New pattern release: Franklin Star and a giveaway!

I have a new pattern release to show you today.  It’s called Franklin Star, and it’s filled with beautiful star blocks that explode across the quilt top.  Plus there’s a great giveaway, too (now closed).


Franklin Star is named after the town of Franklin, Tennessee, where I gave my first guild lecture and workshop at the Cumberland Valley Quilters Association.  Finding a name for this quilt was not easy because there are so many star quilts already out there.  I designed this with my trip to Franklin in mind (plus I have so many good memories from there), so that’s how I came up with the name.

This is a nice, twin sized quilt (72 1/2″ x 95 1/2″) that can easily be made larger with extra blocks or wider borders.  Similarly, it can be made smaller by subtracting blocks.  The blocks are large, 20″ square!

Franklin Star is designed to be scrappy.  I have been wanting another red and white quilt for a long time, so I used four different groups of reds in light, medium and dark values plus four different background fabrics.  The beautiful quilting was done by Carol Dockery at The Granary Quilt Shop.

Franklin Star Quilt designed and made by Julie Cefalu, quilted by Carol Dockery
Franklin Star Quilt designed and made by Julie Cefalu, quilted by Carol Dockery


I made a smaller version with only four blocks, using my stash of Fig Tree fabrics.  This would make a generous size baby quilt.

Franklin Star Quilt, baby size, made and designed by Julie Cefalu of The Crafty Quilter Designs


One thing to mention is that I used the Triangle in a Square Ruler by Quilt in a Day to make the triangle-in-a-square units for each quilt block.  I love this ruler because it makes an oversized unit that can be trimmed perfectly to the correct size.  There are other rulers that would work as well such as the Tri-Recs Tool by EZ Quilting or 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle Ruler by Creative Grids.  I find there are usually 5 different rulers available for everything in quilting!

I had some wonderful pattern testers who made sure my directions were accurate and sensible!  Take a look at their quilts and blocks and you can see the many possibilities with this pattern.

My sister-in-law, Audrey, made the complete quilt, and she used some cute 30’s prints to give it a vintage feel.  She quilted it herself, too; she’s an excellent longarm quilter.

Franklin Star Quilt made and quilted by Audrey Crawford
Franklin Star Quilt made and quilted by Audrey Crawford


Franklin Star Quilt made by Audrey Crawford


My sister, Cindy, made four blocks in an assortment of purple fabrics.  Cindy is an excellent quilter and the one responsible for getting me hooked on quilting!

Franklin Star Quilt made by Cindy Finn
Franklin Star Quilt made by Cindy Finn


Here are the individual blocks made by my other pattern testers:

Franklin Star block made by Cynthia Marshall
Franklin Star block made by Cynthia Marshall


Franklin Star block made by Bonnie Fredrickson
Franklin Star block made by Bonnie Fredrickson


Franklin Star block made by Bonnie Fredrickson


Franklin Star block made by Luann Dugan
Franklin Star block made by Luann Dugan


Franklin Star block made by Shirley Martin


You can purchase my pattern (pdf only) on Craftsy.  It’s also available at The Granary Quilt Shop in paper form.  I’ll be teaching a Franklin Star class there, too, tomorrow!  Always, I appreciate your support and your feedback!

If you’re on Instagram and you make this quilt, tag me @thecraftyquilter and use the hashtag #franklinstarquilt.

Giveaway (now closed)

I thought I would do a little giveaway to celebrate my new pattern.  The prize includes a copy of Franklin Stars, Quilt in a Day’s Triangle-in-a-square Ruler, a fat-eighth bundle of Star Twist Helping Hands by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass Fabrics and a Star Twist pattern.

Giveaway at The Crafty Quilter for the Franklin Star Quilt and more

Giveaway Rules:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me the biggest quilt you’ve ever made. (Make sure you’re leaving a comment on this specific blog post and not my home page).
  • Deadline:  11:59 pm PST, March 10, 2018 (now closed)
  • USA and International entries are welcome
Franklin Star, made by Julie Cefalu and quilted by Carol Dockery
Franklin Star, made by Julie Cefalu and quilted by Carol Dockery


Also, make sure to check out Craftsy this weekend!  They are offering Craftsy Unlimited for free this entire weekend, 3/3 – 3/5.  That means you can watch any and all of your favorite Craftsy classes for free!

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I’m just discovering this amazing pattern now. Is there a video tutorial for it by chance?? Also, I want to make a throw and use smaller blocks. Any quick reference of how to cut fabric the right size for something smaller?

  2. Hi Julie, The biggest quilt I’ve ever made might have been one I made very early in my quilting career. The pattern was called Buttercup, I believe, and it hung in the living room of our condo on a 12-foot ceiling. I’m just guessing, but I believe it was perhaps a double-bed sized piece.

  3. The largest quilt I made was a king size log cabin quilt that I hand pieced and hand quilted. It was my very first quilt I ever made. I was very ambitious. It took me a year to quilt it, but it is still my most favorite quilt I have done!

  4. I have been quilting a number of years and am always looking for something new and exciting. In your new block “Franklin Star” I have found exactly that. I have made a number of King size quilts extending some of them from Queen size as the children and grandchildren all seem to have the larger size beds. The Sunshine and Shadow by Blanche Young was especially challenging. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and a senior citizen who took up quilting when I retired and joined the Kirkland Lake Mile of Gold Quilting Guild. We have a small group of Guilds in the area and every two years in rotation a Guild will present a Quilting Day for Quilters in the area. There is the usual Speaker, presentation of quilts and of course vendors. There are the usual Shop Hops, Retreats and Course presentations. Within the Guilds there is small groups of quilters who enjoy getting together for the day just to quilt and enjoy the company of other quilters. Once again for your lovely block, it sic challenging and interesting and lends itself to many colour palettes. Regards Eva Perry

  5. My biggest quilt was a king size 104” X 104”. I’m new to quilting and just found your blog on Pinterest. I love star patterns and your’s is beautiful. The triangle in a square makes me anxious but I’m excited to try and find the ruler. Thank you for sharing so willingly. I hope to learn more.

  6. Well the largest quilt I ever made was 91 x 91 for our daughter & her husband. I used emerald greens then blues and white. It is my favorite one so far…

  7. I clicked on this lovely pattern on Pinterest and it took me to your website, so this is my first visit. The largest quilt I have made was full size, made from scraps of my daughter’s dresses. I am hand quilter who loves star blocks!

  8. This is a great pattern. So far my largest quilt has been a double bed size. I love making extra-large lap quilts and baby quilts.

  9. What a beautiful pattern! I’m a fairly new quilter, and I’m working on my largest quilt to date right now. It will be between twin and full size. It’s for an antique 3/4 size spindle bed. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  10. Love your new pattern. I heard about it when I joined Cumberland Valley Quilt Association this week. I have made several queen-sized quilts. I have full size beds, but I like the extra hang.

  11. My largest quilt has been 106 x 103. I also do many 96 x to fit queen beds. And I HAND quilt them! I love this pattern & am interested in the ruler. I saw one on your triangle quilt post I liked also. I would enjoy using it as all my quilting notions are old school. And. LOVE Franklin, TN & Maggie Valley!!!!!!! Thanks Jan

  12. My largest quilt was 90 x 90, and it’s still not quilted. Not sure how to tackle that big of a quilt.

  13. My biggest quilt was a 105″ square quilt that my niece made( Her 1st quilt) and I managed to quilt on my gracie queen frame(Only 88″ width of quilting space …lol) We had to fold the edges in to roll onto bars, take off, turn then reload. Not saying I won’t do it again, but it sure was fun figuring it out…lol

  14. My biggest quilt was an oversized queen. The quilt was made for my sister who wanted it long enough to fold back on top of her pillows.

  15. The largest quilt I made is a king size quilt for my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. Never again!
    (I love your new star pattern!!)

  16. My biggest quilt is a king size flannel quilt. It was so heavy, I couldn’t machine quilt it so I went old school and tied it.

