PIQF 2022 photos

I had a short window of opportunity to visit the 2022 PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) on Sunday. This yearly quilt show takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, which is 15 minutes away from my house. It includes a merchant’s mall, special exhibits, workshops, and a quilt competition. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing beautiful quilts (and a little shopping)!

PIQF 2022 Photos

I took photos of some of the main competition winners along with quilts that caught my eye. I only had a few hours, so these photos represent a small sample of the many works of art. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of PIQF!

Best of Show

1st Place Traditional

1st Place Innovative

1st Place Mid-century Mod

Double Quatrefoil by Nelson Salsa

New Quilts of Northern California, 1st Visual Impact

My Dear Jane by Katherine Miers

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship, Innovative

Terraced by Thom Atkins

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship, Traditional

When Will It Be Spring? by Amy Lippitt

3rd Place, Traditional

A few other quilts that caught my eye

These next quilt photos grabbed my attention because of their use of color. Again, this is just a small sampling of many beautiful quilts. I wish I had time to photograph them all!

Ring of Fire by Melinda Gerber
The Old Apple Tree by Sarah Ann Smith (Honorable Mention, Innovative)

Special Exhibit: Princess Diana Cherrywood Challenge

Each year, Cherrywood Fabrics hosts a challenge to create a unique work of art that honors someone special using their fabric selections. This year, they chose to honor Princess Diana. Below is a small selection of the quilts entered.

It was a quiet time of day when I went to PIQF, and I was able to see many of the competition quilts in my short two-hour visit. I was also happy to see some familiar faces among the vendors and some new additions, too. I met Shelley Cavanna of Cora’s Quilts whom I have admired for many years. Shelley designs fabric for Benartex and I participated in a blog hop to celebrate her first fabric line, Gloaming. She also just released her second book, Barn Star Sampler, which includes 20 quilt blocks and 7 quilt designs. Shelley’s style is fresh, bright and modern, and I love her work (plus she’s as sweet as can be).

Shelley & Julie at PIQF 2022
Diamond Twilight designed and made by Julie Cefalu of The Crafty Quilter Designs.
Diamond Twilight by Julie Cefalu for the Gloaming Fabric Blog Hop

I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse of Pacific International Quilt Festival. It was a smaller show than the past 31 years which, I think, can be attributed to the pandemic. Hopefully, it will rebound and grow as each year returns to normalcy. If you’re ever in the Bay Area during the second week of October, you should definitely plan to attend.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my Double Quatrefoil quilt, Julie! It so happened that I had to go to CA that week so I got to see my quilt hanging.

  2. Thanks for sharing these quilts Julie….they are beautiful. Workmanship is amazing! I can see why Best of Show won…..what a work of art.

  3. Merci pour ce reportage qui me donne l’occasion de voir de magnifiques réalisations. Tu as eu de la chance de pouvoir visiter cette exposition car cela devait être un réel plaisir.

  4. Julie,
    Thank you for sharing these quilts from the show, absolutely beautiful quilts! One of these days, timing will be good, and I will get to that show. I plan on going to Road2ca this coming January and I am hoping that it will be back up to full speed as it was in the pre-pandemic years. Have a great day!

  5. Incredible! Such lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing them with us. I’d love to know how they did the backing on Into the Sunshine. That was amazing.

  6. A friend told me you’d shared my quilt! Thank you so much—I’m thrilled and really enjoyed seeing the other quilts. It’s a long way from Maine to California, but I still hope someday to make it to PIQF.

  7. Thank you for the photos, Julie! I had a busy weekend and missed PIQF this year. It was very fun seeing the quilts.

  8. So beautiful!! Makes everything I’ve done very amateurish.
    Thank you for sharing. They are breath taking.
    Joann Head

  9. Julie,
    Thanks for sharing the photos from quilt show. I’m always in awe of the talent of so many quilters! It’s still on my list of shows to attend in my lifetime!

  10. I wonder if the aisles were as crowded as they were pre-pandemic. It would be interesting to learn if there was reasonably wide aisles and more spacing of the exhibits.

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