your comments, but trust that I read and appreciate each one.

It looks like 70% of you prefer photo tutorials, 15% prefer video and 15% want both!

Photo tutorial for Ho Ho Farmhouse Pillow @ The Crafty Quilter
Photo tutorial for Ho Ho Farmhouse Pillow


Video Tutorial, Rotary Cutting Basics by Julie Cefalu for The Quilt Show
Video tutorial, Rotary Cutting Basics by Julie Cefalu for The Quilt Show


There were a lot of great responses that included  your reasoning for voting the way you did.  Here’s a recap of what some of you said:

  • You like photo tutorials because you can go at your own pace and take your time to study the photos.
  • Photo tutorials are best because you can print out what you need and take it to the sewing machine.
  • The instructions stick better in your mind when you can read them instead of listen to them.
  • You like photo tutorials because they don’t take up as much data and are faster to load.
  • Some videos are too long and the quality is poor.  Hands and bad camera angles can get in the way, too.
  • You like photos so you don’t disturb those around you and/or you don’t have earphones.
  • Photo tutorials are easier and quicker to get right to the information that you need.
  • You prefer photo tutorials which allow you to follow the instruction step by step while making the project. It is much easier than trying to pause a video over and over. (Maryellen)
  • Video allows you to really comprehend the technique.  Some techniques are too detailed to “get” with just photos.
  • You like the detail that comes with video instruction.
  • You enjoy the interaction with the instructor from a video and the entertainment value (at times).
  • You learn best from watching someone demonstrate a pattern or technique “live”.
  • You like to watch a video tutorial first and then have a photo tutorial to refer to later.
  • Both types of tutorials are great as long as they are well done.

Fortunately, I appreciate a good photo tutorial – both the making of one and reading others.  As a quilt teacher, I know the value of good instruction and it’s important to me that a tutorial is done well.  And my dear friends, I am working on a few right now!  They will be coming your way after Thanksgiving, unless I am able to get one done this weekend.

I have toyed with the idea of doing my own videos, but that would require an investment of time, equipment and another pair of hands.  The good news is that I hope to begin working with The Quilt Show again in 2018, and getting behind the video camera soon.  What do you think of a video series on the latest quilting gadgets, rulers, techniques etc?  I’m thinking of pitching that idea unless you have a better one (let me know)!

And now I’m happy to announce the giveaway winner of the Olfa prize package from November: Carol McClain, comment #444 said “I prefer photo tutorials”.  Congratulations!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. How about a video showing how to use some of the different rulers in quilt shops along with some easy projects.

  2. I would enjoy the tutorials planned with The Quilt Show. Since I am a very visual learner, I would like tutorials to be on video and follow up with the photos for referral.

  3. Would be interesting unless it turns into a sales pitch which happens all too frequently. You know “let me show you how to make this and oh by the way you will need to buy this in order to do it and I will be happy to sell it to you”.

  4. I like the idea of a video to do with gadgets etc.
    I must admit that for a tutorial I like photos.

    Have a great day and thanks for all you do for us out here in Quilt land
    Gayle Z

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