  17. I love your new Franklin Star quilt pattern. The biggest quilt I ever made is 110 X 110. It was a Family Quilt. I gave it to my parents but after they both passed away took it back for myself. I enjoy getting it out, seeing all the names and remembering special times with each person. It is nice of you to offer the giveaway.

  18. my biggest quilt was just a twin size: I don’t want to quilt anything larger than that on my home machine!! 🙂 I love your star pattern! I’m putting it on my want to do list! Hugs, H in HEaldsburg

  19. Love your Franklin Star Quilt. The biggest quilt I have made is a Sampler Quilt made at my second Quilting Class which would fit a single bed.

  20. My largest quilt was a twin size quilt. I love all the different color ideas from the Franklin Star test patterns. Looking forward to using this pattern! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway!

  21. Love your new quilt pattern and learning the origin of its name. The largest quilt I’ve made is 50″x60″, oversized lap quilt for my niece and her growing family to cuddle up together. It was a Christmas theme.

  22. Hello from Alberta, Canada! The biggest quilt that I have done was a king size for my husband’s parents. It was my 2nd quilt that I have done after learning to do machine quilting. It was a challenge to quilt it with the domestic, but it was satisfying to see their faces on Christmas opening this gift of love from under the tree. I really love your pattern of stars and I know exactly who would love this, if I get a chance to make one.

  23. The biggest quilt top I made is 114″ x 120″. Problem with that large size is the top still needs me to quilt it! Your Franklin Star is a wonderful block. I love the color variations provided with the pictures. Thank you for offering the give away!

  24. The biggest quilt I’ve ever made from start to finish is 135” square for our king – size bed.
    The biggest quilt I’ve ever quilted for someone else was 9 feet wide by 25 feet long (yes! Really that big) it is a church banner quilt.
    I love your new pattern and would love to win this prize pacage@

  25. My biggest quilt was a super-king sized quilt for our bed in soft blues and sandy colours. It had wool wadding and was beautifully warm. I loved it BUT although I had pre-washed the fabrics I hadn’t pre-washed the wadding and when I washed the whole quilt the wadding shrunk something terrible. It is now all unpicked (all that hand-quilting, ouch!) and waiting to be made into a quilt again…

  26. 10 years ago with the help of a friend I made my first real quilt! A King size strip quilt as an anniversary present to my husband! Loved quilting ever since!

  27. The largest quilt I’ve made was a Hexagon star quilt made out of 5/8″ hexagons. I named it the “hexie from hell” quilt.
    Great giveaway– thanks for the chance to win

  28. I made a 90 by 90 for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Posting again, as the first post is not showing up!

  29. I’ve been quilting just over 2 years, and finished my largest quilt, a 90 x 90, for my mother-in-laws Christmas present. I

  30. Hello Julie, My biggest quilt was for my stepmother. Hoping that I would convey how much I loved her after the death of my father. It measured 110 inches x 110 inches. I used her colours, floral pinks light, mediums and darks, crimson and burgundy, and lastly green for balance. I also used appliqued leaves, 3D flowers posy and cross hatching. It was a huge battle to quilt as I did it on a machine that only had a small throat! Rolling and repositioning and the multitude of muscle aches I got the quilting done! This was my first major quilt as a beginner quilter.

  31. The largest one I made, was a king size with the center of each block coming from the back pocket of a pair of jeans. Then alternating between print material and jean material, making square blocks. Not quilted yet.

  32. Nice new quilt. I am finishing up the biggest quilt I have ever made it is 120:x120″ for my king bed. It is interlocking hearts in memory of my recently deceased husband last Christmas Eve. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. My biggest quilt ended up about 120 X 120 for my daughter’s king size bed. She liked this quilt that was about 60 X 60 so I actually make it 4 times and put them together!

  34. The biggest quilt I’ve made is about 70×90. And I can tell you, I much prefer a throw size!!! This pattern is so pretty, thanks for the chance!!

  35. My biggest quilt was one I made and gave to my Mom. She wanted one big enough for her queen bed and it was. It was one of my first quilts and the it is not a very well made one but she uses it and loves it. Just a nine patch. And the first time I quilted a quilt. Certainly not my best as I am much better at all this now 15 years later.
    I do mostly make lap size quilts and quilts for my grand and great grand children.

  36. Hi Julie. You are amazing! Love your style and so happy to see you are growing into pattern making! The biggest quilt I have made is 108 x 90. Not sure if that is considered King or Queen. This one fits on a King without the pillows covered which is fine with me. I like the “barely covered” look better anyway.

  37. I made a king sized for my daughter’s wedding and I’d only been quilting for a year! Obviously didn’t know what I was getting into!

  38. This block is beautiful. I am truly a newbie at quilting and have only made two squares. I am hooked on it and continue to learn as I go. This pattern looks very hard to make but it will give me the desire to learn more.

  39. The largest quilt I made was king-sized. Took forever to finish as I hand quilted it.
    Great star pattern.

  40. I don’t make large quilts. The largest is a wall hanging started in 2013 (it still needs to be bound) when I was just learning to quilt. i did it because I had such an incredible feeling of frustration working on a more challenging quilt for a real rookie quilter 🙂 The other gave me some sense of mastery which, at the time, I needed. I make minis a lot – both as gifts, and for myself. I learn a lot of new techniques on them. I like that. As I look at them, I can see how my taste has changed, shifted, and grown over the years. It’s fun.

  41. I love this new star pattern; the little bit added outside the start itself make it a very cool design. My largest quilt is king-size mariner’s compass, hand quilted (border still to be finished).

  42. LOVE your block! The biggest quilt I made was a bedspread size queen. It was a “crazy quilt” quilt-as-you-go.

  43. The largest quilt I’ve made is MSQC Nine Patch on Point it turned out to be 75 1/2 by 85 1/2. Made for a very good friend who is going through breast cancer for the 2nd time.

  44. My biggest quilt is still in progress–a queen size. It’s “in progress” because I’m dreading quilting it.

  45. The biggest quilt i ever made started out as a 9 block sampler and became a larger than king size quilt back in the 90s when I took a lead globally class at m y LQS. Every stitch, assembly and quilting i did by hand!

  46. I just finished my largest quilt that I affectionately called “the beast”. It is a king size at 112 x 99. I quilted it on my domestic with organic wavy lines. I was a little intimidated at first but it went very well and pretty fast. Made it for my son and daughter-in-love and they loved it! Happy it’s done though

  47. I made a Queen sized bed quilt and quilted iton my Innova longarm. I love all parts of the process. I just found your blog this morning and love your style.

  48. The biggest quilt was a T-shirt quilt for a friend of mine. It started out a double and ended up a king. I quilted it myself. Once was enough for me!

  49. I have only made smaller quilts. I think the largest one I have made is about 60 x 60. I would like to try one large enough to at least cover the top of our queen-size bed – some day!

  50. What a gorgeous pattern! I’ve been looking for a pattern that would look good on a king size bed. This will be prefect. The largest quilt I’ve ever done was a queen size.

  51. Beautiful new star block! I loved seeing the many different color choices! I’m currently working on a quilt 100 x 110 inches which I intend to quilt on my home machine. The biggest completed to date is 85 x 85 inches.

  52. I have a king-sized quilt that is still in many, many small pieces, waiting to be assembled, so right now the largest quilt I have completed is a full-sized quilt.

  53. My biggest quilt has been a throw and I’m working on my 3rd quilt right now. Im new to all this and having a blast. Can’t wait to make some bed quilts and I’d love to win these goodies. Thank you.

  54. Julie, this is a gorgeous pattern! Well done! It goes right to the top of my wish list! I made a king size quilt…..once….as a wedding gift for my young cousin. But lately, a large twin is just about all I have the patience for anymore.

  55. I made a very big queen sized quilt for my daughter when she got married. I was a beautiful batik quilt with black background and pretty colored pieces.

  56. I love the Franklin Star pattern. The largest quilt I did was for my son and his wife to be at the time. She designed the quilt. It was the Mariners Star and it was a king size quilt. My son made the copy for each section of the star on his computer at work and enlarged it so I could paper piece the center together. It was 108 x 120 and literally took up my whole craft room when I put it on the frame. It took me 6 weeks to hand quilt.

