Cozy Afternoon BOM block 4

Welcome to this month’s block for the Cozy Afternoon block of the month which features another cute cup of “something” (coffee for me).

Cozy Afternoon BOM Block 4 by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I enjoyed the piecing process of this block. It’s a lot simpler than it looks. One thing to check as you are making this block is the size of the corner units. They should measure about 5″ from the point to the long side. This unit is slightly over-sized, so I trimmed the long side a bit to make it straight.

block 4 corner piece


After making the half square triangle units, I forgot to trim them down to 5 1/4″ square before attaching them.  So when I stitched them onto the center square, I needed to trim it down.  This worked out fine (maybe even better).  The size of the block at this point should be 9″ unfinished.

block 4 trimmed first round


Jacquelynne states in her pattern that the completed block will most likely be bigger than 12 1/2″ square.  That was true for mine, and so I trimmed it evenly on all four sides, making sure that I left 1/4″ seam allowance at the points.

block 4 trimmed 2nd round


This is very rare for me, but I pieced the block BEFORE I completed the stitching on the applique.  I wanted to show you the finished block, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish the applique first.  There can be a little bit of shrinkage because of the stitching, but I think for a block this small, it will be minimal.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  If you are using machine appliqué for the center of your block, you can refer to my previous tutorials on appliqué for some helpful tips: Applique Part 1, Applique Part 2 and Applique Part 3.

block 4 unfinished copy


Here are the first four blocks:

blocks 1 thru 4


The giveaway for this month includes an adorable quilt pattern and a bag pattern courtesy of Jacquelynne Steves. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here. I’ll pick a winner on August 16.  The giveaway is now closed.

Giveaway for August- Cozy Afternoon Free BOM

If you visit the other participating bloggers and leave a comment, you’ll have more chances to win. We are EACH giving away the same prize package. Plus it’s always nice to see how their blocks are turning out!

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Thanks for visiting today. I hope your week is startin’ off right!

block 4 on bench copy


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  1. What pretty fabric! Can’t wait to see the outcome of our blocks altogether. I’m glad to be on track with everyone and am enjoying the quilt along. 🙂

  2. signed up for this beautiful BOM only two weeks ago and I am loving the interaction with other stitchers. I chose the embroidery option with my own little twist. Have completed two blocks (photo on my blog and Pinterest board). Can’t wait to get to Block 4 – it looks great here. Thank you for your helpful tips for completing this block.

  3. WOW! I love the way your quilt is coming along and the colors are wonderful. They have a very antique, Victorian look/feel to them. Hope you share what the completed quilt looks like.

  4. Finally I managed to visit a blog, not being a great lover of the Internet other than sewing sites. Your blocks look really great and the tips for sewing no. 4 will be really helpful.

  5. Love your blocks. I have saved the patterns for use later. I’m just finishing up a Ricky Tims’ kook kaleidoscope wall hanging. Hope to sew up these blocks for a table topper as a present for a friend who is moving.

  6. Julie, sou uma iniciante na costura e estou adorando aprender com vocês… é de muito bom gosto os tecidos. Realmente lindos!Abraço!

  7. I love the block. It is so pretty and looks great with the previous BOM. Thanks for all of your hard work, your directions are spot on.

  8. I just love your blocks and how the blue-ish color is used. I am not a blue color person when it comes to a choice of fabrics, but your use of the color works on these blocks. Great job

  9. What an adorable block of the month. Love your hints and full explanation of assembly and any little usual problems that you encounter.

  10. all the blocks are lovely added it to my pinterest BOM board. Still to start mine, mostly cut out and have finally made up my mind to do the embroidered centres

  11. These are such lovely blocks. I am going to love this quilt when it is done! Beautiful colors and beautiful designs.

  12. I must be “losing it” ! I can’t find where to click in the first email to get this block. It is so cute, and I love your color choices.

  13. I love your colors and how these blocks are coming together! By the way, congratulations on the new gramdbaby!!

  14. Your blocks look so beautiful together. Yes, I like that there is a coffee mug in this BOM. I like tea but am much more of a coffee person.

  15. I decided to do the applique method for the blocks, even though the other two methods are probably easier. I think I was embroidering before the age of 5 and started sewing. I was able to make clothing by the age of 7. I stopped using patterns about 3 decades ago, as they seemed so tedious. I like to just look at a piece of fabric and “wing it!” I used the same wing it method for my first quilt at age 16, and the results were…uhmmm…not great. [email protected]

  16. Your blocks look great! I love the cozy afternoon quilt along! I really love your Mad About You quilt pattern!

  17. I think all of Jacquelynne’s blocks are adorable – each time a new one comes out, I decide that it’s my favorite until I see the next block. 🙂

  18. Really like your color choices. Thank you for al the helpful hints you share.
    I’m glad you had so much fun visiting your family in Austin. Hope you can come back when it’s not so hot!

  19. I’ve been a quilter for a looooong time and this is one of the cutest and freshest quilts I’ve ever seen.

  20. I love the fact there is a choice to applique, embroider, or piece the block. Mix and match! Whatever your mood is that day.

  21. I love the fact there is a choice to applique, embroider, or piece the block. Mix and match! Whatever your mood is that da

  22. Greetings from a fellow grandma. Enjoy seeing your BOM in the rich fall colors and appreciate the opportunity for the drawing.

  23. I love your first four blocks! The colors are great. I love looking at other’s projects because invariably the colors are not the ones I’d choose but I love them when someone else has put them together.

  24. Looks like you are well on your way on the “cup of something” blocks. Thanks for the giveaway. And congratulation on the beautiful new granddaughter!

  25. Your tips are so helpful to a person just learning how to applique (and quilt). Many of your projects are on my “wish” list to complete. I wish I had the time to make all of these blocks….well, I wish I had the time to start just ONE of these blocks! I really appreciate the opportunity for the giveaway and look forward to future posts!

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