  57. The biggest quilt I have ever made was king size. I paper pieced it and quilted it on my then-new longarm. It was a Christmas present for my brother and I won’t be repeating that size anytime soon!

  58. My biggest was 90×98!!! It was made with batiks , from the book “Batik Gems”!! I love it but won’t do another that large!!
    Thank you!

  59. I have made two queen size quilts. One for my Mother and the other for our church Mother. Love your Franklin Stars quilt. The color variations are great.

  60. Your new quilt pattern is very pretty. I like the big block size! My biggest quilt is a queen size and I’m binding it now. It’s quite heavy, so I don’t think I’ll every make a king size one.

  61. The biggest quilt was a king sized one for our bed, but I made it too long so it’s good for tucking under the pillows then covering them like I learned to make my bed 60 years ago. Trouble is we don’t do that anymore so it’s really too long. I don’t think I’ll tackle a king size again though. This one is 122″ long. Phew.

  62. Your pattern for the Franklin Star quilt looks absolutely beautiful. I would love a chance to make this. I think it would look beautiful using patriotic fabric. Our quilt group makes lap quilts for the VA Hospital in Cleveland. Using 4 blocks would be the ideal size.

  63. I love your Franklin Star quilt, Julie!! The biggest quilt I have ever made was a little bigger than twin size. I’m a hand quilter and it takes a while to quilt anything bigger!!

  64. The biggest quilt I ever made is one we sleep under on our queen-size bed. I love that you show us several color ways with your Franklin Star – lucky you that you share your love of quilting with a member of your family.

  65. Beautiful pattern and I am excited to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing! The largest quilt I have made is a twin size.

  66. Back in the day, when I had a king size bed, I made several quilts for that bed. Thanks for the treasure trove giveaway!

  67. The biggest quilt I have made are two King size one’s in Log Cabin pattern. I made it for my son, the other one I made Star blocks for a very dear friend of mine for Christmas.

  68. I love all versions of this quilt – wonderful fabrics & colors! Lap size is my biggest quilt 70″x70″ – I am working on a domestic machine & have not yet tried anything bigger-yet! Thank you, Susan

  69. The biggest quilt I ever made was one that fit on my queen bed with a bit of an overhang. (not sure of the exact measurements).

  70. My largest quilt was an oversized queen. I was really dedicated and finished the top in two weeks. I love stars!

  71. Hi Julie,

    The biggest quilt I made was a king size log cabin which I made over 30 years ago for my brothers wedding. Took me about a year to get it made and quilted. Today I am quite happy to do twin size or smaller.

    Warm regards,

  72. A large queen, big enough to hang down bottom, and both sides. I don’t remember the measurement. The star is beautiful. Thanks for the chance.

  73. The biggest quilt I have made was 120 x 120 for my husband. One days I was sewing and he asked, “What about Me”…. He wanted his own bed quilt. I said okay. He bombarded me with ideas of things he wanted. Forest creature, fish, hunting cabin, etc. You get the picture. I ended up making him a log cabin quilt with alternate blocks being log cabin blocks shaped as a log cabin. He loves it!

  74. I really like your pattern and your “controlled” scrappy fabrics. The largest quilt I made is 120×120 and is made up of 8-inch machine embroidery squares. It was a block of the month project at our local quilt shop. It took a long time to make and is extremely heavy!

  75. I really like your new pattern, and I like your “controlled” scrappy look. My largest quilt is 120×120 and is made of 8-inch machine embroidery squares. (a block of the month project at our local quilt shop) It took a long time to make and it is extremely heavy!

  76. My largest quilt has been a queen size which was a scrappy quilt that I just love. I’m working on a machine embroidery queen size now. But, I must say this new Franklin Star would make a beautiful quilt for my bed. This pattern makes me feel HAPPY when I look at the pictures.

  77. The biggest quilt that I have made was a scrappy Mountain Majesty design and I quilted it on my dsm. It measured 82″ x 96″. It was quite a job, so lately I’ve been making baby quilts and wall hangings, they are so much easier to quilt!

  78. The largest quilt that I have made so far is a twin size t-shirt quilt. However, I am working on one now that will probably be a full size. I like smaller sizes because I can quilt them myself on my domestic Bernina. Thanks for a great giveaway!!! I love this new pattern!!

  79. The biggest quilt I ever made is a king size log cabin. I quilted it by hand in 4 sections, and then sewed them together. I think it took me about 4 years. LOL

  80. Julie, love, love your new pattern. The biggest quilt I’ve made is a queen size. I especially like patterns that give a choice of sizes. Good luck and thanks for a chance to win.

  81. HI,
    The biggest quilt I made was a log cabin king size using Eleanor Burns book, way back when! Haven’t made a king since!

  82. Wow, what a beautiful block, Julie! I love how it looks like it’s sparkling. The largest quilt I’ve finished (so far) through quilting and binding on my domestic sewing machine was about 60”x72”, I think. The largest quilt top I’ve ever made is a 104”x104” log cabin. I’ve got a definite idea in mind for how I want to quilt it, bit I’m not looking forward to free-motion quilting it on my domestic! I may need to train and then rent some longarm time at one of my local shops for that one.

  83. My largest quilt to date was 108″ X 118″. Needless to say I didn’t quilt it myself on my domestic sewing machine! Love this quilt and would love to be in one of your classes someday.

  84. I have made so many quits that I don’t know which was the largest. The latest was 92 x 100 that I pieced and quilted on our local quilt shop long arm. I love your new block and it has special meaning tome as i have relatives living in Franklin. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  85. Julie, your new pattern is terrific and it makes up lovely in all colors. When I first jumped into quilting almost 8 years ago, my first quilt was a king size for my mother. I tied it rather than quilting it and shipped it to her for Christmas…I had not attempted a quilt since home economics in 1980 so she was quite surprised with my gift.

  86. Love your new pattern. My largest quilt was a king size that has a home on our bed. I also quilted this on a domestic machine. Love being able to make my quilts from start to finish.

  87. The work of your pattern testers is perfection. My first quilt was king size. Yikes. It was a string quilt made of mostly purple, green and blue hexagons. The triangles were black which made all the pretty fabrics stand out.

  88. My first attempt at quilting approx 5+ yrs ago was a full/queen size log cabin done in bright autumnal shades…as a wedding gift to our youngest son and dtr-in-law! I’ve not been quite such a knucklehead since (Thank heavens!), and have stayed w smaller projects….and guess what??? My new attempt is to make for the same sweet couple a baby quilt for their first due in Sept….I’d better get going!!

  89. Hello Julie and love this pattern! My biggest quilt was a king size which I made for myself and I am currently
    making another king side for a wedding gift for my daughter who is getting married in 10/18.. A lot of “stitches of love”.

  90. Hi Julie ! You have hit a sweet spot for me. I love Star Quilts and have been collecting red fabrics for awhile now because I want to make a red and white quilt ! My largest quilts have been Queen size . Usually made for wedding gifts !

  91. Your pattern is beautiful! The largest quilt I have made is a queen sized one made with 9 inch blocks. I also hand quilted it. It took about a year to complete! Thanks!

  92. The largest quilt I made was my first one 103″ x108! Managed to quilt it myself too. Love the new Franklin star design.

  93. I’ve made one king sized quilt to date. I probably won’t make anymore as large as this one was quite a challenge to wrangle through the harp of my domestic sewing machine. I love your new pattern and would love to win your giveaway.

  94. My biggest quilt to date is 102″ square. It is blue and yellow with cross stitch panel inserts and is on our bed at the moment. I love it. It is hand quilted for which I used my wooden frame. I love the Franklin star pattern and may well use it for a quilt I would like to make for my son.

  95. I make lots of quilts and single bed size quilts (I am not sure what you call these in America). I have never done huge one because I quilt my own on my domestic machine and this is the step that I really struggle with. I love the idea of the huge blocks. Thank you for a great giveaway. x

  96. When my Italian mother-in-law found out that I like to quilt, she asked me to make a small blanket for a relative who was about to have her baby. We went to the fabric store here (northeastern Italy) where I was shocked to see how expensive the cottons were. Quilting isn’t as popular over here due to the high cost of the “imported American cottons,” but we picked out some fabrics and I made a simple quilt.

    Later, my mother-in-law asked if I could make a quilt for her bed with a particular square she had seen somewhere, so I of course took on the challenge. During one of my visits back home to the U.S., I went to the fabric store and bought enough fabric to make her a queen, and put grandma’s old Singer to work making all of the squares. I love that my mother-in-law uses it on her bed regularly and I was proud of myself for finishing such a large quilt.

    Julie, your quilting patterns and the projects you share are a wonderful way for me to stay connected with my American roots. I just love them, and your taste in colors is fabulous. The old Necchi machine I use here has been humming away on the Jacquelynne Steves’ I Love Home blocks, and after bringing some of those blocks to a job interview recently, I am quite sure that they landed me a job as a seamstress in a upholstery factory here thanks to the solid assembly instructions and all of my efforts to try and line up the pieces with precision.

    Thank you for sharing your quilting tips and adventures with the rest of us.

    Saluti dall’Italia,

  97. The biggest quilt I have made is a double quilt. I am currently working on an English Paper Pieced quilt which is very slow but will finish about 60 x 60. A large block on the machine would be a great distraction and your star block is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  98. I love your new pattern. I’m always on the lookout for a new star pattern. The biggest quilt I have made was 110 X 110 inches called Freedom Bound. It was the first BOM I have ever done.

  99. This is a beautiful pattern. My biggest quilt was a twin size. I tend to make lap size (65″x70″/75″) quilts. I hope to be the lucky person who wins the giveaway! 🙂

  100. My biggest quilt was made with 2 1/2″ strips sewn end to end with 2 1/2″ squares sewn between the strips. It is over 100″ long so the pillow can be put on the bed on top of the quilt and then the quilt wraps back over the pillows. It won a 3rd place ribbon for machine quilting at my guild’s QS.

  101. Hi Julie,
    Oh, I love your new block ~the Franklin Star. It reminds me of fireworks due to the surrounding pieces. And the colors…I love red and white. The biggest quilt I’ve ever made has been a full size. I am a hand quilter (usually stitch in the ditch) and even at that size, my hand is worn out when I’m finished.Now that I’ve made everyone a full size quilt, I’m down sizing to what I call “nappy quilts.” Which are as long as a twin but not as wide. I find these to be the perfect size for taking a afternoon nap. Oh and my late Dad was the one responsible for the name. He always said he was going to take a nappy. 🙂

  102. The largest quilt I ever made was 109 x 109. I made it out of all the blue jeans that I wore in high school. It’s a monster!

  103. My biggest quilt was my second quilt and I made it for my husband and it is a little bigger than a queen size but smaller than a king size. Wow, and it was a challenge since it was only my second quilt. It is camo and LSU theme. Those are his favorite things. Thanks for the chance to win. Kellie

  104. Hi Julie…love your new pattern! Biggest quilt I’ve done was a T-shirt quilt this past November for a granddaughter. Turned out to be about 80×64. Appreciate the giveaway and always enjoy getting your emails. Love your generous spirit…

  105. Beautiful pattern and quilts! Very cool. Have a fun day! The biggest quilt I’ve made is a full size bed quilt. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  106. The first piecing class I took included making 16 traditional quilt blocks. I like strawberries and I picked fabric with strawberries as well as coordinating fabric (I got help at the quilt store where I took my class). I wanted to make a quilt for our king size bed. Sixteen blocks, even with sashings including 4-patches, chevrons and flying geese, wasn’t big enough. I added a border or two. My husband kept saying, “It isn’t big enough, it isn’t big enough.” He wanted it to hang over the sides, nearly to the floor. I haven’t measured this quilt, but it is BIG! I sent it out to be machine quilted and it turned out beautiful. Just the other day, when I had a couple of friends over for the first time, one of them thought it was a vintage quilt! It is really my pride and joy and I don’t mind making my bed every day with my strawberry quilt!

  107. One of the first pieced quilts I made was a queen bedspread. I made up the pattern, sort of wonky log cabin and since I didn’t know better, kept sashing until it was 115 X 115. I would put it on my queen bed and when it was almost long enough to touch the floor I stopped adding on to it. At the time I was doing FMQ on my sewing machine but I ended up buying a longarm so I could quilt the darn thing. I love that quilt. Thanks, your pattern is gorgeous.

  108. The largest quilt I have made has been a 90X82 that was for my Granddaughter. Right now I am working on a 105X105 quilt for my son and daughter in law. I cannot quilt them myself and have to send them out to be quilted. I have a torn rotator cuff which limits me. I love the new star and especially the size,

  109. The largest quilt I’ve made was 108″ square. That’s hopefully my only time making one that large!

  110. My biggest quilt so far has been a Wagon Wheel Block 64″ x 93″. I posted it to my quilt folder on Pinterest and my daughter-in-law loved it. So, I mailed it to her, it is still on their spare room bed. I love your Franklin Star pattern, and especially your sister-in-law, Audrey’s quilt. I’m partial to 30’s prints and vintage looking quilts, goes perfect with your pattern.. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize………crossing my fingers.

  111. Largest quilt I’ve made was 108 in sq. “Our Hearts Will Go On Forever” was a wedding gift for our daughter. Her hubbie is a tall fella & he was heard to remark when it was all opened up, “It Fits”! Franklins Stars is a great looking project & thanks for the giveaway.

  112. For my Mom’s 90th birthday, I made her a quilt that was about 80 inches square, a huge undertaking for me as I usually make smaller quilts. My sister, my husband and I, and all our kids wrote good wishes to her on fabric pieces which I then framed with her favorite colors. I even included 3 cat blocks for her “grand-cats.”

    Julie, your Franklin Star quilt is lovely! All your work is so beautiful. I always look forward to your blog posts, so cheerful and filled with creativity.

  113. Your Franklin Star pattern is beautiful! The largest quilt I’ve attempted was a twin size. Lap size, baby, or twins seem to be my comfort level.

  114. Congratulations on your new quilt pattern! I love star patterns and enjoyed seeing the color variations. I usually make smaller quilted items such as table toppers and wall hangings. The largest quilt I have made was 60×60.

  115. My biggest quilt was about 100″ by 100. It was a Scrappy Trip Round the World fir my son. He loves fleece/minkyacjs so I bought a king fleece blanket from Macy’s fir the back. I quilted that monster on my domestic- really heavy and hard to wrangle as I quilted it on the diagonal. He loves it

  116. A king size quilt using Civil War reproduction prints is the biggest I’ve made. I am going to stick to smaller quilts now, but I love the big one.

  117. The largest quilt I have made is a 106 inch square quilt from the book Nickel Quilts. It is scrappy and made entirely from 5 inch squares.

  118. The biggest quilt I’ve made was an “accidental” King size! Yes accidental.. I got a little carried away with the borders (I love borders) and when the smoke cleared and I looked up, I thought, boy this is a whopper! 🙂

  119. Julie, What a sweet tribute to our Guild, Cumberland Valley Quilters Association. The quilt is fabulous! Did I miss how and where I can get a copy of the pattern? Thank you for continuing to think of us. I did get my “JOY pillow” finished for this past Christmas. I love it!! ❤️Joyce.

    The largest quilt that I have ever made was 110″ square. It was a wedding quilt, king size, that I made for my son and daughter-in-law. It was a “Yellow Brick Road” quilt. I free motion quilted it on my longarm. A happy day when it was completed, whew!!. thanks again, JO

  120. I have made ONE queen size quilt. It is a scrappy log cabin and took forever! Now I pretty much make wall hangings. I love red and white quilts. Yours is beautiful!

  121. My largest quilt was Amish with a Twist II by Nancy Rink. It is 105” by 105”. It isn’t quilted yet, but is in the queue!

  122. Beautiful quilt. I have made several king size quilts. I think the biggest was about 114 inches square.

  123. What a beautiful star pattern! I’m going to definitely pick it up from The Granary! I think my largest quilt was 80×80. I usually make lap quilts.

  124. Hi Julie, your quilt pattern is beautiful! I love star blocks! ⭐️⭐️ The biggest quilt I’ve made is the one on my king size bed I’m not sure of the finished size but it hangs over nicely!!!

  125. My biggest quilt is a king size log cabin. I wanted the quilt to fall over the edge of the bed so I wouldn’t need a ruffle on the bottom.

  126. Love the Franklin Star block! The biggest quilt I have made is 65″x83″. I made the top and had it quilted. I really prefer making smaller wall quilts. Thanks for having the nice giveaway — selfishly hoping I win it!

  127. I love your Franklin Star quilt pattern! This will definitely be added to my to-do list! The biggest quilt I’ve ever made was a king size quilt as a wedding gift for my nephew.

  128. As a new-ish quilter, my largest quilt has been a baby quilt! But, I have plans for several queen size quilts that I will start later this spring. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. I’m inspired by your aesthetic!

  129. My biggest quilt made was a queen size quilt. I quilted it myself on a home machine, and by the time I was finished, I was very happy and very sore from lifting all that weight. This was before learning any QAYG techniques.

  130. A queen using sampler blocks has been the largest quilt for me. My sewing cabinet is not large and to handle the fabric I used my ironing board alongside. I was afraid that the blocks would not be smooth due feeling that I was “pushing” the fabric through the needle. After longarm quilting, it did turn out fine. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway. Love the stars in your pattern and the story about its name. [email protected]

  131. My first quilt made about 35 years ago was 108 inches square for our king sized bed. The pattern was “Trip Around the World”. Doesn’t that sound like a novice quilter. I love your new pattern. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  132. My largest quilt was 120 x 120. The franklin star could be used for another quilt this size Love it.

  133. i am in love with the Franklin Star, Sigh…My largest quilt, I am not sure of the dimensions as I have not quilted it yet, is a Irish Chain that I made to fit on our California King bed. I will get it quilted soon.

  134. I usually make Prayer quilts that are 40”x54” but I did make a quilt that was approximately 60”x70”(?) for my nephew when he got married.

  135. I love the stars and since I am Canadian the red and white is wonderful.
    The biggest quilt I made fit a king size bed
    Love your blog

  136. My largest quilt was 90×98. It should have been bigger. I love this pattern. I love thinks when they are just a little different. Love the colors your testers chose too

  137. Hi Julie, Just love your Franklin Star, it is beautiful. I have made 3 king sized quilts and quilted them on my domestic machine, I know, whew. My first one was when I was still a relatively new quilt maker back in 2003. I was making a southwest style for friends of ours, unknown to them. It was like a trip around the world pattern called Navajo out of the book, Tradition With A Twist. I had to pick out 15 different fabrics for the quilt not counting the borders and dreaded the thought. But have to say it was the most fun picking out those fabrics out of any quilt I have made since. I got all those pieces cut and sewn and the top was finished, just beautiful. But now the quilting part. Good grief, what am I going to do now. That quilt top sat for over 4 months as I was in agony how to quilt it, again, mind you, I was only a quilter for about 4 years. It laid on my basement floor and I would study and give up. Finally one day a light went off, bingo. I did straight line quilting around every other row of diamonds and than more on the outer triangles. Anyway, that one turned out fantastic and all on my home machine. I think back now how brave and how crazy I was. I have done two more king sized over the years, but no more, too old for that now. Twin or possibly full size is my max now. Thanks for letting me share this, haven’t thought about it in years. And thanks for the opportunity for the prize. Lots of hugs…..Claudia

  138. Julie, I love your new Franklin Star. Thanks for the chance to win! My biggest quilt so far is 110″x120″.

  139. My biggest quilt was a California King I made for my cousin and his wife. He surprised her with it for their 30th anniversary. I didn’t even attempt to quilt that one by myself!

  140. The largest quilt I’ve made is a queen and it hangs above my entryway. I have anotger couple of queen tops in the works now. Quilting them will be interesting.

  141. My largest quilt is still in progress bought a kit and extra fabrics. All 2.5 inch squares in fall colors, with 3 to 7 inch leaves applique in border, and across. Its roughly 110 by 90 inches. Its on the next retreat list, as its been about 8 yrs in progress. Love your Franklin Stars!

  142. I mostly have made baby quilts but made 2 quilts that were about 72 x 62. Have limited space so even this size was a challenge.

  143. The biggest quilt I ever made was a California King Size red, white and blue log cabin for my retired from both the Army and the US Postal Service brother. I made it very early in my quilting career and I don’t believe I have ever myself made and quilted that large a quilt since. I do love your pattern. Thanks for the giveaway.

  144. My biggest was 92 inches, wanted it to fit our queen bed with some to spare. I did it in blues and whites. Just love it.

  145. Julie, I love your new Franklin Star. Have been looking for a star quilt to make for us and this one is a keeper.
    I make all sizes of quilts and usually make them oversize – the biggest being about 112″ square. My LA loves me – Hahahaha. Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous prize!!!!!!!

  146. I love your Franklin Star pattern, and appreciate the variety of fabrics shown. Thanks for the chance to win. The largest quilt I have made is about 104” square (queen size?). It was certainly challenging to quilt on my domestic machine, but I really love it, and it’s the only quilt I’ve actually used on my bed!

  147. I love your star block as it reminds me of fireworks. It’s just lovely. Seeing the finished quilts and blocks done up in a variety of fabrics shows how versatile it can be.
    The largest quilt I’ve made is a full size one, but I like the edges to hang over the edge of the bed so it is quite large. Quilting it on my home machine was quite the job.
    Thank you for the giveaway celebrating your new pattern!

  148. The biigest quilt I made ended up to be 57 by 85 for my grandson for last Christmas. It had dinorsaurs on it and he loves it.

  149. Love your Franklin Star design. So lovely in red and white. Imagine in blue! yum! The biggest quilt I made is about 90 by 90. And it was the first pieced one I ever made from scratch! Cut most of it out myself and pieced it in a class that we had at our Hancock’s. I did pay a long-armer to quilt it and I love that quilt!

  150. What a beautiful quilt. My biggest quilt was a log cabin heart king size quilt made for my son and former daughter in law back in 2000. Haven’t made another one that big since. Now, my largest are queens.

  151. My biggest quilt was a 104” square Quiltworx (Judy Neimeyer) quilt which is ready to pick up from my longarm quilter. She was complaining about how big it was!

  152. My biggest quilt was a King Size ‘Crown Royal’ quilt I made for my husband. I had to fussy cut a lot of Crown Royal bags but it was worth it. He loves it.

  153. What a beautiful pattern, Julie! My largest quilt is also my only quilt thus far as I’m a fairly new quilter, a twin size quilt.

  154. My largest quilt is bigger than a crib and smaller than a twin! I am now working on a queen size thanks to you, Julie, for being a great beginning quilt teacher!

  155. Hi Julie, was admiring your quilt at the Granary. Wish I was home to take your class. The biggest quilt I ever made is 108×108. Had it quilted at the Granary and love it.

    Kathy D

  156. The largest quilt that I have made fits a Cal King bed. It has pieced blocks and an applique vine around the border. It was long arm quilted and is beautiful. I only put it on a bed when we have guests spending the night in winter.

  157. Hi Julie, the largest quilt I’ve made was a Double Sampler Quilt. Stars seem to be my thing. I do love your Franklin Star quilt. Thanks for showing several samples, I always find it amazing how colour choices change the look of a block

  158. Love this pattern. Thefabrics you chose are great too. My biggest quilt was about 108 inches square. It took forever!

  159. The largest quilt I ever made was a 110″ square appliqué quilt-as-you-go quilt. It turned out beautifully, and even won Best of Show and Viewer’s Choice at our local quilt show. I absolutely love it, have in on my bed, and use it every day.

    Thank you for the opportunity to (possibly) win. Your Franklin Star is a definite winner! I hope you sell LOADS of patterns!!!

  160. Franklin Star is a wonderful star quilt. I love the idea of a 20″ block! The ;largest quilt I ever made was the Civil War Quilt BOW that Barbara Brackman did a few years ago. It was definitely king-size by the time it was all pieced together and bordered.
    I’d love to win this package mainly because I would like the try a 20″ block and would also love to have the QIAD ruler!! Fabric is a huge bonus. What a great giveaway.
    [email protected]

  161. Hi, Julie. Your Franklin Star is quite spectacular!! I love all the variations of it you showed. The largest quilt I’ve made is a queen size sampler made up of 15″ and 10″ blocks. I used Pam Kitty fabrics, so it’s quite cheerful. Thank you for the fun giveaway 🙂

  162. The largest quilt I have made was a queen size one for my son. It was my FIRST full size quilt, and boy was I in over my head! I see every mistake, but happily my son still has it 15 years later!

  163. Your quilt is beautiful! My largest was a full size bed that went to the floor. A sampler quilt that was my first class I took in 1981.

  164. Your pattern is beautiful!
    I think the biggest I’ve made is a 96×96–I guess that’s a queen size?
    Have a good weekend and thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Queen sized quilts are as large as I have ever made. However, I prefer smaller twin/lap size because they are so much easier to manipulate under my home sewing machine.

  166. The biggest quilt I made was a simple patchwork square twin-size bed quilt. It was all made out of leftover pieces of fabrics, and while it was truly a beginner’s quilt (mistakes and all), I loved it.

  167. I love this pattern, it’s just gorgeous!! The biggest quilt I made was probably my 2nd ever quilt – it was KING sized KING size! Oh yes, we supersized it with borders that made a heft drop down for a taller than usual mattress set! There were 48 blocks (set 6 across by 8 down) that were each about 17 inches square and machine embroidered, plus borders (1 wide, 1 not so wide) & 2 inch sashings. It was gifted as a wedding present to my friend’s son. My friend came out to TX (from VA) and spent a month with me, designing it and selecting all the colors for each embroidery and personalization. We worked on it day and night, every day, for 3 weeks and were able to get it stitched up into a flimsy before she left. LOVE that quilt! It was definitely a challenge for the long-armer, as it was well over 110 inches wide.

  168. My biggest quilt to date is 54” square, I have only been quilting a year now and look forward to attempting a larger one…1 day I will venture out of my comfort zone.

  169. The biggest quilt I ever made was a Christmas quit! It is about 72″ X 60″… and I have not quilted it yet. I hope to quilt it by Christmas 2018!

  170. Love your pattern and quilt! I’ve made about half a dozen quilts for queen sized beds. I usually make them sized to fit the particular bed because mattress thicknesses can vary so much.

  171. Hi… I just finished reading “The Widow of the South” … a novel by Robert Hicks…..telling the story of one of the last large battles of the Civil War that took place in Franklin Tennessee. I think you would enjoy reading it. Based on a true story it would be a nice connection to your newest quilt pattern. I decided I “loved” the book as early as reaching page 14.

  172. My biggest quilt- a queen size bed one. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! I have not an each of it but love to learn from those that do.

  173. My largest so far is a California king. I don’t make many small quilts except Twins or very seldom a baby size.

  174. Gorgeous quilt! I love it in all the colors. My biggest quilt was a Queen size about 90 x 102. Thank you for the giveaway.

  175. The biggest quilt that I made was a queen sized bed quilt for my eldest daughter. I finished it just before Christmas. She chose brown batik for the background, with bright batik shapes that were brilliant. Lots of simple hand quilting, which I find so relaxing in the evening.

  176. The first quilt I ever made is also my biggest quilt at 110” x 110”. I made it for my oldest grandson’s graduation two years ago. Am now making another one that same size for the second grandson’s graduation. Love your Franklin Star! So pretty!

  177. lots of my kids has king sized beds so i have made a large calif. king maybe bigger than the 100 by 97

  178. I love the red varieties with the white Franklin Star quilt. I also think your pattern testers did a great job with their squares. The biggest quilt I’ve made was a queen size quilt for my niece when she got married. It was the only big quilt I have made. Love your pattern and it’s special also since I live in Tennessee and Franklin is about 45 minutes from me.

  179. The largest was a king size, but I didn’t do the quilting, just pieced the top. For a complete pieced and quilted, a twin. Love the pattern!! Will definitely need to pick it up if I am not lucky enough to win the prize.

  180. I made a California King just because I got carried away using up all the luscious strips from 2 Jelly Rolls. In hindsight, I should have made 2 similar twin sized beauties!

  181. The Franklin Star is a lovely pattern! The biggest quilt I have ever made was a king size quilt. It also happened to be the second quilt I had ever made 🙂

  182. 110×110 or perhaps a little bigger.
    I like big quilts and like to have enough drop on the sides of the bed.

  183. My largest quilt was 90” square. It was called falling leaves and used 5” charms and 21/2” strips. Making your large Franklin Stars will be a pleasure to do.
    Thanks for this great give away.

  184. Awesome pattern Julie – I love it! The biggest quilts I’ve made so far are a bit oversized twins for all my grandbabies! Thanks so much for the chance to win such a wonderful prize 🙂

  185. Hiya Julie!
    My largest quilt to date is a 110″ x 135″ EPP hexie quilt(it’s a long King size). There are over 4,000 1″ -sided hexies…all scrappy. I have not quilted it yet as I don’t have nearly enough room to lay it out for spray-basting! I am nearing the end of piecing a second one…same size and all scrappy as well.
    Hope I win…LOL!
    Thanks & Quilty Huggs!

  186. The largest “fully completed” quilt I have made is a king size Hunters Star quilt for my son and his wife when my sweet granddaughter, Hunter, was born, for their bed. It was truly gorgeous and I had a hard time giving it up but I DID! I have completed the top of my Farmers wife quilt and it too is a King and will go on my bed but I have yet to quilt it. Still just staring at it trying to decide how to quilt it. It will be the very first quilt that I have made that I am FINALLY keeping for myself. Isn’t that absurd? Stars are my very favorite to make on quilts, they just are so beautiful. I want to do a red white and blue in big stars to go on my dads bed that he slept in before he passed. It’s the room we keep his police uniform, the flag from his funeral and keepsakes. This pattern would be beautiful.

  187. Congratulations on your new pattern! I love stars so this caught my eye right off 😉 Great pattern and looks great in all the different colorways. My biggest quilt is a queen size. It was my first quilt so I didn’t know better, hehe.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  188. I love your new Franklin Star pattern! Thanks for sharing the many different colors too. The largest quilt I’ve made so far is 120″ x 120″ . It will definitely have to go to a longer quilter to be quilted. I don’t think I could handle it on my home sewing machine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. Franklin Star is absolutely stunning. I’m a big fan of star quilts and love the unique sparkle to this design. I definitely want to make it. The largest quilt I’ve made? Well, I have actually made quite a few king size + size quilts, some where hand quilted, and some I have even quilted on a domestic machine, but I’ll confess when it comes to making king size quilts it is easier for me to send them to a longarm quilter to quilt.

  190. What a cool star pattern! The quilt made out of the vintage fabrics is something I KNOW my Mom would love. However… I LOVE wacky bright colors. Still trying to figure out a happy medium. Lol I have never made anything larger than a wall hanging size (36×36). There is something intimidating about the idea of a large quilt…. I am THINKING about making a bed size quilt though. 🙂

  191. My biggest is a queen size for my bed. It is a rail fence with a few star blocks thrown in for variety. All scrappy. Love your new pattern and thanks for offering the prize.

  192. The largest quilt I’ve made is 88″ X 83″ that was a challenge to quilt on my home machine, but I did it and it”s one of my favorite accomplishments. I like all of the versions of your quilt block, especially the red and white. Very striking. But I love the blocks that have a mix of fabrics, too.

  193. The Franklin Star pattern is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing all of the different color ways. My biggest quilt was a King size, done on my beloved Bernina 820.

  194. I’ve made quite a few queen size quilts — the latest one was more like king size — 100×112″. Love your Franklin Star block! My friend is from Franklin!

  195. My biggest quilt was about 90 inches square. I made it as a wedding width for my employee – she loved it! I make all different sizes. I really like your new pattern and thanks for the giveaway.

  196. I’ve been quilting for about 6 years and there were 2 quilts that measured about 105 inches square. The first was a memory quilt made from the clothing of a friend’s brother who passed away from leukemia and the second quilt was a quilt of valor for my son.I enlarged the Fons and Porter Three Tours pattern to fit his bed extending the pattern to allow it to drop to the floor on 3 of the 4 sides. Lots of baby quilts, mini quilts and mug rugs (one of these was your Christmas mug rug pattern–thank you very much!) along the way. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love your blog!

  197. The biggest quilt I ever made was a queen size quilt to fit our bed. I really don’t know the measurements because I made it in 5 sections ans did a sort of on the go for each part. As I finished each part I would take it to the bed and measure how it would fit and then get the next part. Then sew two sections together until the whole quilt was finished. It came out great and is still on the bed for the winter. In the Spring or summer I will change it out to a more colourful and lighter one. Hope I win the give away Thank you.

  198. The biggest quilt I ever made was queen size but I really like the throw size the best. Your pattern is really nice- would love to make it in Blue and white!!

  199. The biggest quilt was a queen size Lone Star that I made as a bedspread for our 4 poster bed! I love the fabrics, they are Civil War with old fashioned Nasturnum flowers on them. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  200. The biggest quilt I have made is 90×90. I like to quilt on my domestic machine so that’s as big as I like. The new pattern looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win

  201. Wonderful pattern. Largest quilts so far are twins for granddaughter and one for grandson. Really prefer to make lap quilts or crib size. Josephine Tucker,

  202. Your star pattern is beautiful! The largest quilts I have made are a couple probably between the size of a regular and queen size. I like doing the smaller ones. Nancy

  203. The biggest quilt I’ve made is a ‘generous’ queen. It’s about the same width as a queen, but long like a king so the end can be tucked under the mattress and not ‘float’ off on the floor. 🙂 The block was ‘Hayes Corner’ and done up in blues.

  204. The biggest quilt I made was for our bed, and is King sized. I quilted it on my Pfaff Creative, which was a bit of a challenge, even though it has a good sized throat plate. I love this pattern!

  205. What a beautiful star! Of all the star patterns around I think this one has to come in the top three. I particularly love your sister Audrey’s version since I am a sucker for 30’s fabric. The biggest quilt I have done is a queen( done in 30’s fabric funnily enough). I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. Well done for producing such a lovely quilt.

  206. My biggest quilt is titled “Friendship Butterflies” 100” x 92.” My quilting friends made colorful butterfly blocks for me that I sewed together, and then hand-quilted. It has a big wide white border which was perfect for winding feathers, and a scalloped border. Bravo on Franklin Star! It is a big, beautiful star pattern!!

  207. Julie, I love your new pattern. I’m wanting to make a quilt with Hawaiian fabric. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous? I have made 3 king size quilts, those are my largest, ha ha!

  208. The biggest quilt I have made is 96 by 96 square. I enjoy make all sizes. Your pattern is beautiful!

  209. One of the first few quilts i tackled was a blooming 9 patch fading from white to purple to black. It finished at 96” by 107”. It was quite a workout!! The Franklin Star is just beautiful! My aunt and her family live in Franklin, TN. I’ll have to show her the quilt.

  210. I’ve made 4 Full-size quilts from start to finish, quilting included, on my domestic sewing machine. So far, that’s the largest for me. Thank you!

  211. My biggest quilt was 110 X 120 that I made for my sister. It was a huge star with a paper pieced center with all different shades of purple.

  212. The largest quilt I have made was 120 x 120. I prefer to make them smaller though. Congrats on your Franklin Star pattern. Looks like a very versatile pattern for whatever size quilt might be required.

  213. My biggest quilt is about 100 x 100 a Jinny Beyer BOM. That quilt was very educational. Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. I’ve made a California King size quilt on my regular sized home sewing machine. A little rough to quilt! Love the pattern, stars are a favorite of mine. Would really be a fun quilt to use my scraps up!

  215. My biggest quilt so far has been a crib size quilt. My next attempt will be a lap-size quilt. Love your star quilt.

  216. I made a guitar fabric double size summer quilt for my son, a music enthusiast! I just found a paper pieced guitar pattern, perfect to applique on the back. Luv your Franklin Star pattern. Its a winner because it has layers of blocks. And your color placement on the samples is perfect. I like the scrappy version in retro fabrics too!

  217. Hi Julie, love your Franklin Star. I made 2 king size quilts as wedding presents for our 2 nieces when they got married a few years ago. Now I mainly stick to QOV’s.

  218. My biggest quilt was 120″ x 120″. It just kept growing and growing! Love your new pattern, Franklin Star, to be honest, I love all Star quilts. Something magical about them.

  219. My biggest quilt was an 88 X 112 t-shirt quilt. I tried to change his mind to make it smaller but that was not an option. This boy knew where he wanted each shirt to go before I even started!
    I love your pattern, Julie. I’m seeing stars in my future….
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  220. What a beautiful pattern. My biggest quilt that I have made was a queen size Trip Around the World by Eleanor Burns. I did not have it quilted, I tied the corners of most squares. Anxious to hear who wins the giveaway.

  221. The best quilt I ever made was the one started by Aunt Evelyn in 1995. It was a block of the month club that she joined. She was able to complete one block before being she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to going through treatment. The quilt shop continued to send the block of the month to her in hope that it would help her spirits. Not sure if she forgot about but all 12 blocks and fabric were there. Sadly Aunt Evelyn passed away in 2006. Since my cousins don’t sew, they gave me all her quilting stuff. Faster forward to August 2013, my BFF, Debbie, is visiting and we start talking about things I inherited from Aunt Evelyn. I showed her the Block of the Month packets with all the fabric. She said that we should both make the quilt! The fabrics that came with the kits were blue and white. The deal was that we would divide the blue fabrics between us so there would be continuity. I had to use the fabrics that came with the project. She would fill in with fabrics from her stash. For a couple of the blocks I had to take back some of blue fabric but was able to give her some blues from the fabric stash inherited. In 2015, we both finished “The Aunt Evelyn” quilts affectionately known as “The Twins.” It only took 20 years but the block of the month club is finally complete and the block made by Aunt Evelyn proudly resides in my quilt!


    P.S. Debbie’s parents rented an apartment from Aunt Evelyn before she was born. Her older sister, my older brother and my cousin were all born in the same year. So we both laugh that we were besties before we were every born!!!

  222. My first quilt got away from me. I started it in 2005 (when I was just learning and still working) and finished it in 2016 for my daughter – it was 110 x 110. An interesting size to quilt!

  223. Hi Julie. The biggest quilt I have made is 72×80. I am just finishing piecing one that will be bigger if I add a 5 inch border. I love your star quilt. I am going to pick up the pattern for a future thirties project. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas.

  224. The largest quilt I’ve made is also the third quilt I’ve made. It is a throw sized quilt – 70″ x 70″.

  225. My biggest quilt was 130 x 130 for my son’s bed. He wanted it to cover the mattress which was very thick. It was a log cabin in red black and white. I overestimated the blocks and had enough extra for a big throw. I was tired of the whole thing by then! By the way, not every quilter can handle something that big.

  226. I made the splendid sampler quilt and it is about 100” square. Almost too big for the bed, but I still love it.

  227. I have a Dresden quilt that’s probably 110″ x 110″ that is waiting to be basted. It’s been waiting quite awhile.

  228. The largest quilt I have made so far is a twin. This is an amazing star and is great in a large quilt. Looking forward to making this one! Thanks.

  229. Love your new star design. The largest so far is a single bed size which I designed myself using Star Wars fabrics. Yes it was for a grandson.

  230. The biggest quilt i’ve Made was a queen-sized double wedding ring for my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. I like your pattern very much.

  231. The largest quilt I have made is a queen size. I quilted it on my Babylock Ellisomo Gold II. A challenge for the newbie I was at that time. Your new pattern looks very pretty! Thanks!

  232. Very pretty quilts! My biggest quilt is the one I have just finished. It’s a full size quilt for my granddaughter, Lily.

  233. I don’t usually do big quilts; however, probably the biggest I have made are the twin size quilts for my son and nephew.

  234. I’m a new quilter. My largest quilt so far is 63″ x 74″ Love Franklin, TN, and the Franklin Star pattern. 🙂

  235. California king.
    A couple of years ago I also did my 3 sons King Size Quilts for Christmas.
    Awesome give away.

  236. Hi Julie! The largest quilt i ever made is a full size quilt. It was made for my son and dear daughter in law. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  237. The largest quilt is the one I just finished, a king size . . .well, it is not quite finished, there is the binding to add!

  238. Hi Julie, I love this block pattern. I’m going to buy this one. I loved all the examples of it. Just stunning! I get your newsletter and I am glad that I do. If I lived close to you I would take your classes. I love that it is a big block. I’ve been wanting to try one of those. I’ve sewn for a long time. I’m retired now and have the time for sewing again.

  239. I love your pattern and it was fun to see all of the quilts and blocks made with different fabrics. I just had my largest quilt quilted by a friend and it now needs binding. I think it is about 80 by 80, maybe a little bigger.

  240. The biggest quilt I’ve made was for a queen size bed but I don’t know the dimensions. I settle on a block I like and go from there, until I think it’s big enough. This is a wonderful prize.

  241. The largest quilt I have made was king size for my sister. It was hand pieced and hand quilted. I love the Franklin Star pattern.

  242. Love your pattern and have so many fabrics to use with it! The biggest quilts I’ve made are about 90×90. Love every minute of quilting — even the mistakes!

  243. Hi Julie! Love the pattern…biggest quilt I’ve actually completed was double bed size …but I’m working on a king size right now. Would love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity

  244. I’m currently making a quilt that is about 80 x 80.i need to put on the second border, make the backing and get it quilted. It is for my daughter.

  245. The biggest quilt I’ve made would be queen size….probably about 90 inches square. I did help put together one larger that was a group project. Love the Franklin Star quilt.

  246. Love the pattern – thanks to your sister for getting you hooked on quilting! My biggest so far is a wall hanging – but several other larger ones are in the works.

  247. The biggest quilt I have made was my Moonlight Sonata. It was a block of the month from A-Z Quilting. I’ve made several that were close to this size. I also enjoy making miniatures. Thanks for the chance to win. I love the Franklin Star!

  248. LOVE your Franklin Star pattern! Don’t know which color way is my favorite yet, it looks great in everything! The largest quilt I’ve ever made was a Harley Davidson T-Shirt quilt. Don’t remember the measurements, but the shirt designs were all so large that the blocks had to be cut 15 1/2 inches. Then I added the sashing, borders, etc. The person I made it for wanted a large king-sized quilt, and he was very happy. Thank you for a chance to win a wonderful giveaway! [email protected]

  249. The biggest quilt I made got out of hand and ended up 118″ square. LOL I love it … it is so colorful with a black background and a bright mix of colors. I love making minis/tiny quilts but when I go big, I go big. Get carried away. I love this star of yours and look forward to making it. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  250. My biggest quilt was a queen. I didn’t realize how big it was going to be until I was just about finished. It just grew and grew!

  251. Mine would be a king size. I purchased a box of fabrics and misc. at an auction, to my surprise there was a king sized whole cloth quilt top with the design already marked on it. I hand quilted it, it has been on my bed for about 8 years. Thank you for all of the inspiration.

  252. Congrats Julie on your new pattern. With the colors shown it strikes me as very rich and alluring. I love the itsy-bitsy, so I might try reducing the size and populating a quilt with many more of your star blocks. Largest quilt ever I made (and finished) was a gift quilt to the veterans hospital, made with a friend and quilted by me on my Bernina 440, 80×90. Thanks for the wonderful give-away.

  253. Years ago I made a king size quilt which continues to be the “bedspread” on our queen sized bed.
    It is a very simple pattern of small squares — now I make smaller quilts with more complicated
    patterns. Love your new star pattern — thank you for the giveaway.

  254. My biggest quilt that I have completed was a king size quilt using the turning 20 pattern so it was pretty easy for my first large quilt. I am partial to star blocks and have made several smaller quilts that included star blocks, one was a queen size. I enjoy your posts. Thank you.

  255. The biggest quilt I have ever made is the one I’m working on now. It is a combination medallion and Log Cabin for my nephew. It will finish at 112“ x 112“.

  256. I love this Franklin Star pattern – truly gorgeous, and easily transformed by fabric selections. The largest quilt I have completed is a queen size for my youngest daughter’s wedding gift. I have a king size in process for my oldest daughter.

  257. Hi Julie,
    I love your new pattern. Your sisters in purples was stunning. The largest quilt I have made was queen size and I machine quilted myself. Have a great weekend.

  258. My biggest quilt was a California king size. I don’t recall the actual dimensions, but width wise it would barely fit on my longarmer’s machine. I made it long so I could tuck it in at the bottom and still be able to tuck it around the pillows.

  259. Hi Julie, I´m pretty new to the whole quilting lifestyle 🙂 so the biggest quilt I´ve made so far was for my daughter, 160cm x 140cm. Thank you for your tutorials and tips and techniques, they´re great for beginners like me.

  260. Very pretty! I love Audrey’s version! The biggest quilt I have done is a queen size quilt for my son!

  261. I am just a beginning quilter and have yet to complete a bed quilt. I had decided to start with smaller projects like table runners, placemats, and pillowcases to learn some skills. There’s no time like the present for me to start a bed quilt! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  262. I’m not really sure of the size but I made a quilt for my surgeon, three years ago and hes 6 ft 7 and he and his wife used it for their king Sz bed in their summer home! Love your star quilt

  263. I love this pattern! And it’s so nice to see it in all the color variations. Simply lovely! The biggest quilt I made was a king sized quilt for my niece’s wedding. It turned out beautiful but, wow – did it take a lot of time and fabric!

  264. I’ve made 2 king sized quilts. One for each one of my sons. The first was a flannel quilt that was 102″ square. The second was a batik quilt that was a crazy quilt that was 102 x 104″. Thankfully my current quilt that I have cut out is for my oldest grandson and will be full size.

  265. Hello Julie; This quilt is beautiful in the variety of reds, plus, I also think both of your sisters quilts turned out beautiful in the fabrics that they chose to make the Star Pattern in. The biggest quilt I have ever made was a super king sized Double Wedding Ring. I need to make another one, but sure do not want to. LOL. I would love to win your give away! It is such a spectacular one and the greatest of all would be to win your pattern!! Thank you for sharing and Congratulations on your new Spectacular Star Pattern!!! Have a fabulous day!

  266. I am currently working on a 89 by 89 inch quilt that is both piecing and applique. It is probably the biggest one that I have ever made.

  267. wow all the quilts and blocks are lovely. what a generous and wonderful give a way. The biggest quilt I have made is a king size. But I did take it to a shop to be quilted. It was a civil war sampler with civil war fabrics for our son and new daughter in law. I used the book “Civil War Sampler” by Barbara Brackman. Wonderful book. There are 50 blocks and each block has a little history of why and or how it came about during that time. I was able to use all 50 blocks at least twice in different fabrics.

  268. I love this new pattern.
    The biggest quilt I have ever made was a king size star pattern for my niece’s college graduation in 2015 and it was the first one I hand quilted. She still loves it.

  269. Finished quilt..BQ4 full sized made with Downton Abbey fabrics. Working on a English Paper Piecing millefiore quilt that will be huge!

  270. Wonderful design. The biggest quilt I have made (and hand quilted besides) was 110″ x 110″. Don’t ask how long it took to hand quilt it.

  271. My biggest quilt was a king size I made for my daughter and son-in-law for their wedding. It was too large I had someone else quilt it for me. I won’t do another that big!

  272. Lovely pattern Julie! The biggest quilt I made was a king-sized bed quit for my bother and sister-in-law. Lots of little pieces in that big quilt!

  273. My biggest quilt has been about 90 inches square. I don’t mind when quilts sit atop at bed (and don’t hang over), so I am happy with the smaller sizes. Thanks for the giveaway.

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